klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • Dr John RIP

    One of my favorite Dr John related videos of all time - here with Earl King, the Meters, Professor Longhair...

    I remember reading that he was a bit of a guitar prodigy as well but his left ring finger almost got shot off in a bar fight after a show when he was young, and after his hand recovered he had to focus on piano. But here he is on guitar with Etta James

  • New Music / Release Thread

  • The Strut on Mac Miller

    Duderonomy and the eternal struggle to post inline media on soul strut dot com... THE NEXT CHAPTER (just don't ask me to remember how to post a youtube, I fucked up my most recent one)
  • Are we in the Post-rap era?

    Yeah as far as terminology I never found it useful to call stuff "post" anything... I'd call this stuff rap. I like some of it as much as any older stuff I still listen to, but some of it is instant turn-off. I'm much more hot and cold with the recent years of what hip-hop has become.

    Watched DMC's whole rant there, and he's not wrong. But I don't know that you can put the cat back in the bag. Transgressive shit in music feels like it's here to stay, and I think it's of only limited influence on what people actually do. I remember Vince Staples talking about growing up a crip saying when he was like 11 "we played GTA San Andreas and all thought that was what gangbanging was, and we should do it like that, and after a really short time, we realized that shit was stupid". I think likewise you can have media depicting any manner of ridiculous behavior and it's not gonna have much but a limited influence on, basically, 11 year olds for a month before they realize it's fiction. The root cause of people getting shot in Black communities has more to do with wider economic and social factors. Nothing wrong with taking responsibility for your own actions as an individual but there's a lot of external and historical baggage fucking over these communities as a whole that needs to be organized around too.
  • Rap You're Liking

    real New Yorkers:
    - never not wearing Timbs even at the beach
    - never not wearing at LEAST 2 hoodies
    - NEVER turn on the heat
    - sleep in a birds nest