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    Some from this year, all phone alas:

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    The Ed Thigpen (US issue on GNP, not the original Swedish one), Ed Robinson (previously thought that "Hey Blackman" one-off 45 was his only output) and the Wildflowers volume four were found at DJ Muggs' record collection sell off. Had to sift through hundreds of sealed promo singles of "Rock Superstar" and scratch battle records to find those. The Italian soundtracks are new releases and birthday gifts from my brother who went to Florence recently. Hal Singer is another US pressing of an American jazz musician who moved to Europe. Rinked to hell but thankfully the one original, worthwhile track, "Malcolm X", plays well. FDR is a posthumous ('76) comp. Nice to have "Dernier Domicile Connu" and "Les Caids" on one record. Nothing to get excited about on the Eagle Rock HSJB '74 but it's a cut above most high school bands and the cover is a local landmark I still drive by on a weekly basis. Peter Berkow & Friends (PB&F) is a fun mix of progressive rock, folk and Blood, Sweat & Tears influence out of Chico, CA by way of Chicago. I've said before that the Inner City label is a crap shoot but this seems to be one of the good ones; funky fusion with steel drums. Gunther Fischer was a nice surprise. The title track is another one canonized by Dusty Fingers.
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  • Photography Strut - Pics you shot recently

    That's some real Americana photo essay/coffee table type shit Raj. Ektar is the best, I think Ektar 100 is my favorite film stock. I love Fuji Velvia too but I feel like Ektar just looks great with no effort, where you have to be more careful with Velvia and Portra.  Pretty sure those purply shots I posted above were on Ektar. And (for example) these definitely were
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    I was puzzling over this for a second cause I couldn't think of something real poignant or anything. Instead, this popped into my head, which is obviously more specific than you're after:

    But more generally...