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  • They have been mentioned here before.  IIRC I said the music was good but they could do with a catchier name.   I stand by that.
  • James Ingram R.I.P.
  • Duderonomy said: It’s a nice offer but I have a lot of other things to prioritise unfortunately; one of them is the possibility of some kind of interview (because I’m not Spanish), to ascertain if this is a sneaky green-card Brexit-dodging ma…
  •    LDN for a beer with T3h Strutmandem before getting hitched?
  • You still on for moving to America's Davy Crockett hat?
  • Duderonomy said: I’ve definitely come to realise that material shit is just that. Fight Club - the things you own end up owning you.  The way the music makes you feel is more important than the way owning the record makes you feel.  I've had e…
  • IMek_Jagger said: Higher is correct! It's the Jack of spades. __ J♠| Congratulations Jimster, a sealed copy of the original 'ready on the right' sample used on Wildstyle will be winging it's way to you very soon! Please messag…
  • I am a gambling man. HIGHER.
  • I do wonder about the number of nutcases out there.  We encountered one during Christmas week and walked away from his aggressive threats to follow us home (I had pulled him up about barging my wife out of the way as we were shopping).  I later wo…
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said:It seemed stark that the technology behind rendering the world in visuals and sound, and animating AI figures in that world, has vastly surpassed games' (or game developers') ability to conceive of ways to interac…
  • Did man die of TB doe?
  • They have got Macau here: http://en.bigpixel.cn/t/5834170785f26b37002af475?fbclid=IwAR2iSY9GVOuuWEVfiLNnrVnwrJ6ZW5HTv0G-ZqA9dIrRiSOEd5Xq6JpGGjQ FFS, that place looks grim.  And why do people have bars on the outside windows 20 storeys up?
  • RAJ said: It's that time of year. RIP Yacht Rock pioneer Daryl Dragon RIP The OG "Captain" of Captain and Tenille.  The one true hat-wearer.
  • Duderonomy said: I remember when the FA Cup final was an all day event with tv coverage starting 3 hours before kick-off. It felt like the World Cup final. We used to be able to buy the official programme in the local shop (in Widnes).  I…
  • 24.9-billion-pixels :  http://sh-meet.bigpixel.cn/?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0 "...The company, which aims at "displaying a city with an image which integrates macro planning and micro life," recently unveiled the image created from a …
  • https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/cadbury-drops-fairtrade-scandal-business-i-watched-ethical-decline-from-inside-a7451906.html
  • Chocolate coins - yes! Our kids have got some chocolate coins somewhere but I've kinda lost my sweet tooth.  They have been given enough chocolate to make Godzilla diabetic.  It's an easy-choice present to give kids isn't it?  The amount is literall…
  • City looking a shell of themselves without Fernandinho.  But we're only halfway through.  Key injuries can affect anyone.
  • I remember my mum and dad having those fold-out paper concertina bells from Woolworths.  With a pre-decimal price sticker on them. I remember three channels on the TV (BBC1, 2 and ITV) so everyone could talk about the same shit. I remember drunkles …
  •   Thanks to the hardcore strutters still partying while the lights are on... In fact, thanks RAJ for keeping the lights on.  
  • I liked it.  They could do with a catchier name.  Most of the general public would give up typing it into google.
  • No way José!! Zidane is looking for work.
  • roisto said: I would also like to revisit the original "idoits and folls" post. Was it PHILL that started it? https://community.soulstrut.com/discussion/13713/saigon-full-of-shit/p8
  • I had the grace (and sense) as a Citeh follower to not count chickens.  I am glad it's closer nowadays, less accusations of the league being Mickey Mouse in overall quality.  I still think City will do it, just too much football to be played and LFC…
  • I think Whitney could have done what Beyonce has done, but 25 years ago.  She got with a bad-boy and had MTV behind her. And shit, Whitters did have a great voice. But she ended up mad as a wasp and constipated.   
  • I am in the Maaddddd Overrated camp, but I can't say I am a Hattuer - I love the odd one, like "Me, Myself and I" and of course the big thing with her has always been the whole package, as Duder alludes to - she's drop-dead gorgeous in the videos an…
  • I don't know about "Sold in big numbers because of..." but certainly, there are stuff that's "Collectible because of..."  Lyn Christopher because of the K.I.S.S. connection Artwork is a good one - Massive Attack for the Del Naja art, anything with …
  • Duderonomy said: I got a 320, just find it perplexing hip-hop is so difficult to buy sometimes - would gladly pay for a WAV, not seeing the option :/ I think it's down to the short-lived nature of the game.  Plus a lot of creative types I kno…
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  • Have to be lossless?  I got one @320K.  Bit grainy to be honest but IIRC they all were.  Not spun it in ages. Maybe it's the dust?   Holleur if required.  Or you might be quicker looking for it on slsk.
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  • Any MJ after "Thriller"