• 2022 rip thread

    He was definitely on another level.

    Hard to put into words how he could get to me, but if you could imagine yourself in his place, playing that way, playing that history, it's beyond notes, it's beyond the emotions, it's going with him on that journey as he plays.  

    I was lucky enough to see him in Manchester in '93.  I was stood 10ft from him.  It was loud.  It was more intense than Slayer.  Seeing people slack-jawed when he was vocalising, because what he wanted to - nay, had to - express had exceeded the boundaries of the instrument.

    I remember leaving and walking outside and thinking, "Well, reality fucking sucks."  I went with a couple of really good jazz players and they were torn between throwing all their shit in the river, abandoning music or being happy to have witnessed playing like that and realising there was no "L" to take.

    Musicians who can take it there, any genre, are priceless.

    Safe travels.