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  • Clout Culture Raps

    That dude "Lil Peep" is actually dead. Xanex OD. He's like the Tupac of clout rappers. 
  • Introducing... The Soul Strut Music Archive

    Doing gods work. Thanks for tackling this. 
  • My new Set-Up (set-up pron)

    Fantasy set-up realized 20 years later. 

    More here.

    I was the first person to post about this.  Bobby Jr, the son of the lead guitarist is friend of mine in Vermont, where I used to live up until 2008, and he shared with me the original soundclips of the reels and 45's he found in his dad's storage attic. He was completely shocked. Took it to the strut. 
  • Why So Quiet Around Here?

    DOR said:
    NateBizzo said:

    DOR said:
    NateBizzo said:
    I'm still down for the cause. 
    More Bizzo post around these parts would be a welcome sight.

    Also to note. I, much like Jimster enjoy the semi anonymous nature around these parts. Where people don't take themselves too serious and post for shits n giggles. But mixed with anyone's opinion or knowledge.

    What would you like me to talk about?

    Any records you're still on the hunt for?

    Places you still want to ride you've never been?

    Any great food spots down your way?

    Anything new or exciting going on in your life you would like to share with a semi anonymous strutter?
    Looking After the Following Records (short abbreviated list of grails). Have a rolling want list that has about 500 records. Still feverishly collecting.  

    -CA Quintet
    -Andy and the Riverside Sextet
    -Milton Wright (have neither of his albums)
    -Larry Dixon's two albums. 
    -Mystic Siva
    -Cook County
    -Pure Release 
    -Bedford Stuyvesent Youth Talent Show
    -All the Don Rendall UK jazz albums 

    i really want to ride Shames up on northern interior BC.  Been surfing a ton and have recently been running more in the Marin headlands.  

    Food spots in Bay Area I'm feeling
    -Sir and Star
    -Mr Jui's kitchen 
    -Leo's Oyster Bar

    Personal stuff. Wife pregnant with baby #3. Finishing building house in Marin that has taken almost 3 years, which includes custom fantasy record area and audiophile set up. Pictures coming in a month or so. Have been working professionally as a Venture Capitalist investing and advising tech start ups in Bay Area after a 5 year stint working for a few different startups.