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  • 2021 RIP Thread

    he was a good dude. Damn. 
  • Black Sabbath 'Embryo'... WHERE DO I KNOW THIS FROM

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!! Holy shit you guys I fucking love you. I had all but given up. Ahhhhh it feels so good to finally know I might break down and weep blood. 
  • Black Sabbath 'Embryo'... WHERE DO I KNOW THIS FROM

    Electrode said:
    Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers was influenced by Sabbath. He played nearby a couple years ago and did a quick run through of that album. Aside from that, I don't know.

    That’s it! I was at the Gibby Haynes show!

    No I wasn’t. NEXT! haha

  • Old movies you've only seen recently...

    I watched Pieces yesterday.  It was campy, trashy, and dumb, but funny.  It was filmed in Europe where the director was also filming Bruce Lee knock offs with a guy called Bruce Le. So Bruce Le suddenly appears, does some Kung Fu, and then says something about bad chow mein and then is never seen again.  Also a chick skateboards into a giant mirror for no reason and a boy kills his mom with an ax after she catches him with a nude lady puzzle.  The women are usually topless when they get killed, because that is just how they roll.  The director was like "It's been ten minutes since we've seen any titties, and I got bills to pay".

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  • Old movies you've only seen recently...

    Halloween is here.  I listened to the audiobook version of "Men, Women, and Chainsaws" which was genius, except for the Freud bits.  Not everybody dreams of getting ass-raped by their dad.  That guy had serious issues.
    But it did motivate me to watch Last House On The Left, which left me seriously confused.  It has a rep for being brutal with all the rape or whatever, so I don't know if I watched an edited version or what (rented and streamed it on amazon prime) but the movie I saw was more like a satire comedy than a horror film. 

    There is this whole subplot where small town mayberry cops are in their own standalone comedy, trying to ride the roof of a truck full of chickens, getting hassled by hippies, and the young cop was the Cobra Kai sensei guy!!  
    The main bad guy Krug (note the similarity to Freddy Krueger's last name) also did the soundtrack to the movie (and claims partial credit for writing 'All Shook Up') and at one point he is just sing-song narrating the events of the film while the baddies drive down the road with women in the trunk!  This is all meant to be hilarious.  The parents are party planning and making cakes while bad stuff happens in the woods... this is comedic contrasting.

    At the end of the movie the dad starts booby trapping the house, just like wes craven had nancy do at the end of nightmare on elm street.  

    The whole time i was watching i thought "they can't be serious".  and even where the bad guys park, the house is on the right, not the left like the title says, haha.

    SO yeah, i think it was supposed to be satire, although a satire of what i'm not exactly sure. there was hardly any gore at all.  at one point a stomach is cut open (although the cutting was never shown) and they gather round and pull out a large intestine.... and scene. they don't do antying with it, they're just like 'hey look at that' and then the whole thing is forgotten.  

    There is a dad joke in the beginning that made me laugh:

    Estelle Collingwood: Mari tells me you're from Manhattan. What does your father do?

    Phyllis Stone: Oh, my parents are in the iron and steal business.

    Estelle Collingwood: Iron and steel both together? How unusual.

    Phyllis Stone: Well, my mother irons and my father steals.

    Good times.