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  • Duderonomy said: After gorging on fan reaction vids, I’ve just heard that after the game a Gooner approached Roy Keane and head-butted him! I can't like, per se, common assault but Roy did sow these seeds back in the day.
  • How's that spending working out, Chelsea?
  • First one sounds like, or is, Olmeca - Can't Stop Me.  I think Olmeca sampled the old OG which I don't know. If the last one sounds like a Mizell production, given the flute, it could be Bobbi Humphrey.  But the BVs aren't Mizelly enough for me.
  • WOH Sold out already, from what I can tell.  A shame as Mrs was keen on it too.  Maybe I should put a band together and get on the bill that way...    Edit : Someone has already taken the name "Obi Band Kenobi".    We are at Southport (in Bognor…
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: billbradley said: I think Raj has been more focused on doing stuff with his band than doing live streams.  fucked up if true What if RAJ is headlining Burning Man?
  • Flomotion said: Very cool! I saw his We Out Here show and it was my favourite set of the weekend. Were you playing WOH too? Nah, I caught them in Leeds the Friday before.  Would love to do WOH, the vibe I've heard is chill and the ac…
  • FWIW : I really rate Brian as a musician; on the "It's Your World" version of "...Hatred", the Bilal Sunni-Ali sax solo that folds out into the line Masters at Work flipped for "Moonshine" and then Brian's full-on haunted-house chordbook masterclass…
  • When in doubt, ask Brian Jackson:
  • At least old iron face will win a title there. If he can he do it on a windy night in Wolfsburg...
  • I wasn't a massive "Exorcist" fan but I did like 3, with the best jump-scare of all-time.  Just checked, Friedkin eventually quit that production but it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the film.  Although, I guess it's been a while and I probab…
  • Why someone signed off that monstrous tower block in Margate, I'll never know.  I called it Mount Misery. update : " In 1979, Hawkwind’s song High Rise was apparently inspired by the building, as it was written by Bob Calvert who lived in the block…
  • Few from Costa del Sol (ESP) and Margate Soul Weekender (UK).  You can tell which ones are which. All shot on the basher.  Apologies for IG repeats.
  • On that note, let me recant a story about my brother's boss. He had a massive Gerry Anderson/Thunderbirds collection which his mum gave to charity when he'd gone away to college.  He didn't consent to this of course but that's life. Ffwd 20-odd ye…
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  • Tony Bennett, 96. Good innings, the youth.  Got to know him via Bill Evans, the consummate accompanist.
  • The Sade forehead-palming move made me howl.  I know someone in the touring band, I'd love to ask "H" herself if it was actually true and get a pic for the Strut recreating the actual move.  Just need them to release a new album and gig it.  They …
  • Shiiiiiit.  I'm not deep on any level with Birkin but I am down about Donato.  Such a unique sense of harmony.  I had this on today: Whatever dimension it's from, I must have come from there.  
  • DOR said: Anyone watch the Dele interview? Fuckin' hell. Heartbreaking stuff.Read it earlier.  Grim times.  I don't like to see people waste their talent or be robbed of it, so good luck to him.  Hope the terrace morons give him respect for o…
  • DocMcCoy said: Evenin', slags. I trust we're all prevailing? Is there going to be an FF league again this season. There's a wooden spoon I need to retain. Indeedy.  I didn't realise it was already almost upon us again. Eyarrrr : https:/…
  • Duderonomy said: Jimster said: Manon des Sources Is this the film where a lady gets banged by a farmhand next to a pond? If so, I concur that knowledge of French isn’t necessary. I've seen a few movies with similar, uh, sc…
  • Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources are incredible stories.  Those, with Subway and Betty Blue got me hooked on French cinema and that's probably the best way of getting the culture unless you get to live there.  Emmanuelle Béart is soooo beautif…
  • Excellent shots Ketan.  I got married in LV so it brings back good memories. Back-hair goals!
  • ketan said: The translation on the cover is Beto Mendez and his protest poetry.  Had a listen and Beto is LOUD and INTENSE and had MAD STAMINA.  There's a guitar and organ accompanying but it doesn't get much space at all.   He would have g…
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  • skel said: If I may co-opt the yute vernacular…. lukaku did a madness last night Man's a wastemans is it.
  • Duderonomy said: Never in doubt, eh Jimster? It's been a few hours after the final whistle and I am still expecting City to throw it away.  Even after the extra extra time, they came close.But despite us fielding a team of Pele, Mbappe, Z…
  • ketan said: Apparently it's loud/intense spoken word but for two bucks I had to have it for the cover... Man looks like a reject Action Man
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  • "In a mere fifteen short years, you too could simply buy your Champions League title."
  • Need t3h Grau to stay on-message with the City hatt - today for example: But then, also today's Grau:
  • Hope to see you back in the prem, or when we get relegated.
  • Breaking the Waves is a brutal watch.  The wife loves it but she's always sobbing through it.  I have work for that.