What's In Your Collection?



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  • Records: Jazz, Funk, Italia/French Soundtracks, Soul, Library, Folk, Xian

    Vintage Stereo Gear

    Books: Early 20th century fiction

    Want to accrue more of these: vintage effects pedals, styli, and obscure paintings

  • I dabble in a bunch of things but mostly my heart is in:

    Soul 45's
    Jamaican music
    Onitsha Market Literature (pamphlets and anything related)
    West African photography (prints, books, photo albums)
    Other kinds of art (mostly American folk art, some crazy tramp stuff, but have some $$ things as well)

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,773 Posts
    Interesting to see the poasters who's record collection is limited to a genre or two.

    I collect

    Psyche/rock/prog/folk 'whiteboy guitar band music' from the '60s & '70s

    Soul & Funk LPs & 45s from the same period

    a small amount of disco/boogie singles

    Jazz, Bluenote/funky stuff/fusion, Euro, British

    OSTs/Libraries when I can find them

    Reggae/dub LPs, 45s and 10"s

    Afrobeat/Afrofunk stuff that's so-hot-right-now

    Hip-Hop, mainly the sample dominated early '90s sound, not so much of the '80s, very little post '97

    Oldskool Jungle from the '93-'96 era that was dominated by groundbreaking drum programming, filters and sub-bass that sounds like Rolf Harris weilding a 60 foot wobble-board

    MoWax & NinjaTunes 'Trip-Hop' from the mid-to-late nineties

    British electronica from the '90s like Future Sound Of London, Aphex Twin, Orb, Orbital, Squarepusher, Vibert

    Deep house of the Detroit/Dixon/Carl Craig/Parrish variety

    Dubstep that sounds like the things I like about Jungle, or Reggae, or Deep House, or Hip-Hop, or Electronica

    and t-shirts, books, comics.

  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts
    ost- rock and east euro heatery
    porto turntables
    reel to reel players and tapes.
    60s and 70s pulp
    lego mini figs

  • b-boy breaks on 45 & lp
    deep soul 45s
    45s on HI, people & curtom
    mixtapes on cassette
    library lps
    records from austria & germany
    90s rap
    gangsta rap

  • Breez said:
    Almond said:
    When does collecting become hoarding? Does this topic warrant its own thread?

    I would say when your collecting starts taking over your living quarters.

    when overflow records are stored/shelved in the kitchen a group intervention is in order.

  • besides my 100 crates of records(mostly rap and soul/funk) i also collect

    boom boxes
    concert shirts
    pez heads
    action figures
    anything run-dmc
    lunch boxes
    hip hop magazines
    trading cards
    anything fat albert
    hip hop books
    bootleg cd's
    comic books(i have EVERY issue of daredevil)
    old dj mixers
    should i keep going???...............

  • oh yeah,and my mix tape collection on cassette is sick!
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