• Mass Appeal sample

    This made me laugh
    Duderonomyklezmer electro-thug beats
  • The Dee-Gees

    ketan said:
    Frank said:

    Call me whatever you want but in a strange way the Bee Gees are deep to me. 

    How Deep Is Your Love is deep.

    The melodies in that are all killer.  Verses, chorus, bridge, all could make other different hits on their own.  Maybe being old enough to hear it in it's original context spreads rose-coloured marmalade all over it for me, but Night Fever has bangers.

    I have checked out others from their catalogue but my boat remained unfloated.

    And I'm saying Maurice was the one with the most taste.  Apart from the balding mullet / chesthair combo.  Gotta have been the marching powder, right?