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  • I know very little about these Miami latin funk dudes, but it's a heavy song with some afro-latin percussion breakdowns and cooking hammond and fuzz guitar, I mean, the elements are there right how can they fuck this up. They don't


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    Nalva Aguiar came up through the jovem guarda/ie-ie scene in Brazil, but she's better known for her extensive country music output. Before she went full country she put out her 1st LP, which has this track backed by Os Carbonos with some organ going on:

    klezmer electro-thug beats

  • I really like this track! Was not expecting such a solo. Your Brazilian music posts never fail to surprise me (not just in this thread obviously).

    Also... country? What's brasil country like? I'm open to be schooled.

  • Missed a day so to make up for it here's a several-song spotlight on Adam Scone, who along with his band Scone Cash Players has also played organ on loads of sugarman 3 albums (all??) and played (to bring it back to previous pages) on some late Melvin Sparks albums as well. The man is legit

  • more swiss stuff... I didn't realize before embarking on this thread but I guess I like swiss hammond tracks. this appears to have been issued by british leyland, the car manufacturer that later was rolled into BMC and finally Rover, as promotion for the Mini Clubman (?)

  • '67, produced by otis redding

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    These Juan Torres Y Su Organo Melodico records here are like the Mexican hits o' the day equivalent to Three Suns, Ray Conniff, Fausto Papetti, etc. What my parents would call "ice skating rink music". This one is nice, though:

    klezmer electro-thug beats

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    The theme from "Stiletto", which is a fun* movie worth checking out

    *Awkward description redacted ;)

    klezmer electro-thug beats

  • Juan Torres intimidates me due to the 8 million albums he cut, James Last style, but that track is cool - dramatic bombast that reminds me of breakbeat legendary Angeles Negros "El Rey Y Yo".

    And from my many Euroman-library-hammond-joint postings you know I'm into jet-set Euro spy movies from the late 60s. Will have to chase that one down.

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    this isn't a theme from a jet-set euro spy movie but it's close!

    Electrodeklezmer electro-thug beats

  • Very jet-set vibe on that one!
    This track seems appropriate in response then - '66 mod guys covering the cat.

  • Just stumbled across this. Very commmon but maybe out of mind.

    klezmer electro-thug beats

  • I think I mentioned Kingdom of Kaffa before. I like their 45s. Swiss guys (...!) Here's an organy one.

    Jep. I know the producer plus bassist of them. Actually the same person.  Used to spin with him. Very nice Guy.

    Wrong threat but worth a listen: Search for "Sheila Tetteh Quaye Miss Uncertainty"  on Youtube. Same Guys.

    klezmer electro-thug beats

  • You'll notice a surprising number of Swiss connections throughout this thread!

    I view these That's Why Records guys as a sort of continental version of ATA Records in Leeds - some core musicians around a label doing different music projects all in an analog way. I'm a fan.

    Checked out Miss Uncertainty and realized I'd already heard the B-side/instrumental Soul Caesar, which IS most definitely appropriate for the organ burners thread. I like both sides though!

    Okay I just realized I did post this track way back on page one... well check it out if you missed it, it's good

  • Roger Rivas, the Winston Wright of the West Coast, organist for the Aggrolites and others. Damn!!


  • dippin' into my regular bucket of slightly weird bernard estardy organ junts. this one with a slight aftertaste of corn but I kind of love it

  • Shit I had missed the crazy legs post. What a great track. I wish it were more common! "$50+ median on discogs"-ass record now.

  • Taking it back to '61, googie rene

  • Kris Yunker, organist of On the Spot Trio, has done a solo project that's pretty cool called Bicoastal Waves, here's a sip with some very nice clavinet vamping too

  • And the full track, if I can get soundcloud embedding right:

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    From the UK. This 45 is their only recorded output and is very rare. Wait until the middle.

    klezmer electro-thug beats

  • I don't know welsh music for shit, but I feel like that has a very "welsh psych" feel to it regardless.

    Here's a non-record but it's cool:

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    britischer swine wynder k frog. I approve of how he plays the organ, I think he's got a distinctive style with the hammond, but I've never wanted to rush out and buy his records. too british?

    This is the only Wynder K Frog 7" I own:

  • I'm into it, that's a good one to have!

    Here's a pretty heavy krautrock hammond "workout" as they call them. Eiliff. This seems to be slightly less mad than most of the rest of their stuff, which I'm alright with.

  • Another Nilsmen joint/jawn/jernt. Mod shit.
    This is the B-side of the Sand Step from way back in this thread. Also the A-side to it, as apparently they released two A-B reversed versions.

    According to the back of the 45 it was a Swedish band who were "inspired by the world famous CAMEL TV jingle 'I'd Walk a Mile for a Camel'" to reinterpret it as the Sand Step. According to the OTHER back of the 45 it was a Swedish group who were asked by some RJR execs to make some au courant music for the tobacco giant.

    Also the photo on the back of the 45 looks suspiciously like non-Swedish Alan Hawkshaw sitting on the steps. I am a Nilsmen truther. Their other stuff does not feature funky organ. It features oompah and cheeseball Swedish guy vocals, lite pop-folk, etc. I think RJR dudes hired him to funk up their weird Swedish promo 45.


  • Here let's get back to normalcy with a Jimmy McGriff track that is gooder than a motherfucker

  • some of the hottest-recorded ride cymbal ever there, roisto, damn. 

    here's some thpathe-age thmooth jath


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    I like Wynder K Frog. Both  "Out Of The Frying Pan" ("Tequila") and "Into The Fire" ("Howl in Wolf's Clothing" = "Smokestack Lightning") albums are worth hunting down.

    I woke up to this today

    klezmer electro-thug beats
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