klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • organ burner daily

    Andy Loore aka Janko Nilovic double feature

  • organ burner daily

    today's, straight out of Egypt, don't sleep on pépite records

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  • organ burner daily

    Yeah I think it's a pseudonym of one of the Whitefield brothers - JJ/Jan? I think he's the one who plays with the Malcouns while Max is on Philophon's records.

    That one is a super, super early Karl Hector record - a live performance of the Poets in Switzerland in like 1995 and given out as a promo? Original song is James Young and the House Wreckers/James Young Blues Band "Funky Booty" which did not have the overcooked organ. The only copy on discogs is 1500 euros, which I honestly would find worth it if I could pay it. Cassette-sounding mix and all.

    Anyway today's keeping it German, why not:

    Monty Pop
  • organ burner daily

    I'll try to keep this up for a while, feel free to jern

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  • Best US-based webstore for new funk/soul/etc. vinyl?

    I'm UK based and have used HHV and Juno plenty but also dusty groove and others in the states. This thread is relevant to my interests as even being based here those sites have gaps in their inventories.
    My current technique for new records is to obsessively check labels' webstores/bandcamps and review sites for new releases I'm into. Even the smallest labels seem to sell 7's through bandcamp (NOLA Breaks, pepite, J-Zone's releases, that's why records). FNR, Colemine etc. of course have proper sites with news sections.
    Monty Pop