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    This is part of the stuff I brought back from my dad's house.  My own chud greals.  All up for grabs.  Moastly Jazz/Fusion/R&B/Boogie/Fuzak/Whatever I thought would be good to learn bass from. You can right-click/open image in new tab/ for teh zoomage.

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    Yemsky said:
    This is one of the best boogie records I've bought in a while. Was still sealed.

    Nice find.

    Three questions:

    1. How much did you pay for this 12”?

    2 Back in the days when this kind of music came out “we all” bought exclusively 12” vinyl on import in Europe. I am not surprised that the 7” versions are rare and super expensive these days, but I always wonder: for which market(s) were 7” boogie records produced and sold? Did they domestically (in the US) sell?

    3. I’ve had it a few times that I get contacted on Discogs by several people within a short period asking me for the same record in my collection. This can’t be a coincidence.  What are the discussion forums or online radio shows etc. where demand for certain boogie records suddenly gets created. A record like this has been known for a long time and compiled repeatedly and still all of a sudden prices go up... 

    1. $45

    2. Lots of 7" boogie records sold domestically in the US. They weren't really called boogie at the time though. I believe they were all marketed and charted as R&B.

    3. I can't remember where, but one of the boogie guys or groups on Instagram or Youtube that have a good size following posted a video of this record. I liked it and bought the cleanest copy I could find. Based on previous sale history it looks like some quantity of sealed copies turned up not too long ago and the price settled around the $45 mark. It's worth every penny to me. If it were more rare I think it would go for a lot more.