the last song you played on repeat



  • "Eu Vim da Bahia" from Joao Gilberto White album

    because i was learning it. tough tune. listened to it enough to hear that he actually makes a small mistake at one point on the guitar

  • piedpiperpiedpiper 1,279 Posts
    althea & donna - uptown top ranking

  • rain103rain103 476 Posts
    that's the way i feel (about you) - dynasty

  • GaryGary 3,982 Posts
    Turtles - You Showed Me

    I've been there. I've spun the flip (BUZZZZZSAWWWW) several times, too.

    Now: Pavement - Grounded

    You know the last song on that record... Earth Song or some shit like that? That song kills me. Its really good. I would repeat that to death if I had it on me right now.

    The last song I listened to twice in a row is by some rock band and the song is called New York Kiss (I think) and he's all like "Turn On The Bright Lights". If I remember correctly I don't like any of that band's other songs, but that one is really nice and does something for me.

  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    Last night I could not get enough of the O'Jays' "What Am I Waiting For"

  • pickwick33pickwick33 8,946 Posts
    "Just Be True" - Gene Chandler

    particularly the way he sings: "but there's just one little thing...that I DEMAND of you...just be me!" Did you hear that! "That I DEMAND..."

  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    Last night: shrimp in tomatillo sauce with rice and a lot of red wine, fire in the hearth and these songs on repeat were hitting the spot:

    Freddie Scott - Hey Girl - One of the sexiest good-bye songs ever. Perfect balance of sweetness and force. Another gem from Carole King.
    Hey, girl, now sit yourself down
    I'm not ashamed to get down on the ground

    The Techniques - You Don't Care - Beautiful soulful vocals, but it's the sparse recording that keeps you wanting more.

    Laurel Aitken - I Got To Have Your Love - Fine, but I got to have your voice in my life.

  • LazerLazer 796 Posts
    Crying in Soweto - Harold Butler

  • Plant and See "Witches Brew" wow! Heavy! Been needin a couple more songs to finish my stoner mix Volume 2 and I think I found the centerpiece! Like the Wool track but better!

  • dmacdmac 472 Posts
    Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons' "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"

    (Singing my ass off in the car, mind you.)

  • dmacdmac 472 Posts
    Friends of Distinction "Grazing in the Grass"

  • Upsetters "Congo Dub".... bout the one and a half minute mark the track ignites on

    For maximum effect, intersperse with "Row Fisherman"... could listen to a 90 minute mix solely outta these two tracks...

  • SupergoodSupergood 1,213 Posts
    UK Players - Missbehavin'

  • asstroasstro 1,754 Posts
    The Beatnuts "Let Off A Couple" - Dope and too short
    NWA "If It Ain't Ruff" - MC Ren could kill it when he wanted to

  • The Beatnuts "Let Off A Couple" - Dope and too short

    Not even 2 minutes... did the same back when 'Street Level' came out, matter of fact I remember having that album on repeat... when that track came on though I'd always flip it back at least once...

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts

    Suicide - Ghost Rider

  • ageage 1,131 Posts
    3 songs

    The Lost Generation:The Sly,The Slick,The Wicked

    Barbara Lewis:Hello Stranger
    The best for last:

    The Epics:We Were Made As One Pt's 1&2(Talk about singing from the heart.The Bay has much soul!!!!)

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts

    The Lost Generation:The Sly,The Slick,The Wicked

    So good.

  • the beatles "no reply" from the beatles '65 lp

  • got Eddie Holland's S/T LP the other day(raer son, although there is a chip in it that renders the first songs on side one and two unplayable , otherwise its mint)

    anyway the facemelter for me is the last song on the album, "Gotta Have Your Love"...

  • CosmoCosmo 9,768 Posts

    NWA "If It Ain't Ruff" - MC Ren could kill it when he wanted to

    Hell yeah. I was thinking the other day that Ren is seriously underrated. Like he's kind of the unsung hero of that group, yet (IMO) if it weren't for him N.W.A. wouldn't have the same magic.

    Last song on repeat: Jay-Z "Roc Boys"

  • willie hutch "a love that's worth having"

  • jimeyjimey 279 Posts
    burial - archangel

    perfect for a walking through the night

  • hemolhemol 2,578 Posts
    sole and the skyrider band-- one egg short of an omelette

    "and I aint got shit to say/ to people who aint got shit to say/ except don't rap/ don't sing/ just match your shoes to your trucker hat"

    hat the man all you want that shit is

  • holmesholmes 3,532 Posts
    I just cleaned then played my copy of Syl Johnson's Sock It To Me/Try Me 45 about 5 times in a row, hoping I could coax some last bits of life from it's thrashed grooves, I really love this record but it is beyond dead. I am hunting ebay for a replacement copy

  • LeftyLefty 259 Posts
    Dizzy Jones - Just As Sure As You Play

    this song is nice doggie,
    is this released can i buy??

  • cpeetzcpeetz 2,112 Posts
    The Kinks-Victoria

    Seriously a perfect song!

  • ryanryan 334 Posts
    jacky giordano, every morning before i went to work this week.

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