klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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    first heard this as a 7-8 year old whose favorite tape was 3rd Bass' second and final album, basically because I didn't have anything else to listen to. it's sampled on "no static at all"

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    ridiculous garage from Whittier / LA with that Salt Hung Up style sloppiness I like, and like super dumb one-note solos (but take that as a good thing)

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    how have I never heard that art butler?!
    from soul brother to soul power, don't know anything about this one:

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    That is a great track! Live audience serving as a continuous hype machine throughout. Reminds me of Ramsey Lewis Do What You Wanna. It's a Rhodes e-piano but I'll allow it. Rhodes and Hammond go together very nicely. And now you know the secret to embedding!

    But if we're doing long soul-jazz jams then my post for today should be Melvin Sparks' WGTTW cover. While Melvin's guitar soloing is great wherever I hear it, and Idris Muhammad's drums is what first drew me to this track when I heard it on a LONG dead site "raremusic.com" on .mp2 (really), I am still into it for the Leon Spencer organ solo at about 5-8 minutes.

    Also a cool looking record cover.
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    Don't need to say much about this one because you either know it or should know it, it's been on compilations (Mr Finewine's Vital Organs was one) before and I remember o-dub (or was it larry from funky16corners?) waxing poetic, pardon the pun, about this track's insane trash can sounding-ass snare drum, which I believe only sounds as sinus clearing as it does because of the b3 stabs that back it up.

    Fun fact: Louis Chachere produced deep funk legend "Remember Me" by Trinikas.