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    There's also the rare "Countdown At Kusini" soundtrack. The film was also titled as "Cool Red" and has not been released on any format since, as far as I know. 

    He also did the music for "Ceddo", which was a couple of years after. Full movie on YouTube: 

  • Corona Virus Revealed

    So I saw an electronic mini-billboard today with one of those PSA's telling you to keep your hands off your face, away from your mouth and eyes. The frame had this...

  • 50% discount on the Full Strata Records (digital) discography!

    Heard a track from that CJQ unreleased album on the radio last night. Has that Bitches Brew feel to it. And the sound quality on my 2001 reissue of Saturday Night Special has much to be desired. So, thanks!
  • Corona Virus Revealed

    I know, but it's the writing on the wall with the motels, restaurants and, as of now, partial closures of parks that's the problem, despite the lure of free admission.

    https://news.google.com/search?q="national parks" coronavirus&hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US:en

    I already am limited to where I can drive due to winter road closures. The parks have suddenly shut down en masse before (ex: federal budget issues), so who knows what will happen during next week. Sure, I can just cruise around, but I want the full experience. On top of all that, my mother's husband has emphysema and I visit them both once a week. They were one of the more vocal ones in opposition.

    Maybe my employer will make an exception and allow me to take a vacation during the summer/busy season. If we're still open then and this all has subsided.
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    Returned last night to see what was left or added. I also was able to talk a floor manager into allowing me to use my portable. I was disappointed that there seemed to be every early 70s Boosey & Hawkes "Music For Film, Radio & Television", except ones like "Drama"/3052. "Big Band", "Happy Music" and "Young Days" sound what they look like, but good for a couple of bucks each and have their groovy moments of organ or electric piano. "Optimist" (Sonoton) is what I would expect from '81. "Musical Exploration" is from the same year but synths put to better use. UBM has an "Action" side of 30 second segments for commercials. The one by Claudio Szenkar called "Driving" mimics "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More" and was put on Dusty Fingers 15 (the same one which included "Tournament" from the aforementioned B&H volume). Not pictured is another Omnisound: "Sparkle".

    ketanbillbradleyklezmer electro-thug beats