what r u listen'n 2



  • (bernie voice) In my view... to "lay some pipe" can serve... as a euphemism both for sex, and, let's not forget, taking a dump, and in cases such as these... context... is everything. (huge audience applause)

  • ppadilhappadilha 2,168 Posts
    The Algorithm suggested this to me (although I think I've listened to a bunch of stuff on this channel before):

    nice and chill Brazilian afrobeat by way of some dude from Budapest or something like that

    Electrodeklezmer electro-thug beats

  • MondeyanoMondeyano Reykjavik 858 Posts
    I had a DJ gig a few weeks ago at the Japanese ambassador's residence for the Iceland-Japan Society so I dug out my city pop jamz which I hadn't listened to in a while.

    A lot of the city pop records are super hit-and-miss but I found that this ("Misslim" by Yumi Arai, later Yumi Matsutoya) is a really solid listen throughout. Love her vocal style and laid back vibe. It's a bit too early for the city pop label perhaps, more folk mixed with funk.


  • Hey Girl-The Temptations- Skylark[Aretha].

  • Smoky Joe's Cafe[The Coasters].

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,694 Posts
    A lot of Don Rendell & Ian Carr: Blue Mosque for starters.

    Also Bachanal by Gabor Szabo.

  • JimsterJimster Big scene at Nando's 6,714 Posts
    Was on a Rendell/Carr trip in the Summer.  I think it was seeing this and teleporting mentally into the field and just really getting the late sixties, 3:30PM August Dapper Scarecrow vibes.  You know what I mean.

    Right now it's...

    Bass spectrum is massive on this.  Forget about merely knocking - Like being inside a cathedral when the Vikings are battering the door.  If you have gringdonkleous bass on your system, let me know how this goes. Changes darker after the vocal.  Has to be the LBB Emerald Japan mix.  Mmmmmmmm.

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,694 Posts
    Colonel Bagshot - 6 Day War

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,992 Posts
    Colonel Bagshot - 6 Day War

    makes me think of a really real tribute mix jon sikich put together when shadow dropped the album - it was full of drums and other samples/vibes.  he was sharing it with some nice handicraft packaging at the time. i'm going to try to find my copy....

    https://qameferaq.bandcamp.com/album/dupont-helali <-- been  


  • getting a lot of requests from my 2 year old for 'twinkle twinkle little star' and 'wind the bobbin up'. realized i don't know many kids songs, and know precisely zero of the gestures/actions you're supposed to do to them. that's my music life at the moment... oh yeah and this:


  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 2,973 Posts
    Shawn Lee is great. I've been a fan since someone gave me a copy of the Ping Pong Orchestra "Moods And Grooves" for free way back.

    Been in a Brian Eno mood lately. My Antilles copy of "Music For Films" isn't in that great condition so it ruins the ambient vibe somewhat, but I really enjoy it

    Dom Salvador is coming to LA this summer so I listened to this for the first time. 

    This one is next

    Sons Of Kemet are also playing here soon.


  • GivemesoulGivemesoul 139 Posts
    Just groovin with Miss Sarah Vaughan.

  • JimsterJimster Big scene at Nando's 6,714 Posts
    Was listening to Sarah over the weekend a lot.  Damn, she could sing.  Even when she was sick AF...

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