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    AI will never compete with this.
  • Rap You're Liking

    Electrode said:
    ketan said:
    i've always imagined that it tastes like burnt gasoline.  ??

    It has flavor, but to give you an idea, buy a habanero at your local grocery store (it has the same ~100K Scoville level) and nibble it. It "creeps" on you. That's what LL felt. But a lot of these sauces are diluted with vinegar, so they aren't "that bad", IMHO. I put Da Bomb on my nachos when I was a teenager.

    I bought a bottle of this once : https://hot-headz.com/sauces/hot-chilli-sauces/daves-insanity-sauce/

    Sh*shank, A know-it-all Indian dude at work said he could eat anything hot and had never had what he considered "Indian-level" spicy food since he'd worked here in the UK.  I brought this sauce in one day and asked him to try some.  Bear in mind that for me, a finger-prick-blob would be enough to numb my tongue for 20 minutes.

    He poured a teaspoon-full out and before I could stop him, he'd necked it.  He ruminated on it for a few seconds, then replied, calmly, "Yes.. yes it is hot.  But not really spicy."  He went back to work.  I couldn't believe it and we carried on our day, whilst I walked away shaking my head.

    In the afternoon, one of his other Indian friends came over to me and told me Sh*shank had been in the toilet about 20 minutes later, crying in the cubicle.  It was funny because he was such a smug f*cker.

  • Bicycles

    Danno3000 said:

    Sweet! Throw on some drop bars and and you have yourself a gravel bike!

    I don't get on with drops for any length of ride, my back tells me so.  Also, the state of our Nottinghamshire roads is probably akin to [insert warzone here], rendering road bike wheels a bold if not foolish move.

    Therefore my stance is more upright - IMPERIOUS IF YOU WILL - and I make the most of the more arboreal stages I have to hand.  Although they are more suited to pigs and Panzers at this time of year.

    They "Fixed" this one but just left all the shit next to it...

    And some vistas spotted 'pon di trail

  • multi jungle/dnb vibez of all eras (raer-r)

    ketan said:
    Nice one - I liked that album when it came out and didn't realize a whole remix project dropped.

    Gonna keep an eye out for Machinedrum mixes now.  

    Which reminds me... Been chatting on Insta about what constitutes Jungle and what is D&B...

    For me, Jungle came from Ragga and was when the Ragga sound systems started dropping rave and braekbeat under the MCs.  It has to have MCing for my money.  You could have ravier stuff under it but that is what spat out The Prodigy and Altern-8 etc.  

    I know it goes back to Paul Ibiza and Fabio/Grooverider but IIRC (and it is from memory because it was not my style) it was deffo a MC-fronted genre.

    Whereas... D&B... Those sped-up braeks under a wider style of music, maybe like the Rochelle-style vocals, more hi-tech or darker experimental instrumentals (I had a mate with most of the Moving Shadow releases and that for me was peak D&B).  Goldie/Metalheadz nailed the limits of the sampling tech and took it out there.  It was definitely a wider-ranging label applied after Jungle had become popular.

    I do remember the Ozric Tentacles guys spun off a faster ravier/techno sound but it wasn't either of the above, (googled it - Eat Static) but listening to it now on YT it's... what... well... neither Jungle or D&B.

    Takes me back... got stopped going into a D&B night because I had an MA-1 jacket on and I had an expensive metal pen in the arm pocket that the bouncer insisted was a weapon.  Before I could argue the toss my mate turned round and claimed he was the then-current premier league footballer Trevor Sinclair and that I was the opening DJ and they waved us in without paying.  Complete BS.

    I should have made a career out of that.

  • multi jungle/dnb vibez of all eras (raer-r)

    It's not a bad selection at all.  If you are in the mood for pacy electronica.