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    Hi my friend it surprised me when I run across your comment about a soldier a warrior name Timmy and the dub warriors took me some time to find your article but I was reminiscing about the time when I and Timmy were good friends we practice at my house 19th and Montgomery back in the day when we were giving concerts for the Young children around our neighborhood getting back with one attend these great tributes to the community he rose from humble and courageous beginnings and tooth and nail to prevail in his music he had drive tenacity and the will to pursue his dream and yes Chuck that man was bad on the drums he could make them talk and do a little walk and Timmy with him by his side and property Pan the base you see there was a couple others that I can't recall but I do remember that we were bad play Rutgers going to know Caribbean festival in Philly downtown South Street Villa Nova and my favorite Robin Hood Dell East yes we were blessed with Timmy at the head we had conquered that liar stood at the hill and shout it we have arrived and the sound my brother was asked as good as gold and Timmy who I haven't seen in years had a single cut that I remember called no guns and I will remember that song for as long as I live so property part the big seat signing off hit me back at DJJ e w e l l s 31 my friend and peace
    March 2022