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  • Corona Virus Revealed

    They could do with some kind of Affordable Care Act, that would allow medical access to those who need it most.  Only a complete idiot would try to stop that kind of th...  Oh wait.
  • Corona Virus Revealed

    Jimster said:
    I reckon in the USA more folks will die from gunshot than the virus.



    I don’t think people realize how many service industry workers will continue going to work, cooking and serving your food, cleaning your houses, and selling you respirators, with flu-like symptoms because they don’t have paid sick days.

  • Corona Virus Revealed

    Ah Duder beat me to the Wuhan cracks, although I was going to go with "WUHAAAAN!  I got you all in check!"

    As for the US and A take on it, of course, monetize everything.  Until all that is left is money, which we cannot eat.  China needs to be more realistic but of course the West love people working at gunpoint so we can have electronics for a dollar.

    I have parked the bat soup for a while.  I mean, what are we, barbarians?  Other than that, stay safe peeps.  I am told the infirm are most at risk, so yeah, I'm on the Alive tablets since time and will continue to do so for the foreseeable.

    Duder can vouch for my skin quality 
    Pause pixel game

  • current film strut

    Electrode said:

    I saw "Ford vs. Ferrari" [...] I have yet to see "The 24 Hour War" doc, though. 

    Yeah... is there an established term for Yank-washing yet? I liked both Ford vs Ferrari & the Netflix doc 24hr War, but

    and it’s a massive “BUT”

    I got U-751 vibes from both. Shelby was approached by Ford and given the brief. Aside from supplying the Ford V8 engine, just about everything was done in England by English engineers. The GT40 car chassis was an English sports car (Lola). The first three models were designed, constructed, and tested in England... I guess I should be thankful they didn’t write out the English driver from the story in favour of an American too.

    Shelby had already used this template with the Cobra: sold in America as the Shelby Cobra, this car was designed, engineered, tested and even assembled in England, shipped to California where Shelby’s team would put in the transmission, and HEY PRESTO, you’ve got another Netflix doc about this amazing American sports car that started beating Chevrolets. What a genius Shelby was. Just have everything made in England ;-p

    I am a big car-nut, this one is deffo on my list.  I know the story, but would like to see it done justice.  25 years ago I blagged a drive in a GT40 replica.  It was hard work to drive, no power-anything, but the shove in the back was addictive, it got better the faster you went.  It was well-sorted (IIRC it was a Ray Mallock build) but required enormous levels of concentration to keep it going where you wanted it to go at any good lick and I would imagine immense talent to be able to explore its limits (massive props to whoever drove kit like this BITD for a living).  I just couldn't afford one.  I think they were 50K+ back then.

    I had illusions of one day having one as a daily driver but after a few laps, you realise:

    a) You would never get to stretch it in traffic.  It would be like forever taxiing a fighter-jet.

    b) It would be hellishly uncomfortable.  My arms and left leg were sore afterwards.

    I'd recommend karting as a cheaper option, you can drift those all day long in the wet and the speeds (in the cheap ones) are much less threatening to life.  Try that in a GT40.  You can tell me about it via the Ouija board.

  • Hello - just rejoined

    I hang out with HarveyCanal once in a while. He's doing well. I remember during his Archaic username days when he rubbed more than a few people the wrong way on here and was possibly one of the most disliked board members. After hanging out with him over the past several years I have found that he's one of the most chilled out down to earth people I know. 

    I always respected his non-conformist stance.  And there were far worse folk than that.  I remember my first board poast, after a while of just leeching online mixes, getting the full n00b haze from the Kool Kids.  Fauxy and dem.  But it's important to see the big picture, both ways.  When you get t3h Cl0n, remember it's just an internet forum.  And when you get to meet hella cool folks from here, be amazed that it was just a forum.