Smashbredrens - Porn 2 Rock (2006) appreciation and tracklist

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This mixtape is an underrated gem. The selection, the turntablist-precison execution.
I couldn't find much info on the creators besides their MySpace link, but major props to you guys!
I've put together a partial timestamped tracklist.

P.S. Saddened to hear about Soulstrut shutting down. It is definitely my to-go place for rock/psych mixtapes.
Fortunately The Internet Archive has snapshots of the site so we'll be able to browse around at least. Forums seem to be archived, in part at least.

Thanks Raj!

    "LA’s Smashbredrens run through the gamut of classic psych breaks to sought after gems to head scratchers all with tastefully selected porn dialogue thrown in. Its definitely a nice trip back to a time when the drum break reigned supreme.
    Added to Soul Strut on Tuesday, March 14, 2006"

00:00  Uriah Heep - Poet's Justice (1972)
00:35  Jonathon Round - And I Will Not Be Moved (1971)
01:50  [dialogue] Atomic Rooster - The Rock (1971)
02:45  Rare Bird - Beautiful Scarlet (1969)
04:05  Titanic & William Sheller - I See No Reason (1970)
04:32  [dialogue]
05:09  ["dialogue"] Pierre Henry - Messe Pour Le Temps Présent: Prologue (1967)
05:59  Titanic & William Sheller - I See No Reason (1970)
07:08  Rare Bird - Third Time Around (1973)
08:11  ??? - ???                                              [*INFO* in Spanish]
09:20  Silver Apples - Lovefingers (1968)
09:45  ??? - ???
10:31  ["dialogue"] Harvey Mandel - Bite The Electric Eel (1972)
11:26  Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Wind (1972)
12:17  ["dialogue"]
12:38  The Battered Ornaments - The Crossword and the Safety Pins (1969)
14:16  Boz Scaggs & Band - Flames of Love (1971)
14:37  Lee Michaels - Tell Me How Do You Feel [part 1 (Don't Want No) Woman] (1969)
17:03  [drum break of above]
17:45  [dialogue]
17:59  West, Bruce & Laing - Love Is Worth The Blues (1972)
18:34  The Jazz Crusaders - Thank You (1971)
19:34  ??? - ???
20:25  ??? - ??? (synth + drum break) [*INFO* these drums were used in Kid Koala's "Third World Lover"]
21:00  Janko Nilović - Black Swan Lake (1974)
21:28  [dialogue+scratches] Supersister - Daerios the Emperor (1973)
22:05  Mount Rushmore - Toe Jam (1969)
23:58  Breakout - Rytm Ziemi (1974)
24:50  ??? - ??? ["dialogue"]
25:25  Spirit - The Other Song (1975)
27:50  ??? - ??? (vocals, hammond)                           [*INFO* I know this one, just can't put a name on it]
29:24  Tommy James And The Shondells - Cellophane Symphony (1969)
30:55  ??? - ??? [dialogue]
31:49  Janko Nilović - Roses & Revolvers (1973)
35:27  Power Of Zeus - The Sorcerer Of Isis (The Ritual Of The Mole) (1970)
37:35  ??? - ???
38:40  Frank Zappa - Apostrophe (') (1974)
40:00  Graham Nash - Chicago (1971)
40:53  ??? - ??? [dialogue]
41:48  Little Feat - Spanish Moon (1974)
43:05  ??? - ???
43:33  Cozy Powell - And Then There Was Skin (1973)
44:36  ??? - ???                                              [*INFO* heavy fuzz, in Spanish]
46:43  Steve Grossman - Zulu Stomp (1973)
47:27  Cold Blood (ft Lydia Pense) - I Just Wanna Make Love To You (1969)
49:29  101 Strings (aka The Animated Egg) - Flameout (1968)
50:38  Iron Butterfly - Iron Butterfly Theme (1968)
53:30  Sonny Bottari - And When It's Over (1969)
54:25  David Axelrod - The Smile (1968)
55:16  Man - Puella! Puella! (1969)
56:03  Steve Davis - It's All Because She's Gone (1970)
57:52  Sugarloaf - Green Eyed Lady (1970)
59:10  Los Apaches De Usulutan - Chica De Los Ojos Verdes (19??)
1:02:05  The Eleventh Hour - Ms. Mona Morgan (1974)
1:02:44  ??? - ???                                          [*INFO* backing vocals "na na na..." + guitar solo]
1:03:51  Larry Coryell - No One Really Knows (1969)
1:04:55  Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - For What It's Worth (1972)
1:05:47  Jo Jo Gunne - Take It Easy (1972)
1:07:16  Manfred Mann Chapter Three - Snakeskin Garter (1969)
1:09:09  Henry Gross - Southern Band (1974)
1:09:58  Janko Nilović & Dave Sucky - Rush On The Ball (1969).



  • Hell yeah! I was listening to that mix yesterday.

    I got a recent model dedicated audio player, in an ill-advised move away from my ancient ipod, and the gui is so shit I decided I couldn't do my usual ipod scroll wheel constant individual track selection, so instead I've been loading it with mixes, mainly from the Strut, so I can just let it run and forget about it, leave it playing in the kitchen while I'm cleaning/cooking, etc. 

    I haven't put every single Strut mix on, but I've put maybe 90 or so. No idea who Smashbredrens are but it's a dope mix. Remember "dope"? It's dope.

    It'd be cool if Raj solicited some Soulstrut Finale mixes to send off the site with some heat. I myself have some mixes I made for myself and never shared which I could contribute, but nothing on the raerness or DJ craft levels of the SS mixes of old (and new - Raj's live stream mixes are fantastic too, I put quite a few of those on as well).

    For all the and clonning, what first drew me to the Strut was the 52kbps realaudio mixes in like 99. Hearing the heat much more dedicated record pervs are digging up has always been a huge draw for me.
    JimsterFunk Lovin Criminal

  • JimsterJimster 6,920 Posts

    For all the and clonning, what first drew me to the Strut was the 52kbps realaudio mixes in like 99. Hearing the heat much more dedicated record pervs are digging up has always been a huge draw for me.

    Same here.  I was later to the party but I got a gig in Dublin and all there was to do at night was listen to mp3s off the laptop.  No TV or internet in those illegal sublets    Fortunately at work we had the fastest internet connection ever and I had full access.  So I could pull like 100Mb mix in literally 1 second back in 2001.  It was so fast, you thought it had failed to start.  But there it was, complete.  As long as you weren't downloading t3h pr0nz0rs, people were chill.  Apparently the place was directly next to where the big internet pipe came in.

    The internet is getting towards a monoculture now where people are being funnelled into Meta products or TikTok.  Every f*cking click is a cookie T&C acceptance page before you can dig for the content somewhere among the ads.  There's no BS on forums, nobody is trying to sell you something, or worse, sell you.  I also did some mixes just to test (IIRC) Audacity which I kinda got the hang of.  The first few attempts were clownish volume disparities but these days I bet you can just throw everything into an app and it'll come out shiny, beat matched and in key.

    Hence why those all-vinyl lockdown mixes @RAJ did on camera were great.  But I get it, R*ck has a family and life presents you with many realnesses to mitigate.  Thank f*ck for music though.  (salutes)

    Funk Lovin Criminal
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