• The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    Tapping into my vast collection of groovy 70s rock raers and psychedelic beat head cult classics to make yet another attempt to whip up the Internets in to a state of funk rock frenzy.

    This Saturday Night 8-9PM EST on the tubes

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  • Austin Record Convention

    @GenePontecorvo brought me an Ice Cube sticker as gift

    My ARC finds

    EKO is some raer latin disco funk. The instrumental of "Love Can Be Happy" is killer.

    Roy Ayer's He's Coming has been on my wants list forever. Copies never turn up in Austin (except at the Record Convention). Up until now I'd never actually seen a copy in person. The cover has some wear but the vinyl is minty. Happy to finally file a copy.

    This is another that has been on my wants list for a while. I've found copies before but they were all beat to shit. This one is still in the original shrinkwrap and the vinyl is super clean.

    Jane Terry is kinda meh. I skimmed through it and it's ok but not great. Chaz on the same label is 100x better.

    United As One is some Dallas Random Rap and Modern Soul.

    Rodney (not to be confused with Rodney O) is a rare Albuquerque boogie 12" that I picked up from Slow Low Records. They had found it on the way to ARC. I'll have to mint up on it eventually.

    Still sealed Chuck Strong.

    Earlier this week I was outbid on a copy of this rare boogie mini LP on ebay. Ended up getting this copy for cheaper than what I had bid. Score! 

    Mikki is some top notch boogie and it doesn't sell for crazy money.

    Light Of The World - Time is a UK Boogie Banger.

    Dr. York is a private press low fi modern soul gem. 

    Found the Bohannon LP above... figured I'd grab a copy of the single also. Wish it were cleaner though.

    Decent Funk 45

    Gospel soul cheapie.

    Beatiful DC soul record. The copy I had was VG at best so I minted up.

    Rock funk breaks.

    Fonk 45.

    good 4 on the floor disco 45.

    OK disco 45. The 12" goes for 5x what the 7" does.
    OK gospel soul. Has a couple decent moments but kind of falls off towards the end for me.

  • Black Sabbath 'Embryo'... WHERE DO I KNOW THIS FROM

    Nice catch; it's not listed on WS. At 3:32.