Rap album you've listened to the most

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I was listening to this the other day:

And it occurred to me that I have probably listened to that more than any other rap album. I was kinda surprised, to be honest. When that came out, I listened to that and Common's "Resurrection" back to back in their entirety every day for at least three months. Just over and over....But I listened to "Resurrection" again a few weeks ago and--while it's still great [not really up for discussion here] and I still enjoyed it--it didn't leave me wanting to listen to it again any time soon. That's true for lots of albums I've played hundreds of times. Maybe I've just burned out on them. But I never got tired of that Beatnuts.I think that becoming a DJ has also severely restricted my "full album appreciation." Years ago, I started looking for the song I'd play out. That also coincided with what many have argued was a fall-off in overall album quality, but that's debatable and not really Jermaine to this Jackson.So, Strutters, which rap album have you listened to the most times in your life?


  • Fear Of A Black Planet, easily.

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    Nation Of Millions


    Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop

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    Critical Beatdown/Straight Out The Jungle

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  • b/w soon as the 90s came

    Wu - 36

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    I'm guessing one of these:

    36 Chambers

    Runaway Slave

    Liquid Swords

    Long Live the Kane

    Paid in Full

    Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em

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  • Ooh- I wonder if I've listened to 36 chambers more than Black Planet...? maybe not. But its close.

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    Stakes is High

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    nwa straight outta compton,
    pharcyde bizarre ride
    dr dre chronic
    raekwon ,only build
    gza liquid swords

  • Paul's Boutique

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    actually, giving it a bit more thought, I think this one takes the cake, probably by a pretty long shot...

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    i actually wore out a copy of 36 Chambers back in HS.

    But I would probably bet money that i have listened to this album the most in my life (since i got it damn near 16yrs ago and still listen to it till this day).

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    Probably this one:

    Other possibilities:

    Midnight Marauders
    36 Chambers
    Reasonable Doubt
    The Infamous
    Hard to Earn

    All records that I played incessantly as a teenager, in a way that I don't play any record anymore.

  • I had a tape with Enta da Stage and Illmatic on it in my old Camry.

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    probably a close 2nd for me.

  • Another one of these one answer jawns again...

    ...which, really isn't just one answer...so off the quick dome, to answer the Q is...

    Ready To Die

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    Yes, I'm like a broken record...Playaz in tha Game.

    Yes, like a self-involved dork...I'm going to try to break this shit down by years...

    88-89 Srataight Outta Compton/Eazy Duz It/Life Is...Too $hort/Strictly Business
    91-92 Low End Theory/Mecca and the Soul Brother/Wolf in Sheep's Clothing/Step in the Arena/
    93 Inner City Griots/The Chronic/Enta da Stage/Enter the Wu Tang/Bizarre Ride II tha Pharcyde/21 and Over
    94 Playaz in tha Game/Illegal Business/Project Blowed/Regulate...The G Funk Era/Illmatic/Hip-Hopera/Fadenuf fa Erybody/Stress: The Extinction Agenda/Boxcar Sessions
    95-97 Potrait of a Serial Chiller/Do the Math/All Balls Don't Bounce
    98-01 Declassified/Biggest of the Baddest/South Central Thynk Tank
    02-04 Get Ya Mind Correct/Sunnmoonsekt/Madvillain
    05-07 Z-Ro's Greatest Verses

  • As my musical tastes expanded, I listened to more and more albums, but with fewer listens each due to time constraints. I'll probably never displace it, since I just don't listen to albums that repetitively anymore.

    kinda random what I ended up playing the most, due to lack of options these got put on repeat. mostly albums I stole from my older sister. all that hippy hop.

    Buhloone Mind state

    haven't listened to any of these but ATLiens in a minute.
    plus beatnuts, krs, wu, brand nubian...

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    HAHA! To quote Faux, are you creamy, spy?

  • in a way that I don't play any record anymore.

    I miss that shit and it's sad to think it would be near impossible to replicate those experiences at this point.

    We need a "growing old" graemlin. Isn't that a song on ATLiens?

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    paid in full
    dilla donuts (wait, does that count?)
    lord willin
    stunts blunts and hip hop
    soul liquor
    grind date

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    Shit that's really close to you never really leaves rotation. I wont go a full season w/out listening to my picks.

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    Nation Of Millions

    This is probably mine as well. I have damn near every single little aspect of this album memorized (except for "Party for Your Right To Fight," which I never liked).

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    It Takes a Nation
    Staight Outta Compton
    3 Feet High and Rising
    The Chronic
    Ready to Die
    36 Chambers
    The Infamous
    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
    Liquid Swords
    Supreme Clientele - as recent as this is in the grand scheme of things, it still has a good track record

  • Im sure you're wondering what the hell? But this one holds a special place back in the day.
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