klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • what does it mean when a record isn't on Discogs?

    it means you are now a millionaire!! your kids are going to college on those shitty disco brakes! terd futures!!
  • organ burner daily

    saw this on the waxi gospel shred thred, it's worth a repost. let's go to church:

  • Safe?

    From my non-US perspective, there was a big BLM protest in London - the news focused on the actor John Boyega making a really impassioned and emotional speech, but it's worth noting the cops did what they know how to do about protests in London - mass arrests. Nowhere near the unrest as the States, but just the same old London protest kettling.

    To keep up with what's going on in my home country, instead of the news (which seems obsessed with fucking property destruction, which I don't give a FUCK about and anyone who even brings it up, to me that's a big red flag that they don't give a fuck about Black people) I've watched some splitscreen live feeds from the ground - a guy on twitch, "Woke", is aggregating FB/insta live feeds each night from different cities. 

    Watch one of those and watch your sympathy for the maniacs in uniform evaporate. Every single god damn time things "turn violent" it's police inciting it, either through straight up unprovoked attacks on unarmed people or undercovers smashing stuff up - I saw a group of police IN UNIFORM wrecking a cruiser... countless people on their knees getting clubbed unprovoked, journalists being targeted, gassed, arrested, blinded by "non-lethal" rounds. I guess if you're paying attention I'm just saying what you already know.

    I also saw police apparently ignoring/sanctioning a roving militia of white racists with baseball bats patrolling Philly I think it was. Not a good precedent. If you think groups like this aren't going to be posted outside voting places to scare off non-racist-white voters in November...
  • Neal Francis

    Just came across this new track/outtake with a different sound, it's heat

  • The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    loving the new tech with the psych visuals and all, going the extra mile on this one! heavy selection too. this gent has some "grails" as they say.

    I miss the funkydj1734923@aol.com / myspace though. looked serious enough to confuse somebody, my favorite kind of joke