Records that changed your life....

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I was watching that american harcore movie on cable last night and got quite nostalgic. Before I discovered punk rock I was your average teenager who listened to classic rock and metal (led zep, ac-dc, van halen, iron maiden, etc.) I dug metal because it rocked. One day my brother had me check out I was blown away with the raw energy of the music. From that point on I wanted to check out more music that was under the radar. That album changed everything for me.


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    Fear Of A Black Planet, easily.

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    These all had major impact on me as a teenager and literally changed my life.

    Hendrix was the background music to the first times getting high. I remember chilling in my room at 3am on a school night, tripping ballz on ganja with headphones on buggin to 3rd stone.

    Al green was the album i used to listen to when there was females in my life. Lots of broken hearts and great relationships to that one.

    And biggie was my intro to hip hop. I played that cassette so much i snapped the tape. After hearing that I knew i wanted to be involved with beats and music.

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    Easily this one

    music evolution in real time. Plus all the samples. Introvert whisper rap that you can still listen to today compared to that Galliano terd. Graf connection. and the whole club culture embraced from a bboy perspective. i still want one of those black pairs of rivalry's with white stripes that 3D was rockin at the time.

    and this

    plus breakdance electric boogie, it takes a nation and fear of a black planet and the first CMW!! So now you know me

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    Might sound corny to some of the greybeards here, but I was given this when I turned 17 and it was more or less my introduction to soul music. I had heard some of the stuff on oldies radio before, but this soundtrack was a like a nice mixtape of popular soul cuts, and I played the tape in my car nonstop.

    Around the same time, I got hipped to these two albums.

    Then, I started going to raves in Chicago, and I feel in love with a brand of house music that basically combined the two: electronic and soul music. It felt so "right" at the time. I was a little late to the scene but the timing in my own life was perfect.

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    cosign on the first Massive Attack and Chemical Brothers albums, hah



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    and I guess paul's boutique.

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    OK Computer & What's Going On

  • My favorite record in my parent's collection (and stll my mom's favorite record):

    First record I ever bought with my own money and the record I did the most bong hits to in high school:

    First jazz record that I "got":

    First record that got me to like (later, love) hip-hop:

    The record that started my love affair with all music Brasileira:

  • The record that started my love affair with all music Brasileira:

    still have mine...dug it out when I got home after the convo about it at the after party thingy...nice collection

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    ...and the Pere Ubu in the avatar, of course.

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    The record that started my love affair with all music Brasileira:

    still have mine...dug it out when I got home after the convo about it at the after party thingy...nice collection

    Wow, didn't notice two people had already mentioned this one. Cool. This one was a slow builder for me; I enjoyed it fine when I took it home from my local library and taped it soon after it was first released. But then I didn't listen to it for years until basically out of nowhere an urge to learn more about Brazil and Brazilian music hit me. This record doesn't contain many of my favorite tracks by most of the artists represented, and in many cases doesn't even contain cuts from my favorite eras for them, but it definitely pointed me in the right direction.

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    These are the first two hip-hop records that got me into the "music" behind the music and are responsible for me having more records than I could possibly ever listen to.

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    If DJ Was Your Trade
    Keb Darge's Legendary Deepfunk

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    huge on

    that shit blew me away!

  • LPs
    Love - Forever Changes
    Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left
    Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

    Diamond Joe - Fair Play
    Eddie Bo - Hook and Sling
    Little Buster - I'm So Lonely

  • Thelonious Monk's Criss Cross

    I had only really been listening to Herbie Hancock at that time (since he's a great intro to jazz) but I wanted something new. I got a couple of Monk records and started listening to this and was blown away.

    Tribe's Low End Theory & Wu-Tang's 36 Chambers

    High school was 2 hours of travel every day so my walkman/disc man was my best friend. I used to bump these all the time in the bus while being half asleep and freezing cold. When I started blazing in the mornings, 36 Chambers just felt so raw and really affected my rap style.

    Frank Zappa & The Clash

    When I was trying to get my life on track after fuckin around for too long I started listening to these 2 bands - various Zappa stuff and the Clash's self titled album. They may not have been records that changed my life but whenever I think about this transition period I had, I always think of these two bands.

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    The usual suspects mentioned - PE and Wu Tang Clan especially so. But as far as opening doors and/or altering my mind/listening range, these come to mind right away:

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    The first full album from MBM changed what I listened to back when it came out. The beats were raw and the use of sampling was really well done.

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    Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left

    These made me pick up a guitar.

    This was my first record and made me realize that music can be art.

    This was my introduction to soul.

    - spidey

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    sgt. pepper
    tribe - midnight marauders
    stockhausen - songs of youth/contact
    john fahey - days have gone by
    this heat - deceit

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    wipers "is this real"
    this heat s/t
    raincoats s/t
    beatles white album
    stooges "fun house"
    ATCQ midnight marauders
    tyrannosaurus rex "a beard of stars"
    black flag damaged
    wire "chairs missing"
    led zeppelin "physical grafiti"
    sonny sharrock "black woman"
    soft machine vol. 2
    simply saucer "cyborgs revisited"

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    I just rediscovered that album!

    File under: unexpected changes late in life

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    biographical ish:

    REALLY fell in love with hip hop with this. there were always b-boys and b-girls around the way in 83, but i wasn't really sold until i heard that jam on the radio.

    i was living with my grandparents for a couple of years and whenever they weren't listening to the filipino radio programs, my grandma would rock a tape of hawaiian music (she's 1/4 hawaiian). my favorite track on the tape was "hi'ilawe", and after my uncle brought out the record to show me where that track was from i would bump that in my headphones on the school bus.

    cars drove by rumbling:
    womp, wo-womp womp
    womp, wo-womp womp
    so ill. made me want to slap bitches.

    rediculous production and energy. made me want to slap white people. (oh c'mon. i was 16, and it was THAT era in hip hop)

    went shopping for nyc indy 12inches and i heard "i gotta help my people" in a record shop and realized it was the source of an ill j-live drop for a college radio show (three years later it was released as "school's in"). it's such a beautifully powerful track. didn't buy it cause he wanted $20 for it and i thought that shit was outrageous. but that was record that sparked my pursuit for records.
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