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  • current film strut

    There is a movie called "What Did Jack Do?" on netflix that popped up as a recommendation.  So I figured what the hell.  Watched it with the wife. It was only 17 minutes.  It's a David Lynch film so you already sort of know shit is gonna be weird going in.  We laughed.  Awkwardly a few times.  The next day I had to watch it again and this time I laughed more.  There is something about it.  It doesn't have "joke" jokes per se - I guess what makes it funny is that the dialog feels like an AI program was written to analyze a bunch of film noir detective interrogation scenes and then try to write one.  So it gets close to right... but not right... and get some awkward uncanny valley shit that makes you question what it even means to have human consciousness in the first place that computers can come close to mimicking it and yet so very very far away.  

    Anyways, it's only 17 minutes so check it out.
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  • 20 Years To The Day!

    SoCal swap meets - going to Roscoe’s w/ Guzzo, Asprin, Daze, etc etc , talking to Anthony Pearson whiles he’s flipping through the crates (he was surprisingly normal in real life)
    Karaoke in LA’s korea town with DJ Anna, Granpa Shig, Guzzo, Cas, and Cut Chemist…. 
    Watching Cut Chemist juggle some records in Thes One’s kitchen at a Yacht Rock party and thinking “This is the coolest thing I have ever seen”
    Riding around SF with PUTS after a show.  
    Actually the SF crew always came strong.  Tons of good memories hanging out with all those guys
    Seeing the MIngering Mike exhibit in DC was surreal.  I kept seeing these record covers and I felt like I was there when they were discovered because I was on soultrut that day while the whole thing was going down
    Guzzo on Blind Date
    Hanging out backstage w/ Einstein before an Ugly Duckling show
    All that old classic shit like LeToupt and TheCrates Herbed? Never That Son.  Soulstrut-isms still pollute my vocabulary.  Vindicated!
    This summer I was at a meeting in Japan for work and Herm posts something on facebook and tags the guy sitting a few seats away from me and I was like “YOU KNOW HERM?!”  That sort of real-life connection small world stuff still happens and it’s crazy.  What are the odds?
    I remember DJ Sheep taking me record shopping in Taipei
    Beef with my man L13/Kala (good times)
    I remember a birthday party at Thes One’s house and O-Dub was there and they were chatting away about whatever and I really do think that it was soul strut that took it from “Oliver Mark ass Twang” disses on a record (because he was just some record reviewer and they were just some rap group) to dudes with families and kids hanging out at a birthday party.
    Hanging out with Iron Monkey in Gary Wilson’s van before a show. That guy was a trip. I do believe he was stoned at the time.
    Top Fives, finds, rants
    The animated GIFs on soul strut are still the funniest on the planet to me
    Endless Flight and Herb Alpert remix contests
    All the Salma Hayek Moments...Monty Stark (RIP) was going to play at my wedding but he got hurt and couldn’t make it, but Iron Monkey and DJ Still Life DJ’d it and as expected it was DOPE and everybody had a blast. 
    There are so many memories I couldn’t possibly ever list them all….
  • Mantiovani Appreciation Post

    The dollar bins were right all along.  Mantiovani is even on Spotify.  I've been listening to "Charmaine" on repeat.  It's just SO CHILL.  Listen:

    SO CHILL.  So pretty.