Album + Single of the Year 2012



  • waxjunkywaxjunky 1,850 Posts
    HarveyCanal said:
    Gotta at least be a contender...

    Good one.

    To stretch out a bit, here's a memorable single from 2012. The best? I'm not willing to argue that, but something I liked.

    No love for Gotye? Haha.

  • jimeyjimey 279 Posts
    Christian Naujoks - True Life/In Flames
    Smallpeople - Salty Days
    Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, M.a.a.d City
    The Sea and Cake - Runner
    Glenn Underground - 12 July 1979
    Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet comes
    Legowelt - The Paranormal Soul
    The Pyramids - Otherworldy
    Stubborn Heart - Stubborn Heart
    Matthew Halsall - Fletcher Moss Park
    Christian L??ffler - A Forest
    Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - Mystery Of Aether
    Jacob Karlzon Trio - More
    Christopher Rau - Two
    GoGo Penguin - Fanfares
    Sinkane - Mars
    Julia Holter - Exstasis
    Johan A Common - jan/dec demo

    Ry and Frank Wiedemann - Howling
    Andres - New for u
    Nite Time - Jive Talk
    Mr. Beatnick - Sun Goddess
    Glenn Astro & IMYRMiND - KDIM
    Skymark - Healing Process
    Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru
    Kid Sublime - The Good
    Shur-i-kan - Fly
    Koreless - Lost In Tokyo
    Saine - Drifter
    Julius Steinhoff - So Glad
    Recloose - Don???t get me wrong
    Deymare -The search for a lost dream
    James Creed - Top Pocket
    Laurel Halo - Sunlight on the Faded
    Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles - Toby Jug
    Tod Terje - It???s the arps
    Burial - Kindred

    Let???s get into Space???
    Computer Incarnations for World Peace 2
    The Nu Groove Years 1988 -1992
    Only 4 U - The Sound Of Cajmere & Cajual Records 1992-2012

    Captain Murphy - Duality
    Jeremih - Late Nights
    MeLo-X - Inside the Mind MeLo 3

    Noyland - Welle 9

  • SunfadeSunfade 799 Posts
    residentgiant said:
    This record blindsided me-

    Me too! Awesome mod psych shit.

  • ReynaldoReynaldo 6,054 Posts
    Not dubstep.

  • waxjunky said:

    To stretch out a bit, here's a memorable single from 2012. The best? I'm not willing to argue that, but something I liked.

    Fun album, I like that "Slow Down" track a lot.

    I don't think I've seen anyone mention Grizzly Bear's latest yet, which I enjoyed -- but I actually found myself listening to the Daniel Rossen solo EP more.

  • LoopDreamsLoopDreams 1,193 Posts
    God Damn I've got to start listening to new music

  • AserAser 2,351 Posts
    late to ze party....

    Jai Paul - Jasmine - a future classic if there ever was one.

    Pachanga Boys - Time - the match strike sound cracks me up for some reason

    Pepe Bradock - Imbroglios eps - like no other, always pushing the boundaries.

    Rhye - The Fall - a gorgeous song.

  • Mac Demarco ftw

  • JuniorJunior 4,853 Posts
    There were some truly great electronic releases last year that I thought were going to top my list but, if I actually look back on what I've got most enjoyment out of and what is continuing to make me happy into 2013 I can't really go past this:

    Consistently excellent, high in replay value and one of the very few "rap" albums to deliver on mixtape promise in recent years, Most importantly though, everytime I put it on I feel fantastic and that's why it beats out all others.

    Single wise I can't really look past Cartoons And Cereal. I've probably played that track more times than the rest of Kendrick's discography put together and it hasn't got old yet. Oh for a hq mp3.
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