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    ppadilha said:
    Jimster said:
    ppadilha said:
    Chelsea only 9 points away from the drop though. Could they? I think Lamps has it in him to lose every match but the other teams need to do their part.

    Can you imagine Todd's meltdown?   "But I paid to win!!!"  / "The election was rigged!" / "I demand a replay!" / "COTDAMMIT THIS IS NOT THE AMERICAN WAYYYYyyyy....."

    I like to imagine all the stuffed suits at the EPL having to explain relegation to Broehly.

    Be like that Hitler's bunker scene.

    I think City might have just buried the ghost of Real Madrid.  

    Only just.

    I wasn't celebrating until the final 30 seconds.  This is City, after all.

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    View from our hotel, Golden, British Colombia.

    It’s been 40 years since I was in this part of the world, and I’m reminded that nature abhors a vacuum: Europeans came here and disappeared the “Indians”, now actual Indians are back. In numbers.
    Would love to see Hope, B.C. - Where "First Blood" was filmed. Despite the local five-oh (Brian Dennehy as Sheriff Will Teasle) needing to keep it "Boring." Turns out he was given war he wouldn't believe because he wouldn't let it go.

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    ketan said:

    Indian ppl generally appreciate natural places more than other cultures I've lived in.  (I'm of Indian heritage btw.)  There's a mountain in Switzerland that's over-run with Indian tourist because it fits within the venn diagram of spectacular nature and bollywood: https://www.utracks.com/Blog/mount-titlis-bollywoods-favourite-swiss-mountain  ;

    The quiet waterfalls in my hometown are packed every weekend these days with Indian ppl appreciating the hell out of nature. 

    There's a place not far from us, Stepping Stones in Dovedale.  We went last year mid-week and it was quiet AF.  Next time we went it was a weekend and the whole place was heaving.   Very popular with Indians who were 90% of the visitors.  I don't know why this place specifically, as it's in countryside in the middle of nowhere and all the villages nearby are tiny, populated by white old folks.  It just seemed like a bit of a pilgrimage.

    God I sound old and white.  But it was just surprising to see such a concentration and be in a very small white minority in a place so typically British.  There are the usual complaints on the internet about freestyle parking and littering but this is a trait common to every culture when the facilities do not match the audience.


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    Electrode said:

    Nice. I have meaning to see the third Harry Palmer film but haven't gotten around to it yet. The painting was made by Ramon Alejandro, who is Cuban. It's called "La Virgin del Apocalipsis" 

    It's my all-time favourite film for some reason.  Just has a vibe about it.  I've been to Helsinki and so it was a buzz seeing some of the locations.  And directed by Ken Russell of all people.

    Best thing is, with all this chat about AI now, it's a pretty perfect example of the inherent laziness and greed in all humans/put shit in, get shit out/disastrous consequences of disobeying common sense when a machine is telling you to drive your ca.. tanker into a riv... The Soviet Union.


    Getting exciting now...  Race to the bottom is most fun, out of all of them I hope Forest survive.  Owner is a scumbag but it will be a big achievement for Steve Cooper with what is, essentially, a team of many new faces that have never played together before this season.