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I'll try to keep this up for a while, feel free to jern

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    Karl Hector is from the Poets of Rhythm right?

    - spidey

  • Yeah I think it's a pseudonym of one of the Whitefield brothers - JJ/Jan? I think he's the one who plays with the Malcouns while Max is on Philophon's records.

    That one is a super, super early Karl Hector record - a live performance of the Poets in Switzerland in like 1995 and given out as a promo? Original song is James Young and the House Wreckers/James Young Blues Band "Funky Booty" which did not have the overcooked organ. The only copy on discogs is 1500 euros, which I honestly would find worth it if I could pay it. Cassette-sounding mix and all.

    Anyway today's keeping it German, why not:

    Monty Pop

  • today's, straight out of Egypt, don't sleep on pépite records

    ppadilhafoeMonty Pop

  • deep throat OST in NON-shit quality. Maybe you've heard the 9 minute micro-cassette-sounding-ass version of this with vocals, bubble sfx and corny dialogue and weird hairy sounding guy going "ROB ME BABY ROB ME BABY"... and that is cool, but this version is like, hi-fi and you can hear the organ burning up a bit hotter:

    Also it's credited to Leon Ware and Bob Hilliard - WTF? I thought Deep Throat OST was famously anonymous. I have no idea where this 45's high quality instrumental version came from (youtube says only German sex cinemas sold it?? come on, get real) but the label says it was them.

    and the lo-fi longass version that I think is on every LP of the soundtrack

  • Don't know anything about this other than madison WI 2003, none of which would've been my guess

  • Andy Loore aka Janko Nilovic double feature


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    I thought this thread was going to be about Lionel Messi's asado skills

  • Yeah to be fair there are all kinds of unpleasant burnt organs I could be posting here, but I am sticking with the good kind. 

  • mellow italian, sounds like library but I think it's not

  • Here's a newly released one, another Swiss connection - this time the label and band are (I believe) both Swiss. Why?? Why are they Swiss? Anyway That's Why Records is a good tiny 45 label and I have some good music from them. Kingdom of Kaffa's 45s are great too, but not organ'ed out enough for this thread.

  • Don't need to say much about this one because you either know it or should know it, it's been on compilations (Mr Finewine's Vital Organs was one) before and I remember o-dub (or was it larry from funky16corners?) waxing poetic, pardon the pun, about this track's insane trash can sounding-ass snare drum, which I believe only sounds as sinus clearing as it does because of the b3 stabs that back it up.

    Fun fact: Louis Chachere produced deep funk legend "Remember Me" by Trinikas.


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    Fusk, here goes nothing with the embed fail:

    Life-affirmingly funky, love it when he starts really going at it and you can hear the crowd are going batshit for it.
    klezmer electro-thug beatsJimster

  • That is a great track! Live audience serving as a continuous hype machine throughout. Reminds me of Ramsey Lewis Do What You Wanna. It's a Rhodes e-piano but I'll allow it. Rhodes and Hammond go together very nicely. And now you know the secret to embedding!

    But if we're doing long soul-jazz jams then my post for today should be Melvin Sparks' WGTTW cover. While Melvin's guitar soloing is great wherever I hear it, and Idris Muhammad's drums is what first drew me to this track when I heard it on a LONG dead site "" on .mp2 (really), I am still into it for the Leon Spencer organ solo at about 5-8 minutes.

    Also a cool looking record cover.

  • how have I never heard that art butler?!
    from soul brother to soul power, don't know anything about this one:


  • ridiculous garage from Whittier / LA with that Salt Hung Up style sloppiness I like, and like super dumb one-note solos (but take that as a good thing)


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    Thanks to the Louisianan producer himself who hooked me up with a copy years back out of generosity.
    klezmer electro-thug beats

  • Damn that's a good tune! 

    I don't know much about this track but the hammond player on this is a maniac and someone should've been there to tell him not to do it, but I'm glad no one did:

    in case the Topic video above doesn't work for your region, a really shittily digitized version

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    how have I never heard that art butler?!

    It reminds me a lot of Flat Backin' by Jack McDuff.

  • get ready to squint your ears at this screeching trebly ass prestige track

  • I like the solo a lot on this one. Sugarman 3 are good live too.

  • first heard this as a 7-8 year old whose favorite tape was 3rd Bass' second and final album, basically because I didn't have anything else to listen to. it's sampled on "no static at all"


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    get ready to squint your ears at this screeching trebly ass prestige track

    i played this in the office the other day and one of the italians came over and asked me to use earplugs. "maybe some of us don't like your music" for some reason i find myself playing it again and again. resigning is starting to feel better and better.

  • Haha brutal. I don't subject too many people to my blown out tape saturation taste in music mixing, though maybe I should. Further antagonize the Italians with this cornball Hawkshaw vehicle:

  • The guy from the venus in furs record store went to amsterdam and the music with soul guys recorded this 45 with him doing vocals... ridiculous garage. It sounds like they wrecked something on the organ by the end of the track. Ignore the shitty video... is that minstrelsy?? why??

  • leon haywood classic

    bonus lugnut records cover - it hews close to the original but I might actually prefer the sound

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    This is the tune which plays in my head every time I have to make an important decision:

    Back when smoking cigarettes was sexy and even good for you. RJR, my initials!:

    Ultra rare Ed Townsend produced 45:

    Tribute to Jimmy McGriff:

  • That Great Deltas song is nuts!! Damn, right up my alley.

    I'm not sure if I heard the Nilsmen one in full before, but I've heard it sampled by Cornershop of all things (song called "Wogs Will Walk").

    Speaking of Booker T here's a french band doing a cover of Mar-Keys Pop Eye Stroll:

    And speaking of live organist video here's Cory Henry messing around and still sounding quality... a minute or two in he gets into "Boogie on Reggae Woman", 5 million viewers can't be wrong.

  • coming back hard with a modern funk group in the poets of rhythm extended universe, off one of my favorite modern funk albums, in fact, just a general favorite for me

  • Belgians.

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