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    First Pasadena Swap Meet after a year and a half.

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    First time in Rio and outside of North America in general. I have a lot more to show, but I'll save that for next week.

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    That Bonnie Dobson is really good. I remember that someone here (?) made an off comment back in the day saying, "BD is ill!". Then someone who I guess knew her on a personal basis said, "NO! She isn't!!! I saw her yesterday and she looked very healthy!". That was hilarious.
    Anyhow, here are my weekend finds...

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  • Blessed

  • Who is IQC? (or do I need to wash my ears)?

    Prince Ikey C
  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    Thank you for everything. To paraphrase Sly's "Sing A Simple Song", we've all shared life's ups and downs. We had our laughs, had our disagreements, made friendships and shared knowledge. It sounds corny, but this place also helped me grow as a person. With every record show, concert, DJ night or whatever meetup where people here have come through, I became more social and outgoing. Much appreciation.
  • Fundraising for my Dad. Any halp appreciated.

    Stay strong. I remember what I went through with my father. I will give what I can. 
  • what r u listen'n 2

    Yosemite/Mammoth road trip playlist so far:

    Gong "You"
    'Acid Nightmares' comp on Numero
    Showbiz & AG "Runaway Slave"
    Television "Marquee Moon"
    Jupiter Maça "A Setima Efervescencia"
    Sun Ra "The Solar-Myth Approach vol. 1 and 2"
    Rico "Man From Wareika" / "Wareika Dub"
  • Mr. Big Stuffs

    My god if you want gruel, try this exercise with some big hit that's been widely covered... search it in Spotify and scroll down, down, down, down until you're in gruel territory, this is struggle spotify, real sadness hearing these doggshit attempts... "smooth jazz allstars" version of mr big stuff will harden your arteries so quick... somebody finish me

    I'll just leave these here