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The word "kanji" in reference to Chinese characters. When used within the context of the Japanese language, then fine. Any other time thats some ignorant shit. About 90% of the usages of "Urban". "Urban music". Urban CLothes. Urban Redevelopment. 1/2 the time its used as a safe way to say "black" and the other 1/2 its a way to say "poor". uurg.The word "escalator". for the ones that go up, thats fine, but there are also elcalators that go down, you know, and there should be a different word for those, like de-elevator. or lowerator. or godownerator. I guess I don't know a good homonym for escalate. or elevate, for that matter.I can't post on flickr from work because it uses a goddam yahoo logon and yahoo is blocked here. and i got important shit to say.not enough words rhyme with "boing".


  • loins

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    "These ones". Is it plural or singular? Make up your mind.

    People that say "oh" when reciting addresses or phone numbers, ex. "I live at five-oh-five smith st.". Zero exists for a reason.

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    People.........myself included.

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    when people pronounce Iran or Iraq with a long "I" sound

    say it with me "ee-ran" "ee-rak"

    oh and that shoe bomber dude keeps getting called "Puh-dill-uh", just sounds too "King of the Hill" for me

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    Is a de-escalating escalator not escalating on the underside?

  • People.........myself included.

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    People who pronounce "gang" when saying Ghengis Khan like some ignorant red-stater who doesn't know where Yale is and cant even point out Hyannis Port on the map.

    Repeat after me "jenjis kahn"

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    oh and that shoe bomber dude keeps getting called "Puh-dill-uh", just sounds too "King of the Hill" for me

    I thought the shoebomber was richard reed.

    I say Oh-7-Oh-5 for the last four digits and say Aye-Raq but I'm a f#ckin hick from Texas.

  • People who stand right in front of the doors of the train BUT DON'T GET ON BECAUSE IT'S NOT THEIR GODDAMN TRAIN.

    Please move. Immediately.

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    Little dudes that say "as of late"--what is wrong with you people? Too good to just say "lately" or "currently" or "now"?

    Also people that like to tack on the qualifier "at best," as in "mediocre, at best". AAARGGGGH.

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    God, it's not spelled that way!

  • mrmatthewmrmatthew 1,575 Posts
    Any word, other than Fizz, Buzz or Fuzz, that ends in the letter "Z".


    Why dont you just dot the "i" with a smiley face while yr at it?

    (apologies to Faux_rillz)

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts

    Careless parenting.

    E! Entertainment, endless "celebrity" gossip, etc...

    Junk mail.

    Religion fanatics.

    Incorrect spelling.

    Advertisments directed at/marketed to children.


    Petty liars.

    Idiot motorists.

    Sappy shit.

    Deluxe toilet paper.

  • faux_rillzfaux_rillz 14,343 Posts

    God, it's not spelled that way!

  • sabadabadasabadabada 5,966 Posts
    "These ones". Is it plural or singular? Make up your mind.

    People that say "oh" when reciting addresses or phone numbers, ex. "I live at five-oh-five smith st.". Zero exists for a reason.

    Does this comefrom the old rotary phone dial? I remember when i was little our phone number was Tennessen 4 - 1908 (834-1908). T and E where the number 8 and 3 on the rotary. Am I correct that there was no letter O that it skipped O and thats what zero was? I know the dial pad changed the lettering so you could spell words using a dial pad, but I could swear there were missing letters on the rotary.

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    People who walk through a door you are holding for them, without making eye contact with you and not saying a word of thanks.

    Drivers who get in completely the wrong lane on a roundabout to avoid queueing and then who carve their way in. Without any thanks. [see Junction 27 of the M1 North, every fucking morning]

    Basically people who go out of their way not to use manners. COCKSUCKERS.

  • Oh, and while we're on the subject: douchebags irk me. Allow me to cite a few specifics.

    The office next to mine seems to be inhabited solely by cretinous frat boys 3-8 years out of college. When they're in the bathroom stalls, they talk on their cellphones. When one is in a stall and another walks in, the second will invariably say, "Oh God! Oh God! Jimmy? You ok in there? Ha ha ha!" And they leave paper towels all over the place.

    On my way out yesterday, I head to the elevator just as one of their employees is doing the same. I haven't seen this guy before; he looks like he's in his mid-40s and is wearing a decent-looking suit and an overcoat. [I should add here that elevator small talk also irks me, but only mildly.] As we get in the empty elevator, he says, "Escaping early, huh?" I said, "No, we work 8:00 to 4:30."

    He replies, "Lucky! Wait--8 o'clock? must have to get up at 5:00!"

    I say, "No, I usually get up around 6:15."

    While I'm wondering whether or not it's lame of me to judge him for saying "shit" to a complete stranger in a business environment, he adds, "My dick don't even get up at 6:15. Well, sometimes it does. I'm more of a night owl."

    The door opens and I escape, but not early enough.

    Douchebags. They irk me to no end.

  • People.........not including myself.

  • BreakSelfBreakSelf 2,925 Posts

  • everything and nothing

    there. that about covers it.

  • when i get dressed in the morning and turn on cnn and the only news stories i get to see are about Barbero and the hip-hop/blackface party at Clemson.

  • eliseelise 3,252 Posts
    Old folks who can't get down to James Brown. Everytime I play that record I get should get a f***in hand clap!

    People who say "It's so nice to see a girl playing records, thats very ass its

    Girls who debate with me on what record I played...

    for instance this girl was all like:
    "NO, I know that was Miss Kitten...I have it on my podcast"

    pfffft. Puh-leeeeease.

    Being asked to play Dave Matthews...

  • GuzzoGuzzo 8,611 Posts

    E! Entertainment, endless "celebrity" gossip, etc...

    don't knock it bitch

  • - the elderly, midlife types (40 - 50+) who are way more disrespectful than their younger counterparts who they claim to be way more revolting.

    - People who wear way too much cologne perfume.

    - I work at a co-op checking out groceries(dream job right ) The people who shop at this place of business are needy in every single type of manner you could concive. So they set up a register that is sent free. the sent free lane pisses me of. but not as much as they obnoxiose people wearing obnoxiose ammounts of perfume who make a big deal about the fact they are going through the cent free lane.

    - people on their self-phones at improper times

    - blue tooth head gear.

    - Jam bands
    - White Boys with dreadlocks singing in jamaican accents
    - White boys in dreadlocks doing a jam band cover of Warren G's the regulators
    - Prince's Drummers that play to a click track through their headphones
    - Prince's drummers that back up whiteboy dreadlocked jam band mother fuckers
    covering Prince's songs

    do you think Prince's drummer would tell prince that he is playing these covers?

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts

    While I'm wondering whether or not it's lame of me to judge him for saying "shit" to a complete stranger in a business environment, he adds, "My dick don't even get up at 6:15. Well, sometimes it does. I'm more of a night owl."

    And people thought we would get along!

    the pronunciation of "bro" as "brah" or "bruh". hell, don't even say bro, brother.

    Giant SUVs with "support our troops" stickers.

    Those bluetooth ear things. take that shit off, robocop.

    when you go to a resturant and say "what would you recomend?" and the waiter says "what are you in the mood for?". Goddamit, if I knew what I was in the mood for I would have fucking ordered it.

    I feel like "would you like that for here or to go?" is a trick question. seriously. because I think they add tax if you eat in-house, but i'm not sure, so its like I want to give a vague answer like "I want it to-go, but I want to eat it here."

    Reynaldo- your point was profound. But, I think the point of the escalator is that it escalates me, not itself. I'm not sure how to explain that one.

  • edith headedith head 5,106 Posts
    web banners that make noise

    m. night shymalannoying

    people who talk too much, especially at the office

    people who scream into their cell phone on BART because of train noise

    these fonts:

    that guy on top chef that looks like this:

    movies like Little Miss Sunshine, Thumbsucker, Garden State, I Heart Huckabees, blah blah

  • when you are in an elevator and the doors open, person outside looks inside the elevator and asks "you going up?" i say "no" and then they ask "going down?"


  • verb606verb606 2,518 Posts
    i'm not mad at bluetooth headsets in general, but wearing them all the time in anticipation of a call is mega- you don't look as important as you think you do.

    In reference to the douchebag post, all public restroom talk has to stop. i don't care if you're in there with your best friend you haven't seen since you were 10. the conversation stops. you can have short exchanges, but no long-winded discourses. and unless there is an immediate need, no talking to strangers in the bathroom. and CERTAINLY not while there's pissing going on. am i the only one who hates this? it's a place of business. do it and get out. don't get me started on cell phones in the public restroom.

  • The two finalists were on Today and when Elan was getting interviewed this dude started running the blender.

    What a douche

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    Re: Talk in the bathroom.

    Sometimes its funny.

    Actually this reminds me of something else. Your mind wanders in the bathroom. Especially when you are going number 2 and have to sit there for a while. Sometimes your mind wanders to something funny and then you laugh. At home this is ok, at work, this is not. I was writing a poem to myself earlier today and almost laughed out loud and had to cover my mouth because somebody was in the stall next to me. Sometimes I make myself laugh. The toilet is not a good place for this.
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