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    I have so many fond PUTS memories. I remember I was in Oakland once for work, and PUTS was doing a show in San Francisco.  I met Meaty Ogre there that night for the first time.  Serg and Stef (RIP) were there, and a whole gang of other Bay Area strutters.  PUTS put on a great live show like they always do.  I got drunk, which is what you did, and then I remember riding around san francisco with them after the show.  I just remember being in the car with Thes and Double K... on a warm san francisco night...

    I remember another show they did here in La Jolla, and hanging out backstage with them and Ugly Duckling before the show, and I'm just a regular dude but because of the 'strut here I am hanging out backstage goofing off.  They ended the show with everybody singing "on a warm san diego night" and afterwards we went to the hotel they were staying at and hung outside drinking beers late into the night. I think Cas was hammered that night.

    Facebook tells me this was 2009.  Can it really be that long ago?

    PUTS knew how to rock a crowd.  Their shows were always LIVE, and always FUN.  I think in the beginning people thought they took themselves seriously, and maybe that's why they came out with FUN DMC, to let people know they were having fun. They walked their own path. It didn't matter what trends were popular in  music. Album after album they came with their own and stuck to it.  I respect them both so much for it.

    I never really knew Mike that well, but it's a strange feeling.  PUTS put out their last album, but I still just sort of assumed they would always be there, Chris and Mike. Even if they weren't still making records together.  It's not fair that he's not going to be able to grow old and look back at it all, and think "I did that".  I don't really know how to put it into words, but it's just not fair. My heart hurts for Chris, and all of Mike's friends, family, and loved ones.
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  • Record Store Day 2020

    Nothing earth shattering but I was happy for my first trip out in a decade. In particular I was really happy to get the Howard Roberts record. And Tomita’s version of Claire de Lune is my favorite. And the Gary Burton record is mostly weirdo jazz but his version of Norwegian Wood is beautiful. And the Herbie Mann record doesn’t suck either, believe it or not. His version of “I’m coming home” is good. 

    I probably spent more than I should have and there were a few duds (not pictured). One of those Timmy Digalot RULES- just because it has the word “soul” or “funky” does not mean it will have soul or be funky. Even if there are Afros on the cover. 
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  • Recent Finds

    From a local shop..

    Top Left - The Marketts.  I swore I wouldn't buy a record just for a drum break.  California Sun starts with an uptempo break... i hesitate... middle of song, another break.... ok but I'm not gonna do it.... song ends with a drum break again. I say no and put the record back.  About a minute later I say fuck it, it's 6.99, and put it in the stack.  

    Paul Horn.  Worth it for the cover alone. I googled the lady that came up with the design. I'd like to know the back story on this. Like why this is the art they would come up with for music that doesn't appear to have anything to do with our lord Satan.  In the liner notes Paul says he heard some music from a brazilian guy and said "I must have him", and so they went out and got him, and this was the result.  A lot of Paul Horn records are super boring flute music, but this one is wild. In a good way.  And it was cheap, so i'm not mat.

    Throb.  What is that thing in the middle though? Buttcheecks?

    Hotel Hello - Album Art that's just a picture of a sunset is a real thing.  It's almost as if they want the album to be ignored so they make the cover as boring as possible. They could take notes from the Paul Horn cover lady.  Anyways, I've been trying to hunt down music that is like 'ambient jazz'.  spaced out, pretty... I'm not sure how to describe it or if is even a genre.  But there are a few cuts on here that are EXACTLY what I'm looking for. 'Vashkar' is amazing.  So is 'Impromptu' and 'Sweeping Up'.  The album is on spotify too.

    Labelle - Solid funky soul with multiple denim outfits on the cover. And yeah, it's actually Patty Labelle.

    Billy Hart - Enchance.  Most of this album is headache inducing free jazz.  Not my thing.  But I bought for one song - "Rahsaan is Beautiful", presumably named for Rahsaan Roland Kirt.  This is another 'ambient jazz' piece that is absolutely gorgeous.  I will pay 4.99 for an album with only 1 good song.  I'm looking for more like this so if anybody has any recommendations please let me know.  

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  • Sex moaning in songs - yay or nay?

    RAJ said:
    Here's a playlist I made derived from a thread called "AudioPornography" from 2003.

    Keep It UpMilton Wright
    En MelodySerge Gainsbourg
    Slip It InBlack Flag
    Gotta Find A LoverRoy Ayers Ubiquity
    Yes It's YouSweet Charles
    turn off the lightslarry young
    TongueRoger Hamilton Spotts
    You Don't Have To GoChi-Lites
    Love Is StrangeUnknown Artist
    I Can Understand ItThe New Birth
    I'm Wild About That Thing (The Lost Sex Tapes: Position 1)Coldcut
    Ain't it Good EnoughNu-Sound Express Ltd. 
    Business DealDoris Duke
    Put Your Love (In My Tender Care)The Fatback Band
    Intimate StrangersLove Sounds
    Water PumpLee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters
    Birth ControlLloydie & The Lowbites
    Love Won't Let Me WaitMajor Harris
    Come with MeRare Earth
    Bubble Gum9th Creation
    Carousel ChanelCool C
    America eats its youngFunkadelic

    The next soulstrut live!

    This cover.... I will spend money....

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    Lately I been doing  this thing where I  listen to the records I already have instead of just buying more. I can’t really recommend it. 
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  • Recent Finds

    This is what 76 bucks got me at the local shop. But I’m feeling all of them. 
  • Recent Finds

    How's Truman Thomas? I only know him from the insane live version of Memphis Soul Stew getting a shoutout from King Curtis.

    I'd say it is worth the 16 bucks I spent but at the same time you are bound to be disappointed.  I mean it's like this.... you look at the track list: Ode To Billy Joe, Respect, Funky Broadway, and goddam Cold Sweat?? How could your hands not tremble at the surefire organ funk BANGERs that you are holding in your hand? right? And yet.... it doesn't quite live up.  Which isn't to say it's bad, but I can't but wish it were better.  You can listen to a few cuts on discogs, but Funky Broadway was pulled due to copywrite i guess.  So I went on youtube to see if it was there -in the store, mind you, as youtube/discogs is the listening station of the modern era (headphones of course, bluetooth naturally) - and it wasn't there.  But it's funky broadway, dammit, i had to hear it.  16 dollars to satisfy my curiosity.  Again that's not to say that is bad. It's serviceable.  Sticker on it says i have the "Holland Press" (whatever that means. Holland isn't a country).

    EDIT: On the back it says "Manufactured by ARTONE HOLLAND", so there you go.

    Here's the notes on the back:

    "TRUMAN THOMAS is only eighteen years old. Yet, he plays some of the most exciting organ you'll ever here. This gifted lad really wails and is a lead-pipe cinch to on the scene for a long time. Just one listening to TRUMAN THOMAS in his debut for VEEP will prove this statement beyond a doubt. I mean, he is "GROOVIN''"!

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