• FLAC multitracks

    So it’s new AI tech that separates a stereo WAV into stems.  


    No, I don’t think so. Jorun, who posted the FLAC “discovery” has been posting videos of isolated drums and his entire series called “instrumentals you never got” for years. He did this in meticulous studio work and has impressed other producers at Jazzy Jeff’s annual Playlist retreat for 10/11 years. I truly believe that Jorun discovered something that was lying there in plain daylight in some FLAC files without many people knowing.  

    The AI driven sprectral separator (and similar tools) have been posted by him and other producers for the last couple of years because they make this available to the masses, though still at a steep price. Check out Doctor Mix showcasing iZotope RX8 for example. There’s a cool video where he creates a Beatles a Capella and separates Lennon from McCartney…LOL.