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    So necessary.


    That is the Grafwritah graemlin, not the Faux_Rillz graemlin.

    True. But, I always thought of it as the Faux tribute graemlin. And if anyone is going to tell me how wrong I am, I'd like it to be a teddy bear grizzly enough to wear pink stripes.

  • ummm...

    HOLY SHIT!!!

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    No animated graemlines please. It's cool if it's your icon but animated graemlines are so fryer's funk 45 board with an exception made for:

    "Loc: I use the power of my robot dance to make you send me your raers."


  • my $0.02:

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    my $0.02:

    YES!!! Plaese to make Graemlin.


  • ummm...

    HOLY SHIT!!!

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    You all are amazing! If I ever start a business... your hired!

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    i think that since a lot of times people bring up financial matters or comment on the cash thrown for certain rekkids or like if an artist "sells out" or if people are just talking about hating their jobs and shit, well this might be appropiate,

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    my $0.02:


  • alieNDNalieNDN 2,181 Posts
    ignore me, im high

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    i mean cartoonish when i say animated

  • can we get a "what would yoda do?"

  • GuzzoGuzzo 8,611 Posts
    Can we get a "PASUE" jernt?

    and we needs a "Hardcroe" (with Nate Dogg?)

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    someone make a "you're harshing my mellow" graemlin

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    ignore me, im high

    Keep smoking what you've been smoking, these are great

  • i think somebody posted the appropriate sizes for these but i couldnt find it. this one is pretty large.

    im seeing infinite saying with this image, but this was the first one. dont know if the text bubble is mandatory...

  • We need to get a "Cheerleader" joint post haste. Maybe some pom poms or some broad jumping up doing the splits.

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    The "I'd Tap" is cool but shrink it a bit.

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  • we got an ayo yet?

    yall not feeling yoda?

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    That shit is official.

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    feelin this

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    -> winner

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    I don't know how to make the text bubble thing, but here are mine.

    "Some jive ass slippers"


    "Post-Black Skee-Dooplitude"

    (i suck at this)

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    Someone should take an image of a jar of Best Foods (Hellmans for yall on the other side) and make a jar of "AYOnnaise"

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