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    the most cold I've ever felt in my life was when I spent new year's in Quebec City. The place was lovely though.

    We drove back to Montreal and were supposed to spend a day there but got caught in a freezing rain storm just outside the city and spent about half the day just trying to make it to our hotel

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    It won’t happen. Never I say! Endless summer. Global warming.

    im a bit scared aboot winter

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    my impression is that Montreal is a bit more bearable compared to Quebec City just because it's not up against the mouth of the river, but I do remember looking over that glacial body of water, and have about zero memories of seeing sunlight when I was there. I really liked Quebec though, the people seem to have a mix of that dopey canuck humor with the french cockyness, made for some funny exchanges. I remember the clerk at a drugstore got all sarcastic when my gf said she was from Boston, he was like, "oh Boston, where is that? It's like, south of here, right?"

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    DOR said:
    Yeah! Been here since late March, got married, awaiting a work permit/visa thing, so it's been a loooong vacation so far.

    Please excuse my ignorance. Where in the Great White North are you?

    This place:

    Quebec City huh? How are you finding it? Always thought it wouldn't be the most friendly place for an Englishman. Things could be different now I suppose.

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    So far so good; everyone seems very friendly, usually happy to practice their English too (more so the younger generation), and it's got a really nice laidback vibe. Peaceful suburbs, lots of green & trees, clean air - visitors to Barcelona probably don't really register just how damn polluted that city is, and after 5 years of smog, I'm happy for the break. I'm currently waiting for my work visa, and I guess I'll have a better idea of the place once I've got a job... beautiful city though.
    They loved building churches here. Most have been re-purposed into bars, librarys etc, and the second pic here is the lab where my wife works: religion 0 science 1 


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    Made up for you bud!  Looks urn-cred-ee-blay.  Will get there one day, ain't no party like a Soulstrut Party

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    Thanks man. Looking back, it’s been a funny old ride from druggy madhouse to married in Canada
    Wifey is super-awesome too, which does nay hurt one bit.

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    Liverpool looking strong. You worried Jimster?

    I’m fuming that Unit Emery has made Granit Xhaka captain. The guy is slow, bad at tackling, decision making, and has no close control. He shouldn’t be on the bench. When he was subbed against Villa the Arsenal fans cheered to see him taken off.

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    Liverpool have been very lucky that their cornerstones have never been injured.
    I don't think the #1 choices for each position at City have ever played together, certainly at the back.
    City will always be able to concentrate on the league in the final stretch after blowing leads to [insert team here] in the last 8 of the Champions League.  
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