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  • francois parker said: Also been playing this a lot this evening. The track became a favourite when it got reissued a few years back, I played it out a lot, and spun it at home so much my wife got fed up with it, but since I discovered there i…
  • Watched it, City never looked like scoring.  Nobody able to generate anything in the final third.   I am crediting Arsenal's backline for that, Xhaka was solid as... Granite?  Arteta also beat Corona this season too. World's his oyster.   
  • I guess whoever has the coin to be buying clubs will have chosen some... less-than-fair options on their rampage to the top.  When they are former soviets, not even worth googling to guess how the money goes.  Still, all fine upstanding pillars of t…
  • Also the purported new Newcastle buyers, MBS und dem (Man's Been Sawing) are having to deal with this additional mud in the water: "Newcastle United’s takeover saga has been cast into further uncertainty after taking an unexpected twist on Tuesday …
  • Let's face it, no-one becomes a billionaire by being ethical and not overcharging for what they do, or by paying as much tax as possible.   "Let man who is like, a clean man innit, cast the fist brick at the other team's bus." Pretty sure spending …
  • https://jd73.bandcamp.com/album/neon My mate Dan's stuff.
  • It sounds vaguely familiar... but personally now mentally mashing Daði Freyr og Gagnamagnið’s "Think About Things" with George Benson's "Give Me The Night" - you know, the former's "Baby!"... with the two-strum motif under "...Night".
  • Electrode said: New jazz on Impulse from Shabaka Hutchings and South African musicians with an out-there video to accompany it. Music is nice, visuals are unsettling.  Not a marriage made in heaven.
  • The beauty of expedits is that you can see all the spines, so easier to find what you want.  If they are all in drawers... then you have got section/letter creep across drawers to contend with - although that could just be ocd on my part.  I used to…
  • Whoah... The boat being pushed out now.  SS slipmats...   What year is your Fender Jazz bass?
  • ketan said: currently engrossed in this: https://www.mixcloud.com/worldwidefm/gilles-peterson-the-20-modal-and-waltz-jazz-18-06-20/  Fanx for the tip.  Lockdown has generated so much new content, it's like drinking from a firehose, even f…
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  • Duderonomy said: I think David Luiz is still a Chelsea player. An assist for the first goal, give a penalty and take an early bath for the second   Complicit in the 2016 1-7 Mineiraço IIRC.  Maybe @ppadilha can confirm this is the offici…
  • ketan said:  Super-cheeky bass lick, deffo stealing that.  Got the phaser pedal dusted off.
  • YES.  Voll Damn.  We got through sommadat in Sitges.  I don't think overseas travel is on the cards for me for quite some time, what with the old Covids and me pretty much spending more than all my savings keeping my head above water whilst jobless …
  • foe said: r. the spaniards are not really good at beer tho.  Still better than the Mexicans, right?  And tha's what people have by the boxload here.  I feel rude refusing it... Last time in Spain we did find some good stuff in the super…
  • Duderonomy said: Ok, my phone randomly attaching an image of Trump from a WhatsApp conversation was funny, my wife asking me why I put her pic on the internet not so funny   Me and a disparate group of expat friends have a WhatsApp conversa…
  • Live in 86 minutes?  That's like 128 hours! ..
  • Deep film.  Thanks for sharing.  I don't recall hearing her speak before.  Seeing Pharoah with no grey hair was a trip too. B/W I never liked the later e-types but she made it look way cool.
  • But not diversity, like, in a Faux Rillz way. Although I was told Foxxy (sic) was chill IRL, his constant "Sonning" stance deterred many, I am sure.
  • From time to time I chided him vis-a-vis tinfoil hats but, like in any community, we benefitted from his diversity. Like that scene in "Big" where Tom Hanks goes to the dinner in a pimped tux. "Now that is an opinion!"
  • Damn shame.  I knew the songs from waaay back but never realised she was only 66.  
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  • I was reminiscing yesterday and came to the conclusion pretty much every other Motörhead song fits the bill.
  • I saw that lineup a few times in person - the band were killer.  I think that's Dennis Davis on drums, Zach Breaux on guitar (both now sadly gone) and IIRC Dwight Gassaway on keys (he was good on vibes and percussion too.)  Probably Donald Nix on ba…
  • Beat makers stand to attention, Afrobeat was his invention. Srs doe, leaving a legacy. 
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  • Nice to see Primo still on top of his game.   
  • Duderonomy said: Apparently Mixcloud is starting a live-stream service. Might be worth investigating if you have any more problems Raj. I had to sack Mixcloud off last week.  Taking away the ability to rewind in the freemium version was t…
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: BTW Raj I think the two-camera setup is great, it's nice to see the covers close up like that. Surprisingly I don't think I've seen that done in a video DJ set before. D59B used to do it when their backlog…
  • Who do you think you are?
  • It's like some raas Quadrophonic sound all over again.  But IIRC, at least that was recorded for 4 channels and specific amps, not some kids $2 headphones.  I don't want to be hearing all that panning shit, it's just annoying. It could be done of c…