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    That Bonnie Dobson is really good. I remember that someone here (?) made an off comment back in the day saying, "BD is ill!". Then someone who I guess knew her on a personal basis said, "NO! She isn't!!! I saw her yesterday and she looked very healthy!". That was hilarious.
    Anyhow, here are my weekend finds...

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  • Merry Christmas Everyone

    All the best to the Strut collective and a happy 2020 as well. I did the family thing on Sunday; huge breakfast with my mother and brother and his wife. It felt odd that this was the first Christmas without my Dad who passed in January. Anyhow, I didn't do anything today except listen to records and make batches of chili. Jim, you seem like a got-it-together kind of guy, so I'm sure something will come your way. It usually does.
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  • B & S Recordings - 1960/61? - Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

    dizzybull said:
    Electrode said:
    My Google detective skills have led me to assume that this is Business and Social Recordings, a company out of Suitland, MD, owned by a man named Isaac E. Street. Their only documented release (from 1986) is a Dr. Martin Luther King speech called "The American Dream", made on March 12th, 1961.

    How you gonna spend that c-note?

    A few days' worth of gas and groceries or that Niagara with the tits on the cover. I haven't decided yet.

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    Osmosis is psych rock from Boston, fronted by Charlie Mariano. Robin Kenyatta is solid jazz fusion with Wolfgang Dauner on the clavinet. Melinda soundtrack is a minty DJ promo copy. 
  • Cut Chemist One Turntable Loop Pedal Funk 45 Fundraiser Show

  • Mr. Big Stuffs

    My god if you want gruel, try this exercise with some big hit that's been widely covered... search it in Spotify and scroll down, down, down, down until you're in gruel territory, this is struggle spotify, real sadness hearing these doggshit attempts... "smooth jazz allstars" version of mr big stuff will harden your arteries so quick... somebody finish me

    I'll just leave these here