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    Pasadena Swap Finds today.

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    Some are from a couple of local shops but a majority were found at the Pasadena Swap Meet on Sunday. Sometimes it's one of those Jack McDuff kind of weeks. How many versions of "Surfboard" did he have; four? "Funky '69" comp is essentially an Alvin Cash album - and it's a Japanese press. I like early 70s Shirelles' "Sunday Dreamin'" but have never heard this cover. Family Cat is another one of those major label one-offers. Shango's second LP has a different sound, West Coast hard rock which fits comfortably in the Dunhill catalog, than their ecclectic, faux-Carribean sound on their debut with the minor hit "Day After Day". "Disco Sound Special" is a Japanese double LP with one record of originals and the other by cover bands including Black Buster who have a number of disco exploitation records. I think they are Filipino and not Japanese, though.
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    E Arenas signed at concert. Stetsa is what got me into hip hop as a kid but I never had it on vinyl. Seen that Salvation in dollar bins forever but haven't felt like picking one up until now.  The best thing about Kings is the cover. 
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    I skipped the local swap meet this month to make the drive up to San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay to do some fishing, sightseeing and hit some record shops for cheap finds. Stanley Cowell is a later repress of his '69 debut. Hugo Strasser has competent Santana covers ("Jingo" and "Black Magic Woman") and a monotonous alto sax take on "Paranoid" which is fun as a novelty. I did not have any Seeds or Fats Waller before, so a couple bucks well spent. Sealed cutout of Oliver Lake's debut as a leader, which was appropriate since I was listing to Pheeroan Aklaff and his other projects during the three hour drive to hold me over. "Adios Amigo" is the soundtrack to Fred Williamson's answer to "Blazing Saddles" and "Trinity" and the one of the many 70s Westerns he did after the trend died down. 

    BB: great job with with the Coke. The model on the left of that Chic is Valentine Monnier.