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  • Barry White vs Al Green

    Al Green wouldn't win as many titles but I like the way he fights.  I mean Barry's catalogue is stronger and his musical chops are deap, and every shot is a haymaker.  But Al Green can punch you in the soul.

    However, Barrence is a strong name.

    But not D'Artagnan Rasberry strong.

  • Recent Finds

    I remember finding a dude on slsk who had the entire CTI/Kudu catalogue.  To avoid him blocking either one of us for bulk leeching, Me and my mate Stefan in Austria decided we'd each take the odd and even numbers in the catalog and share them with each other when we got done.

    : the biz GOT IT graemlin :
  • 2021 RIP Thread

    Damn, DMX... that sucks. He seemed to have turned a corner addiction wise and people are posting a lot of positive anecdotes about meeting him. Same day motherfuckers over here wall-to-wall covering 99-year old prince philip, who has looked like an unearthed reanimated corpse for like the past 25 years, nobody is surprised that guy croaked. Nobody even likes him! But nobody at work knew X!!! What the fuck!!

    The whitest and blackest men on Earth died on the same day.

  • Hello to the Strut

    Hell yeah, I preach the gospel of forums when I can, it's really not been replaced by social media. It's kind of a relic of the internet when people thought it'd be this independent, anarchic utopian thing instead of consolidating into 5 Websites For All Your Needs, and the interaction is different in this format (and better if you ask me)

    Finding anything you saw more than five minutes ago on FB is a dire experience.  And the endless onslaught of unsolicited drivel is unacceptable.  I use it under a bs name and profile linked to a bs email address so the data they have for me is worth less than zero and I really avoid posting anything to feed their algorithm or add to my digital tattoo. 

    I use it because some friends and relatives are only reachable via fb and we need it as a federated authentication source for work projects so it has become a necessary evil, but it's more evil than necessary.

  • current film strut

    The humor of the OG Frank was definitely Manchester/NW-Related so possibly wouldn't have travelled well anyway, unless you could relate.  Even then, it was like a surrealist take on it.

    Without googling, IIRC one of his old bandmembers (before Frank, Chris was an underground muso of sorts) got into screenwriting and/or filmmaking and the Frank Movie was supposed to be a kind of salute to their madcap days of old, before the idea morphed into something on a parallel timeline.  I can't remember if the OG Frank died before this was made so it could have also been part tribute. 

    The OG Frank/Chris died of cancer unfortunately.