klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • We opened a non-profit video store in Baltimore

    I keep coming back to this in my head, like, how can I get some people together to do something like this where I live (London)... I know of some indies that held on longer than most but I'm unaware of any real beloved institutions - without the inbuilt heartbroken indie video store crowd to give an initial boost, and with the obvious rent concerns, we'd have to be very clever about where to locate something like this. So thanks so much for sharing your experience putting it together, I'll be cogitating.
  • We opened a non-profit video store in Baltimore

    I read the outline article about this place when it opened! I'm so glad to hear it's been a success so far. Video media is unfortunately not one of my house-clogging collections, so I can't donate, but I wish wish wish I had something like this in my area. I miss video stores more than anything. I can't browse on a screen. If somebody was onto this in my area I would jump to volunteer.

    It's got me thinking, it'd be cool if you guys share anything useful to know about starting up a store like this so others can follow without re-learning what you all have pioneered.

    I will be ogling your IG for sure too.
  • $1 bin records

  • New Music / Release Thread

    That's a nice one! I am not schooled in jazz fusion at all but find the occasional track that tickles me e.g.

  • Dr John RIP

    One of my favorite Dr John related videos of all time - here with Earl King, the Meters, Professor Longhair...

    I remember reading that he was a bit of a guitar prodigy as well but his left ring finger almost got shot off in a bar fight after a show when he was young, and after his hand recovered he had to focus on piano. But here he is on guitar with Etta James