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  • Record Store Day 2020

    Nothing earth shattering but I was happy for my first trip out in a decade. In particular I was really happy to get the Howard Roberts record. And Tomita’s version of Claire de Lune is my favorite. And the Gary Burton record is mostly weirdo jazz but his version of Norwegian Wood is beautiful. And the Herbie Mann record doesn’t suck either, believe it or not. His version of “I’m coming home” is good. 

    I probably spent more than I should have and there were a few duds (not pictured). One of those Timmy Digalot RULES- just because it has the word “soul” or “funky” does not mean it will have soul or be funky. Even if there are Afros on the cover. 
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    Weekend was good

    I have been gobbling up 'soul jazz' records.  That's my sound... pre-funk and grooving. Music for riding scooters, swinging, and ascots.

    Top to bottom:
    Lighthouse '69 - 

    Chico Hamilton Quintet - we talked about this in the Discogs thread.  There is something about this one. It is the first thing i put on this morning.  A quiet way to wake up. The cover is deceptive, makes it look like you are in for a swinging good time when in fact this is a mellow, contemplative record with a damn cello.  Check out 'The Sage' (its on spotify).  If you like that then this record is for you.

    Normon Connors - Dark of Light - Herbie Hancock on the keys. Laughter is a funky track.  It's on the fusion side but still good.

    Viva Tirado - If you see it, get it.  The guy ringing me up said "banger" when he saw it and it made me laugh.

    Chico Hamilton Greatest Hits - Hard to believe this is the same guy as the yellow record.  His cape phase is his best for soul jazz.  For Mods Only, Big Noise From Winnetka, El Moors, and A Trip are all solid, so I figured if I saw this in town I would pick it up.  2 whole records of cape era chico is not a bad deal. The ONLY song it doesn't have that I want is El Conquistadores.  Oh well.  

    Soul Sax - It's not great, but it's not bad either.  It's got a half assed drum break in there. This is one of those records that when i checked it out on discogs i though "i want this". and then when i saw it in the shop i grabbed it, then got home and couldn't remember what excited me about it.

    Soulful Strings - It was a dollar, and Listen Here is an uptempo soul jazz banger if you ask me. Definitely worth a buck.

    Mission Impossible.  I probably shouldn't have paid 8 dollars for this but it was super clean. Jim On The Move was used for The Wiseguys 'Ooh-la-la', which is a song i have always liked, and so as the song moves forward you heard the sample getting closer and closer and then it hits, which all sounds corny but the song is cool anyways, that just makes it fun to listen to.  Shut up.

    Rahsaan Roland Kirk - The Case of the 3 sided dream in audio color - Freaks For the Festival is the reason I picked this up as it was on one of my spotify playlists, but I always assumed it was some rare, expensive record. This was only five bucks, so yay.
  • The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    RAJ said:
    RAJ said:
    ketan said:
    That was great!

    Are you controlling the video at the same time?

    Thanks... Yes!  I have a stream deck controller in front of my mixer that controls all the cameras and media.  Huge balancing act but a fun challenge.

    That is a really cool setup, I can't think of any other video'ed mixes I've seen where you can peep the covers, the turntables, the whole scene, and silly psychedelic film clips all mixed live. Most people just set up the one camera. No half measures.

    Enjoy the music too obviously - the Shadow mix was great

    Thank you!  I've put a lot of thought, time, and $$ into this. It's been a labor of love and it's something I felt I needed to do to pay homage to all the great artists talked about on this site over the years. My goal is to do at least 100 episodes. I do wish I was getting more traction with the viewership, though, but I guess that will come in time.  It's hard to stick out with all the noise. The conceptual mixes like the Shadow one has boosted interest quite a bit.  So I expect to produce more thematic mixes like that in the future.


    Dude I'm all about themes!  Suggestions

    OH JESUS: All cover versions of Put Your Hand In the Hand that DON'T have a break

    0% FUNKY SOUL: Songs with "funky" or "soul" in the title that are neither funky nor have soul (I was thinking about starting a list of these on discogs, but why bother)

    CONCRETE JUNGLE: Back before musicians really knew what to do with synthesizers they just made random bleeps with tape splices and shit and called it Music Concrete (accent grave over the "e", I think). It was the future of music!  So anyways, just play that shit with a sped up Amen Brother break looped in the background.  For an hour.  BAM. Concrete Jungle.

    OH I GET IT: Puns and double entendrees.  No music, you just read titles, like "The price you got to pay to be free"....and then you wait a little bit and then it's like "free usually you means you don't pay.... get it?".  On to the next one....

    I'm telling you. This shit is hot.

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    "Some mobile devices will not allow playback until you first activate the YouTube player by tapping on it. If the video is not loading, refresh the page, then tap on the player."

    Anybody else sick of having to click on this goddam message every few minutes?
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    Been after that Exorcism record for a min! Can never find it for a decent price. 

    I was digging through 45s at Cactus Records and one of the guys started playing it on the system in the back area. I grabbed it quick after hearing that first track.

    Hells yeah. I wish there was more satanic funk around.  Especially around Halloween.  

    Seems like heavy metal white kids had the market cornered on Satan there for a while.