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    Also I think in general the perceived English saltiness about Maradona is exaggerated. 

    Think again.

    Naah, what's done is done.  There's the Ronaldo wink-off, the cun actor who got Beckham sent off, the Lampard four miles over the line disallowed goal, the Sol Campbell header disallowed, the list of how England lose or are defrauded in massive games (in events that are not strictly football-related) goes on and on.

    Great player.  No-one been close to his level for a long time.

  • Introduction, Strut appreciation and an offering

    Maybe this puts me even further into the minority but I would argue that if it's on beat, scratching in the context of a DJ mix doesn't have to be too advanced technique-wise. Not saying yours wasn't good BTW, just a general taste of mine.

    I remember going to a DJ Expo years back and they had a guy demoing on three turntables who was the reigning dmc champion etc and had a big following of stans. I watched it and he was basically like a really good juggler - but with turntables instead of balls.  It was super-technical and... completely boring to listen to.  He had took it to a level beyond what it was supposed to be, for me.

    I had watched a no-name kid of about 16 trying out a mixer earlier in the day and he was really funky - always knew where the beat was and kept it bumping.  Nothing we had never seen before but everyone could nod their head to it.

    I found myself stood next to him at this dmc demo.  I told him he was better than this guy.  He didn't believe me, he said "I can't do all that".  I said "Nobody needs to do all that.  it's just not music anymore."

    It's the same argument I have for bass players, there are guys and girls who are basically shredding Coltrane on lead bass, but it does nothing for me.  There is no attempt to complement the beat.  I bow down to their ability - I don't want to sound salty - but I wouldn't want to listen to it again, or buy it.  

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  • Donald Trump for President!

    Press conference outside a backstreet garden centre next to a dildo store has been a highlight

    STABLE GENIUS, everybody.

    Stable genius.

  • Classic songs that you inexplicably hate

    I’ve gone full circle with corny English Christmas songs and enjoy the classics now. The late ‘70s-mid’80s was the golden age.

    I think the thing that keeps those tunes relevant are the memories of where you kept hearing them.  For me, "Stop The Cavalry" is the boss because of the Salvation Army band sections.  Reminds me of being outside Widn*s Hypermarket where the band were omnipresent during the festive season.  Wizzard's "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" reminds me of kids riding around on Raleigh Chopper bikes and sneaking glasses of Warnink's Advocat when my mum and dad would have a house party and be doing the conga.

    They are the only two good ones for me.

    Worst ones are "Last Christmas" (it's about a fucking breakup) and the fucking nail in the coffin... "Feed the World".  I mean, noble cause and all that, but it's unbearable to listen to for me.  Bono acting the fuck out of it...  Paul Young should have chinned him.