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    I know nothing about organs, but maybe we need some Ed Lincoln up in this thread

    some personal favorites:


  • Nice tracks! I know nothing of brazilian organ joints except this ABSOLUTE DANCEFLOOR KILLER

  • ppadilhappadilha 2,236 Posts
    is this an organ?

  • Definitely a Moog of some kind, probably a Minimoog but it's a great track! Any more dope Brazilian keyboard tracks?

  • Here's a Japanese record I stumbled on, got a strange farfisa organ or something. The A-side is less organ heavy but still great.

  • more mid sixties type stuff, this is a "jerk" group featuring nino ferrer en basse, bernard estardy en orgue

  • Jackie Mittoo the champion of the arena

  • a song I first heard when I was madly downloading on this very forum's "record day" in 2005 (remember those? record-related-only posts for a whole day?) while working the door/phone at KALX. still love it.

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    Nobody called an Auger yet?  OK, this is my fave Auger cut evarr.  It's a builder, gets transcendental on the biggest chord stabs.  Fantastic music.

  • just 3 days ago I posted a 1967 live auger thing... admittedly I just labeled it "mod shit" but the man knew how to destroy a hammond

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    Ha!  I skipped that one.  He did some heaters with Julie Driscoll but I can't watch them because she has scary eyes.

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    Another Auger favorite

  • Let's keep it british then with this KPM classic, which I got to use recently on a show I worked on and get Keith some $ the old fashioned way

  • puccio roelens

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    I was DJing last night and remembered this monster track that has been in my set for years. Not an organ-centric tune but the organ solo is pretty killer

  • Wow, was not expecting an organ solo like that in that song, that's really cool. Makes me wonder if I'm missing all kinds of african tracks with heavy organ. My knowledge there is shallow.

    Natural Yogurt Band - this guy Miles Newbold also has a solo project The Mark of 4, which is similarly spacey library style tracks with impeccably recorded drums.

  • russian funk cargo cult band - to me that's not a bad thing:

  • donny hathaway when he was "don". this got a recent 45 reissue

  • A classic from the days of "deep funk". Unreal percussion section too.

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    Deep funk again:

    Billy taking us to church. He did this on a few gospel records I know of where he has a cameo performance:

    No rhythm section with drums either but still hot:

    And speaking of hot organ solos which pop up unexpectedly (1:23)

  • Damn you're showing me up! Despite my deep funk days I never came across that Black Hammer track, that one is unreal. Also it's been a long while since I listened to that Funkadelic - I thought I recognized something in it so I wiki'ed it and apparently it's Bach. The cultured mothership.

    I can't keep up with tracks like that so I'm gonna sidestep into some reggae. I believe this to be Winston Wright again. Only other factoid I can think of is Tommy McCook, despite being a ubiquitous Duke Reid and Coxsone session player and famous Jamaican musician, was in fact Cuban born.

    As a side note this video begs the question, what is it with British reggae collectors/youtube posters etc. sticking photos of British skinheads etc. over Jamaican tracks... it's the same with Northern soul, there's something about British fans of Black music that gives them the collective gumption to claim an almost totally foreign genre for their own - named for and represented entirely by the subculture that consumed it rather than those who created it. I feel like only Britain would unconsciously fall into that kind of assumed cultural ownership. It's not to tar everybody in those scenes as appropriating assholes or something, it's just an interesting phenomenon. Like if white American fans of Afrobeat decided it was in fact Amerobeat because they'd formed a subculture fandom it'd strike everybody as bizarre.

  • my first turkish organ funk burner™

    Uğur Dikmen on organ  

  • Let's go old school with this

  • JTQ britischer acid jazz type dudes from 2001. the man can play an organ solo and they still are doing their thing to this day.

  • dunno anything about this one except weird heavy organ

  • Have I done a Jackie Mittoo? I don't care if I have.

  • not a man known for his hammond playing, probably because of everything else he is known for already

  • Great Revivers, another Russian cargo cult funk band with a more library sound and rough, weird sounding organs

  • Bernard Estardy at the keyboard again for another french joint... like church organ plus breaks

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