klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • Photography Strut - Pics you shot recently

    it's in northern CA. totally hidden from the highway, I can't remember exactly where the trespassing started that day but it might require some trespassing, so I can only assume it's a sort of locals-only spot?? do locals-only spots still exist or are they all on yelp?
  • Photography Strut - Pics you shot recently

    Damn those are cool as hell, here's some from me:

  • 20 Years To The Day!

    Hell yeah pimp, shouts to Mr. Sparkle too   
  • 20 Years To The Day!

    Congratulations Raj. The 20 year website club, I can't think of many others. You and SomethingAwful and Google and Amazon.

    My memory number 1 was being the teenage little dude looking up "funk music" on altavista or some shit and discovering you could download mixes of music that wasn't on the radio... I wish I could remember more but the one that always sticks out to me is the "Rockin' With Seka" porn OST mix. I think that was a Raj mix maybe from before other DJs were posting any? '99?

    Number 2 was realizing, later into my teens, that my favorite college radio DJ (I had since discovered non-top-40 radio), in fact several of my favorites, were all posting in the same place I'd just been visiting for the flamewars and/or small tastes of the boundless music knowledge I'd never fully possess. Like, Matthew Africa, Dollar Bin, etc. Oddly enough I did end up meeting both those guys in brief stints at their respective stations but I didn't geek out over having lurked the Strut. The mid 2000s were not a time for recognizing somebody from the internet and saying "I know you from the internet". I didn't really know him personally but I still miss Matthew - his show, his podcast with Serg. 

    But reading SS at this time was like inside baseball for me. This was a time when I was obsessively taping off the radio, not just when something good came on, but also making, basically, pause-button collages and mixes using live radio as the sample source. I would stay up late making these damn things and getting to know the schedules of the Bay Area stations. But it was still a time of absolute musical mystery for me. The main way I found new stuff to dig for was somebody would play a track on the radio, I'd miss the back announce and I'd never find it. Or I'd hear it and never be able to find the damn album.

    So stuff like the original Salma Hayeking of Monty Stark was mindblowing to someone who'd otherwise just hear like an absolute basic, like, Ohio Players song or something and lose my shit trying to figure out who it was. Especially when I didn't know anyone else who was at all into what I was into. The number of bands I've started first, and then sheer force-of-willed into my genres later, now stands at 3.

    Heatrocks for Katrina was a special moment, edpowers "fuck the previous dj..." post, the anal-fixation of ap, the "record days" where I'd discover loads of stuff in one day that I'd only see discussed otherwise, the one time HarveyCanal seriously claimed that Juvenile's "Slow Motion" was the single greatest song of the 21st century, supertoaster/poaster, there are loads of moments, but I think it's worth bringing up the current day too.

    We're fast reaching a point where everybody is starting to see the facebook-insta-twitter nexus for what they are, data mining operations and surveillance for the most banal and stupid of reasons - advertising - and the incredible detrimental psychic side effects of mass social media networks. It's not to say these things don't have their place and positive purposes. But I was wondering the other day why I still check forums and I think the format of a BBS, while still totally capable of driving somebody mad, by nature can never, say, drive an entire generation of over-65s mad the way facebook minion memes and Fox have destroyed the minds of millions. The sooner we realize that anything posted on facebook, video or text, is to be treated with the same trust as any trash from 4chan or whatever, the better. I don't know that forums will have some kind of rebirth after people realize that, but the status quo won't last and I really think it's healthier for me to check a few topics on a few boards than scroll forever through 40% commercial messages. I hope I'm not the only one.

  • The C.R.A.C LP - All For You - Soulful-Jazzy-AOR grooves reissued for the first time.

    Tell your buddy his label's cool - I have a few 45s from KU. Excellent work on the reissue too!
    Beatnick Dee