How many turntables do you own?



  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts

    I???ve heard of phono cartridges made with all sorts of exotic stuff, but never from a cactus needle ??? the material used for the cantilever in the new Hyperion LT cartridge from Soundsmith. ???We???ve been trying to figure out how to make good cantilevers for about 70 years, but God figured it out 100 million years ago,??? company founder Peter Ledermann explained, noting that cactus needles can survive decades of 130-degree heat. He???s so confident of the material???s durability that he offers a 10-year warranty on the cartridge, including retipping if necessary.

  • MurdockMurdock 542 Posts
    Wait a minute.... Cactus needles?

  • djkingottodjkingotto 1,704 Posts
    4 1200s - 1 needs new pitch control or something
    1 70s belt drive technics
    1 columbia portable

  • HorseleechHorseleech 3,830 Posts
    Murdock said:
    Wait a minute.... Cactus needles?

    These were pretty much the standard in the 78 era.

  • I own 8

    4 Technics SL1200
    1 Technics SL5100
    1 Technics SL3200
    1 Technics SL1800
    1 Columbia GP3 portable

  • 4 tech 1200s (2 of em have 2 "zero" pitch points gotta get em fixed)
    1 ion portable( yeah, yeah i know but 50 bucks, I couldn't say no)

  • i cleaned my disaster of a childhood room at my folks house and found over 25 portables. i'm assuming many need work/needles/etc altho a bunch probably work too. my resolution for 2013 is to dig into all of them and try to repair as many as possible. any advice on helpful websites for repair or parts? is the cheapest i can get a fisher price needle $20. sheeesh. i paid about $5 for all those in the first place

    as far as record players in my own house...
    2 technics (another at my folks crib)
    fisher price 820 portable
    4 different panasonic battery powered, including the slide out tray one
    mister disc (has some minor issues)
    and a battery powered bugs bunny joint that works

  • Danno3000Danno3000 2,850 Posts
    One Project Debut (in red!) and one Vestax portable.

  • Big_StacksBig_Stacks "I don't worry about hittin' power, cause I don't give 'em nuttin' to hit." 4,670 Posts

    I own three turntables:

    1 NAD 533 (belt drive) for general listening,

    and 2 Stanton ST-150s (direct drive) for DJ-ing


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

  • analog_tape said:
    I own 8

    4 Technics SL1200
    1 Technics SL5100
    1 Technics SL3200
    1 Technics SL1800
    1 Columbia GP3 portable

    That's a baller ladies and gentleman.

  • Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
    Project Debut (Also in red)
    Rotel Phono Preamp
    Old Denon
    VP96 portable (Blue)
    Numark portable

  • waxjunkywaxjunky 1,850 Posts
    two 1200s... I used to have the Numark portable, but I traded it for a digital camera years ago. I'm not sure why I did that, except that I didn't use the Numark anymore (I bought it to listen to records while I lived in New Orleans). The digital camera has now become hopelessly pathetic/obsolete by today's standards, far worse than even a cell phone camera. The Numark, however, retails for about the same price as it did back then.

    Sidebar: Now that they've stopped making 1200s, will they be easy to repair if need be? I'm still shocked that 1200s weren't still in demand. Am I

  • Just a couple of 1200mk2s

  • Working:
    Philips 212 (my "daily driver")
    My dad's early 80s JVC
    Vestax portable
    A late 40's/early 50's Zenith (if I ever need to play 78s)

    Late 50s RCA "briefcase" portable
    One that folds out of a big 40s Philco radio

    I'm guessing (with my lack of Tech 1200's) I must be one of the few around here who's never been a DJ.

  • scebasceba 122 Posts
    Five. Four Technics-1200 and a cheap Stanton which i bought for customers when i used to sell records at a skate store.

  • Danno3000Danno3000 2,850 Posts
    Big_Chan said:
    Project Debut (Also in red)

    Chan, you are man of unimpeachable taste.

  • 3; 2 Technics and 1Rotel belt drive, when I'm feeling fancy

  • Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
    Danno3000 said:
    Big_Chan said:
    Project Debut (Also in red)

    Chan, you are man of unimpeachable taste.

    Thank you. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • parallaxparallax no-style-having mf'er 1,266 Posts
    Crappy pair of Numarks, and a Numark portable.

    So, 3.


  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 3,083 Posts
    Two. 1200 for the record room with an elaborate RCA-to-USB connection and a cord-only Fisher Price 'portable' table in the back of my car. I never used it as it was just an impulse buy from a guy down the street with a garage sale who gave me his sob stories. I'm listening in style.

  • jimeyjimey 279 Posts
    finally got one in the kitchen :necessary:

  • LoopDreamsLoopDreams 1,195 Posts
    ^^^ Now you can centrifuge those omelets.

    I got a Rega P5, a couple of 1200's and Gemini p2000.

  • Record room listening: Pioneer PL-570 (direct drive ca. '76)

    For DJing: 2 Technics 1210s

    Two more Technics 70s home models and one GE Wildcat in the living room

    Columbia GP-3 for digging

    Realistic lady bug player for goofing

    Some other vintage portable that spins too fast, has AM radio

    Two 60s suitcase players: one is a De-Jay Swinger, the other is a Sears op-art swirly job

    One more Sears suitcase player in the guest room
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