"Mardi Gras" without the bells..Courtesy Wbai..



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    well there we have it.

    he wasn't lying!

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    The definitive Soul Strut thread, ladies and gentlemen. Give it up.

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    Solid bump.

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    What up K. Do you have a Soundcloud?

    I wanted to make a "BUMP" on that thread called : "Look, I didnt want to get involved but - I have the Bob James without the bells reel: 6057TV1a" but the topic seems to be closed... I missed the Youtube video, etc.

    For me "Mardi Gras" was dead in 2007..........

    Do you have the audio somewhere? I'm just curious to hear those drums recorded from the tape.

    Is Day still reading this forum?

  • I have the tape and there is a quick clip of it on my Instagram: @piecelock70

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    Thx Thes, I'll check it tomorrow, I couldn't find it on my phone. Is it the same clip Day posted on his FB page? Wasn't there a Soundcloud page or something with the audio only?

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    Bump.............. before it closes... lol

    Any audio clip plz?

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    Can you plz explain this to me?


    Is it from the tape?

  • no thats a beefed up file I made for people to use for the beat battle.

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    Ok thx is there a way we can chat privately about the tape? I mean, your clip is too short! lol I just want to believe lol

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    RAJ said:

    A very good edit, but an edit, innit? 

    The drums on the intro sound beefed up, rather than having just "no bells", there are small edits throughout and the end is the give away.

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    You can still tiny filtered hear fragments of the bells, but this is definitely the best processed version.
    But still not a version without the bells, just with almost removed bells.

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    BTW.  Thes One posted this in 2012.  The original thread was deleted but I have an archive copy.  Almost everyone believed that this was real , but it's clearly a clever hoax. It sound like the bells are bleeding.  Maybe he had access to the stems?

  • I remember that thread and remember being fully convinced - he talked about audible details in the radio chatter playing deep in the mix like who the LA-area DJ talking was and what they were talking about, or something. You can hear a bit of bell just before each snare hit though, but whether it's a clever edit or just bleedthrough... Thes also played the "listen, this isn't my THING or anything but..." pretty well, if it is a hoax.

    It's clearly an edit as the rhodes-free parts have pretty hard transitions, but whether it's an edit somebody cobbled together for some kind of TV use from multitracks in the 70s or just one Thes put together to gaslight the Strut... well I know which option I WANT TO BELIEVE

    Thanks for posting Raj.

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    Here's the video evidence of it playing off the reel (again easily hoaxed).


    A skilled engineer could remove the bells.

    Bullshit. If it was that easy someone would have done it already. Also, maybe the bells can be removed, but how do you remove the entire Fender Rhodes track and leave everything else intact while simultaneously turning up the strings? You can't. 

    Also, you seem like a dude who knows about tape so this will mean something to you: My 1/2" machine is set up for ATR at +9 (and even hotter) with it's specialized bias to maximize it's high output format. The BJ tape is Telemetry, some funky low output shit from the 60's i have never heard of and could not even begin to try recording to it at the current machine settings. I had to bake it to play it back and the tape is gnarly. It would take a whole new MRL Ref Tape to even get my machine in the ballpark of being able to record to this tape without decimating it with level and bias. And that is assuming I even could figure out what the ideal settings would be for it. Which makes me wonder why it's even on this tape in the first place. But alas.

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    Ha ha, amazing. Why can I still hear bells? ARE THE BELLS IN MY HEAD.

    I think the bells were muted on the board but still being sent to the plate, so only the wet signal is returning. Or something.

    Also, to get this out of the way - I have no intent on releasing this, bootlegging this or attempting to make any money off of this, gain facebook likes, twitter followers or whatever. The tape is not for sale. If the "italian jukebox 45" has this version someone please post it up. 

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    johmbolaya - 22 June 2012 11:24 PM
    many people have been pissy over this break, and no one has the existence of anything else).

    Also, someone might say "you're hearing the bells in this because you know exactly where they're supposed to be. What you're hearing are ghost bells. They're not really there." No, it's called canceling out certain sounds via EQ.

    Let's say this break is legit, and I'm wrong, I'll eat my own hanakuso, whatever. In the years this thing has happened, how come no one has ever bothered to find the source of the tape, no one has scanned labels, no one has talked about the matrix numbers in the run-off groove, or who may or may not have created the tape? We all know that certain DJ's, producers, and remixers had the luxury of access to tapes, some mixes done secretly. No one ever got that nerdy, and yet we're still looking for the one record that does or does not exist. If it truly exists, go beyond fucking hearing the break. I want more than that. Hard info.

    Until then, this is all goobers.

    You can believe whatever you want. I posted up a video for all to see and hear, and I have no vested interest in your belief one way or another. 
    But lets check some facts here.

    I told you exactly what the source of the tape was in the first post. I told you this has nothing to do with the vinyl rumor. This has nothing to do with multitracks. This simply is what it is and you can listen to it in the video and draw your own conclusion. 
    But to say "i can still kind of hear the bells" so this is fake is ridiculous. Do you think they recorded each track of this song one instrument at a time? Because that's the only way you would be able to mute one track and not hear mic bleed from what else was happening in the room. No, I suspect the bells were set up right next to the drums and everyone got in that room and played the song. Mute the mics on the bells and other mics will still faintly pick them up, it's people playing in a room together, which of course is rare now a days. 

    "If it truly exists, go beyond fucking hearing the break" - good idea, go about 16 bars in and listen to the entire song minus bob james fender rhodes. Then explain to me how you can do that with eq'ing. Im not defending this, the burden of proof is not on me. If you want to pay to have the tape carbon dated go for it bro. I pulled it from a room FILLED with tapes. All were wrecked becasue they aren't the real or official masters that changed hands and got vaulted. I pulled other CTI stuff too, which i already mentioned. I'll post photos of all the masters laying around next week. I was the most skeptical of all here. Whatevers. Enjoy it for what it is. Have a great weekend everyone and take a deep breath. I know for a fact there are about 12 tapes of masters for EACH TRACK on thriller, all with alternate mixes that weren't approved or for tv backing or for a variety of other reasons. This is LA. I also went on Price is Right and won a turntable. Strange shit happens here.

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    Hmmmm, and double hmmmmm.

    Thes said he had no interest in bootlegging it, so this 7” was either mastered from an mp3 he put online (unlikely I guess as that was 2012), or somebody else found the same reels, or there is an Italian pressing...?

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    I recall it being made with a software plugin. Wasn't it the same one that was used in that infamous Ohio Players - Funky Worm edit or something. It's one of those that allows you to isolate frequencies.

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    Software seems to get better.

    Regarding Thes' 2012 version: this doesn't sound like mic bleed to me, you can clearly hear processed bells fragements. Might be hard
    to spot without trained ears though.

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    Was shuffling itunes and don't remember grabbing these.

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    DOR said:
    Was shuffling itunes and don't remember grabbing these.

      This is pretty much the same picture I have on my iTunes ;-)


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    DOR said:
    Was shuffling itunes and don't remember grabbing these.

    !!!!!  That must mean that YOU created the hoax! (/Memento)

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