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  • Hello to the Strut

    Message board nostalgia is real. Welcome back. I like slowstrut better now than it used to be. People are nicer (myself included). Could be that I’m older, or it could be that now I realize how lucky I am that soulstrut is still here- a safe place away from social media that feels like home. 
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  • Record Store Day 2020

    Nothing earth shattering but I was happy for my first trip out in a decade. In particular I was really happy to get the Howard Roberts record. And Tomita’s version of Claire de Lune is my favorite. And the Gary Burton record is mostly weirdo jazz but his version of Norwegian Wood is beautiful. And the Herbie Mann record doesn’t suck either, believe it or not. His version of “I’m coming home” is good. 

    I probably spent more than I should have and there were a few duds (not pictured). One of those Timmy Digalot RULES- just because it has the word “soul” or “funky” does not mean it will have soul or be funky. Even if there are Afros on the cover. 
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  • Recent Finds

    Thes confirmed, and added that the first single from that album took the homage even further ( his words were “straight ripped it off” hahahahah)

    electrode you have an eagle eye, sir. 
  • Recent Finds

    Picked up another deodato because it was cheap. 

    I’m a sucker for covers of Bali Hai, and the David Carroll is loungey exotica greatness. 

    Jack dejonette = cheap jazz breaks

    David Ruffin- I saw you when you met her is ill
  • Old movies you've only seen recently...

    I watched Pieces yesterday.  It was campy, trashy, and dumb, but funny.  It was filmed in Europe where the director was also filming Bruce Lee knock offs with a guy called Bruce Le. So Bruce Le suddenly appears, does some Kung Fu, and then says something about bad chow mein and then is never seen again.  Also a chick skateboards into a giant mirror for no reason and a boy kills his mom with an ax after she catches him with a nude lady puzzle.  The women are usually topless when they get killed, because that is just how they roll.  The director was like "It's been ten minutes since we've seen any titties, and I got bills to pay".

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  • The real Le Toupt

    No sweat off my sack
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  • Black Sabbath 'Embryo'... WHERE DO I KNOW THIS FROM

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!! Holy shit you guys I fucking love you. I had all but given up. Ahhhhh it feels so good to finally know I might break down and weep blood. 
  • Black Sabbath 'Embryo'... WHERE DO I KNOW THIS FROM

    Electrode said:
    Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers was influenced by Sabbath. He played nearby a couple years ago and did a quick run through of that album. Aside from that, I don't know.

    That’s it! I was at the Gibby Haynes show!

    No I wasn’t. NEXT! haha