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  • Sly Stone doc by ?love & Common Sense

    Maybe it was a Frenchman...

    One stormy day during the Napoleonic Wars, a French ship was wrecked off the coast of an old fishing village clinging to the north-east coast of England.

    The only survivor was the ship's mascot, a monkey that was washed ashore.

    The people of Hartlepool had never seen a monkey before - nor, for that matter, had they ever set eyes on a Frenchman.

    Mistaking its chattering for the language of the enemy, they convicted the monkey of being a French spy and hanged the animal on the beach.

    Or so the story goes.

  • Questlove teaches you "curation"

    dizzybull said:
    I’m sort of curious. Suppose you had been tasked to do this. I know my “master class” would be pretty short:
    Play records you like that you think other people will enjoy. If all else fails hit the “echo” button and an air horn. 

    Bonus tip: just because Gregorian chants are in Latin doesn’t mean you can play them for two hours straight and call it Latin Night. 

    Don't forget the classic "Flash Gordon" intro pitched down, shoutouts to fake celebs who aren't there and "When I say DIZZY... You say BULL!" chants.

    Your sets sound less po-faced than ?'s.  

    I'm in.

    klezmer electro-thug beats
  • TheHouseOfMedia

    That can't be the only egg cover mystery thread... I remember reading a way longer one right??



    The ZY  Of egg-R vinylways.

  • 2021 RIP Thread

    I saw him a few times live, and met him in a record shop and chatted about his obscure shit, like Delphi (three strings per key piano bith for the Scientologists) you know, to show him I was a real geek, because I thought that would make me somehow seem less insignificant.

    He was unerringly nice and more importantly, was an absolute mother on keys.  My favourite set is the Akoustic Band live at The Blue Note, Tokyo.  It's where Vinnie Colaiuta deps for Dave Weckl.  Vinnie is channelling the ghoast of Tony Williams and it's, uh... Electric.  You can find some of the set on YouTube.  Vinnie sneaking a cigarette at the kit.  

    There's also one with him and Hiromi and the late youth Austin Peralta knocking six shades out of "Someday My Prince Will Come" in Tokyo too.  If you know, you know.

    Rest in power.  Gutted.

  • multi jungle/dnb vibez of all eras (raer-r)

    I'm don't understand the Jodrell-Bank-for-a-kick-drum reference but I'll never get tired of the amen breaks in jungle.

    Jodrell Bank is the world's biggest steerable radio telescope.

    Imagine the sound from a kick drum of this magnitude.