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  • Hi y'all! Been a minute / Song ID questions

    Here's the list that I have compiled 
  • Hi y'all! Been a minute / Song ID questions

    How's everyone doing out there? It's been years since I've been on Soul Strut but very happy to see it's still around. Not sure how many of the folks that I know are still around here but if any of my homies are still around wassup y'all! I hope you are all doing well too.

    Life for me is pretty good - can't complain and staying busy.

    I actually have a question - it's a Paul Nice related question too (not sure if he's still on here or not) but was there a full track list for his "Digging International" mix he put out years ago. Link here -

    I know most of the songs but there's like 5 or 6 that are escaping me. 

    Anyway, all my best to you all up here and hope all is well. Here's a picture of my dog Bootsy by the way - peace!

  • Earth, Wind, and Fire Appreciation

    Argueably the Greatest Band in any genre.

    EWF is still light years ahead of cats today.

    I fully agree with this statement. Recently I started a "spring/summery" type mix that I'm going to be giving away which is called "Feeling Good" and is basically just songs that make me feel good... and I started by putting 3 EWF songs on it. I basically had to chill and not make it a "Best Of EWF" mixtape.

    True story - I've always been pretty smart, and pretty well informed and whatnot, so in 1981 I was all about Bobby Sands and the H-Block prisoners. I did a "Current Events" report on the whole situation for my class (got some strange looks from the teachers, you know the kind that get's you moved to the "special class.") ANYWAY, in 1981, I NEEDED Atari. I mean, I never needed anything else in my life like I needed Atari. So, using Bobby Sands and the Maze Prizoners as a model, I went on a hunger strike until I got my Atari. My mom couldn't say anything to me, I was committed to it in mind, body and spirit.

    I lasted until maybe 7:45pm. But I eventually did get the Atari. Played "Combat" and "Adventure" like a motherfucker.
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  • funky worm - ohio players

    Isn't this the second time something like this has happened, like last year when I was mentioning AJ from JVC Force and he came up on the board later that day?

    The mysterious conjuing power of The Strut continues...