klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • Favorite Cover Songs (INPUT NEEDED!)

    Shirley Scott And The Soul Saxes - I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free has always killed me

    I can think of some I Want You Backs worth checking out too - 
    Bobby Shad & The Bad Men
    Also Trinidad Esso Steel Band

    And finally Paris DJs podcast had a like 20 part series of half hour mixes called Molesting Laura that were this kinda theme, covers and ripoffs, that're worth checking out. If you're willing to google "molesting laura" that is.
    rufus ruffkutt
  • Paul Barman returns

    Paul has always had ridiculous producers on his stuff, a prime candidate. I'm more sympathetic than you two in that I probably cringe less, but you are absolutely right, the feeling is always in the back of my mind like, "what would somebody else sound like over this beat, damn"
  • Dj P & Le Spectre - Brain Soup Mixtape

    Any mix with Big Julien is my shit. Mainly cause the name Big Julien is cool, but in this case the mix is great too. I like the pace of the Brainfreeze style mixes, it feels like precious few people are doing that style now. And the selection's on point. Great work, I'm really enjoying this.
  • Beat making

    Duder I think it's dense enough without vocal drops, but it's a personal taste and a fine line at that. I like it.

    I dunno how I missed Teddy Ruckspin's samba track up there, love it!
  • Leroy Hutson Appreciation (RR)

    God damn, that's low. It's one thing to fuck around with crud-quality downloaded stuff when you're putting together a free mix, freaking it beyond recognition as a sample etc. but an official reissue? Leroy deserves better. Lazy.