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    Pasadena Swap Finds today.

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    Some are from a couple of local shops but a majority were found at the Pasadena Swap Meet on Sunday. Sometimes it's one of those Jack McDuff kind of weeks. How many versions of "Surfboard" did he have; four? "Funky '69" comp is essentially an Alvin Cash album - and it's a Japanese press. I like early 70s Shirelles' "Sunday Dreamin'" but have never heard this cover. Family Cat is another one of those major label one-offers. Shango's second LP has a different sound, West Coast hard rock which fits comfortably in the Dunhill catalog, than their ecclectic, faux-Carribean sound on their debut with the minor hit "Day After Day". "Disco Sound Special" is a Japanese double LP with one record of originals and the other by cover bands including Black Buster who have a number of disco exploitation records. I think they are Filipino and not Japanese, though.
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    E Arenas signed at concert. Stetsa is what got me into hip hop as a kid but I never had it on vinyl. Seen that Salvation in dollar bins forever but haven't felt like picking one up until now.  The best thing about Kings is the cover. 
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    Eddie Palmieri is a Venezuelan press. The McDuff is where he plays with British musicians; has "Hunk O Funk". I gave the Tommy Jones to someone here during one of those Strut meet-ups back when, forgot about it and then found it recently. Fireballs has a GOOMLW cover. I saw them play at the Baked Potato years ago. The Banister is very good trio jazz but doesn't contain anything like the moog-out from his other one.
  • Old movies you've only seen recently...

    I'm listening to the incidental music on the soundtrack to "3 In The Attic" now. I remember "Scarface" on TBS as well. "Where'd you get the beauty scar, tough guy? Eating pineapple?"

    "Koyaanisqatsi" and "Powaqqatsi": Thankfully, I somehow over the years managed to be completely unfamiliar with these two aside skimming over a glowing Leonard Maltin review in one of his books from several years ago. It's a visually arresting journey.