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  • Questlove teaches you "curation"

    I’ll teach you to curate the perfect Spotify playlist for twenty bucks or a Leon Thomas record. 
  • Questlove teaches you "curation"

    I’m sort of curious. Suppose you had been tasked to do this. I know my “master class” would be pretty short:
    Play records you like that you think other people will enjoy. If all else fails hit the “echo” button and an air horn. 

    Bonus tip: just because Gregorian chants are in Latin doesn’t mean you can play them for two hours straight and call it Latin Night. 
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    Lately I been doing  this thing where I  listen to the records I already have instead of just buying more. I can’t really recommend it. 
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    How's Truman Thomas? I only know him from the insane live version of Memphis Soul Stew getting a shoutout from King Curtis.

    I'd say it is worth the 16 bucks I spent but at the same time you are bound to be disappointed.  I mean it's like this.... you look at the track list: Ode To Billy Joe, Respect, Funky Broadway, and goddam Cold Sweat?? How could your hands not tremble at the surefire organ funk BANGERs that you are holding in your hand? right? And yet.... it doesn't quite live up.  Which isn't to say it's bad, but I can't but wish it were better.  You can listen to a few cuts on discogs, but Funky Broadway was pulled due to copywrite i guess.  So I went on youtube to see if it was there -in the store, mind you, as youtube/discogs is the listening station of the modern era (headphones of course, bluetooth naturally) - and it wasn't there.  But it's funky broadway, dammit, i had to hear it.  16 dollars to satisfy my curiosity.  Again that's not to say that is bad. It's serviceable.  Sticker on it says i have the "Holland Press" (whatever that means. Holland isn't a country).

    EDIT: On the back it says "Manufactured by ARTONE HOLLAND", so there you go.

    Here's the notes on the back:

    "TRUMAN THOMAS is only eighteen years old. Yet, he plays some of the most exciting organ you'll ever here. This gifted lad really wails and is a lead-pipe cinch to on the scene for a long time. Just one listening to TRUMAN THOMAS in his debut for VEEP will prove this statement beyond a doubt. I mean, he is "GROOVIN''"!

    klezmer electro-thug beats
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    This is what 76 bucks got me at the local shop. But I’m feeling all of them.