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  • If a Tree Falls on Soul Strut

    “Six million ways to die, so I chose

    made it six million and one with your eyes closed”

    -Redman, who seems to think that “with your eyes closed” wasn’t one of the original six million choices. 
  • Record Store Day 2020

    Nothing earth shattering but I was happy for my first trip out in a decade. In particular I was really happy to get the Howard Roberts record. And Tomita’s version of Claire de Lune is my favorite. And the Gary Burton record is mostly weirdo jazz but his version of Norwegian Wood is beautiful. And the Herbie Mann record doesn’t suck either, believe it or not. His version of “I’m coming home” is good. 

    I probably spent more than I should have and there were a few duds (not pictured). One of those Timmy Digalot RULES- just because it has the word “soul” or “funky” does not mean it will have soul or be funky. Even if there are Afros on the cover. 
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  • Symphony of the Birds (HOLY HELL).

    There's one for sale for $4 though. Are you holding out to find one in the dollar bin?

    Exactly the opposite, my friend. I’m waiting for it to hit 100$. That way I KNOW it’s good. 

  • Symphony of the Birds (HOLY HELL).


    Sukiyaki is the only song with an audio sample but HOLY HELL JESUS JOSEPH AND MARY I NEED TO HEAR THE REST.

    1968 was the 2020 of the 60s. If you know what I mean.
  • Recent Finds

    Jimster said:
    Thanks my Dudes.

    Strut por vida.

    My dad was a vinyl hoarder.  Alas, it's not the kind of stuff that .... IS RELEVANT TO THE STRUT INTERESTS.  Talmbout mad Perry Como, Sinatra (but not the Jobim), saw some Enoch Light, Easy Listening Titans, Opera, Classical, hella Al Jolson.  78's.  Really needs someone with a bad Chud habit to action this lot.

    But srs doe, I can't store my own vinyl here.  About two suitcases full of 12s and one of 7s.

    So lemme know about the Ayers.

    I know this shouldn’t be funny but the reaction while reading was like this:

    Dad died: aw that sucks

    He hoarded records: ooh, go on...

    He left them all to me: oooooh!

    Mad perry como: fuck 2020 for real