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    As the time passes I'm finding it's that sense of "...oh, I should give dad a call - wait, nope" that's depressing. Unlearning good habits - that's the stinker. 

    Sorry to hear that L*o. 

    Same here.  Been seeing Christmas cards and tins of shortcake biscuits (Legit has to have Deer/Stag Combo artworks or your (sic) soft) which we always got for him but, no.. not this year.  Or ever.  And seems mum has took a nosedive - she's unable to look after herself and has gone into a home.  From speaking to her oldest friends, looks like she has had an eating disorder for years (swapping gin for food and other bulimia-R behaviours) and it was not talked about by my dad or anyone that knew.  Now it's all caught up with her.

    But she's currently in hospital because she's got t3h Covids.  What she comes out like (if at all) is going to be a lottery but we did our best.  She is somehow very resilient.  They told her ten years ago she would die if she started drinking again but she's gotten away with it.  She should hit up the tequila with you, bud!  God that was a messy evening in London.  Wandering around with a bag of vinyl, barely able to stand up, couldn't find my room.  I was in the wrong building.  Slept through all alarms and missed about 5 calls from Skel.  Went to the bathroom to do the old technicolour yawn.  Apparently I'd been there before during the night because it was already like an explosion in a soup factory.

    Cleaned it up, just caught the train.  Realized I'd left all my clothes in the wardrobe.  I never got them back.  I did however, keep the vinyl on me at all times.

    Apropos of nothing - thanks to the Strutmen @ppadilha @billbradley @Electrode for helping out with the offloadings and generally for keeping the Strut forums going, it's the only place I would ever talk this kind of shit on the internet.

  • Photography Strut - Pics you shot recently

    Some from this year, all phone alas:

  • Introduction, Strut appreciation and an offering

    Maybe this puts me even further into the minority but I would argue that if it's on beat, scratching in the context of a DJ mix doesn't have to be too advanced technique-wise. Not saying yours wasn't good BTW, just a general taste of mine.

    I remember going to a DJ Expo years back and they had a guy demoing on three turntables who was the reigning dmc champion etc and had a big following of stans. I watched it and he was basically like a really good juggler - but with turntables instead of balls.  It was super-technical and... completely boring to listen to.  He had took it to a level beyond what it was supposed to be, for me.

    I had watched a no-name kid of about 16 trying out a mixer earlier in the day and he was really funky - always knew where the beat was and kept it bumping.  Nothing we had never seen before but everyone could nod their head to it.

    I found myself stood next to him at this dmc demo.  I told him he was better than this guy.  He didn't believe me, he said "I can't do all that".  I said "Nobody needs to do all that.  it's just not music anymore."

    It's the same argument I have for bass players, there are guys and girls who are basically shredding Coltrane on lead bass, but it does nothing for me.  There is no attempt to complement the beat.  I bow down to their ability - I don't want to sound salty - but I wouldn't want to listen to it again, or buy it.  

    Duderonomyklezmer electro-thug beatspladen

    Electrode said:
    I passed by the former Bullock's Wilshire building today.

    More dick than balls!  


    SPlDEY said:

    unfortunately if you're reading this you will eventually die too.

    Spidey taking the "DOOM" motif and running with it.   


  • Donald Trump for President!

    Hillary would have been an instant international hit.  You can't be telling me Europeans or Asians gave a shit about her stupid emails.
    I can't speak for all non-Amerimans but, yeah, I didn't give a shit about her emails.

    She's about as genuine as a £3½ pound note however, and I think that comes across.  She certainly doesn't appear to represent the "Common man" - Barry had that on lock.  She has the GOP look of "Money" about her and that is why Bobby Joe Creationist and y'alls didn't bite, regardless of the madness The Donald will bring.  She screams "Meh."

    He told folls what they wanted to hear and they lapped it up. Again, I can't speak for all non-Amerimans but personally it's a grave look for the US that so many found his shtick prefereable.



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    tl;dr :