Your top 5 records you got in 2005

parsecparsec 5,087 Posts
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Doesn't have to be the rarest, more like the one's you keep on going back to- Tough one for me cause I got so many records this year so I'm gonna go with some 45's.

  1. Curtis Green- I just gotta get down
  2. The Four Mints- row my boat
  3. Ruby Andrews- can you get away
  4. Sly Slick and Wicked- sho nuff
  5. Delilah Moore- ooh-wee baby


  • haze25haze25 759 Posts
    eugene mcdaniels-headless heroes of the apocalypse
    labi siffre-remember my song
    leo's sunship-we need each other
    geoff bastow-music to varnish owls by

  • MoogManMoogMan Sao Paulo, Brazil 1,173 Posts
    This year was not that good in the "finds" for me, but anyway these are the better ones:

    J.J. Johnson - Willie Dynamite ost

    Sambrasa Trio - Em som maior: cool & raer brazilian bossa

    Gila - s/t - nice psyche/prog/kraut

    Francis Lai - L'aventure c'est l'aventure ost: fantastic funky soundtrack

    The Duke of Burlington - Flash

    I only hope '06 can bring better finds.


  • SoulhawkSoulhawk 3,197 Posts
    some favorites:

    trees 'the christ tree' lp - pomegranate
    alphonso hamilton 'i'll let you go free' - gateway
    mello decisions 'mello decision' b/w 'the slider' - reel
    stereophonics 'run on little girl' b/w 'i want to shout' - cha-tok
    timeless legend - 'synchronized' lp - pendulum


    superlife 'go bananas' 12" southern sun
    purple gang 'say it' 12" grade A
    fire and smoke 'nobody but you' b/w 'since my baby left me' - fire and smoke


  • spivyspivy 866 Posts
    1. Jackson sisters- i believe in miracles (45 on prophesy)
    2. Goblin- Chi? (italian ost 45)
    3. Family connection- This time (sweet soul 45...thanks for the tip hsulu)
    4. Sweet charles-for sweet people
    5. Shalimar-ost

  • GambleGamble 844 Posts
    Off the top:

    Arthur Verocai S/T - This album is exactly what keeps me digging, and more than that listening and creating music. Its absolutely beautiful.

    24 Carat Black - More for the fact that it was a Heatrock (tm), though the music itself is very good soul-funk that i dont have to tell strutters about.

    Heath Brothers - Marchin On - Finally.

    Janko Nilovic - Rhythmes Contemporains - might have been from 04, but i go back and listen to this all the time. Its a big inspiration for me, music wise.

    A bunch of other things that i got this year really do it for me. Cant think of most of them though.

  • electro raers I copped in 2005:

    Tha Swami- Swami Scratch (sealed)
    Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew- My Hands Are Quicker Than The Eye
    C-Jam & Kid Frost- Commando Rock
    Audio Tech- I'm Your Audio Tech (Cybotron-era Juan Atkins)
    Synergy- Project 5

  • Here's some of my tops of 2005.

    Feminine Complex: LIVIN' LOVE LP ($106.00)
    Jocy: Dans Les Dix Premiers + 3 EP ($62.00)
    Shades of Brown: SOB LP ($45.00)
    Masaru Sato: YOJIMBO OST LP ($40.00)
    The Precisions: Funky People 45 ($40.00)
    Can: EGE BAMYASI LP ($30.00)
    Jenny Rock: Le Train Pour Memphis 45 ($30.00)
    Latin Souls: TIGER BOO-GA-LOO LP ($30.00)
    Latin Blues Band: TAKE A TRIP PUSSYCAT ($30.00)
    Moody Scott: I Don???t Dig No Phoney (parts 1 & 2) 45 ($30.00)

    A Certain Ratio: Guess Who? / part 2 12" (trade)
    RD Burman: ROCKY OST LP (trade)
    Delfonics: LA LA LA MEANS I LOVE YOU LP (trade)
    Various: Fast Product: Mutant Pop 78-79 (trade)
    Bobby Byrd: I NEED HELP LP promo (trade)
    Mass Temper: Grave Digger / Big Mack 45 (.25)
    Vicki Anderson: Answer to Mother Popcorn / I???ll Work It Out (.50)
    Herman Kelly & Life: Drummers Beat 12" (Elec. Cat pic slv) ($1.00)
    Moses Dillard & The Tex-Town Display: NOW! LP ($1.00)
    G.O. Smith - Miss Black America: WHO AM I LP ($1.00)
    Harvey Averne Dozen: VIVA SOUL LP ($1.00)
    Baba Brooks & His Band: GAY FEET LP ($1.70)
    Byron Lee & The Dragonaires: REGGAY FEVER LP ($1.70)
    Willie Hutch: FOXY BROWN OST ($2.00)
    Dub Specialist: HI FASHION DUB TOP 10 (screenprint cover) LP ($2.00)
    Fabulous Fantoms: Mau Mau 45 ($20.00)

    The Faces: FOUR GUYS WALK INTO A BAR 4-CD Box ($30.00)
    Mahogany: Ride on the Rhythm / dub 12" (trade)
    Brother Jack McDuff: Hunk O' Funk 45 (trade)
    Leprechaun: Loc-It-Up 12" ($1.00)
    Teena Marie: I'm A Sucker For Your Love 12" (1.00)
    Sinnamon: Thanks To You 12" ($1.00)
    Hitman Sammy Sam: The Stepdaddy ($1.00)
    Jennifer Lara: Consider Me 45 ($2.00)
    Lotti Golden: Sock It To Me 45 ($7.00)

    Joe Bataan: CALL MY NAME LP ($16.00)
    Juelz Santana: Mic Check 12" ($6.00)
    Paul Wall: Sittin' Sidewayz 12" ($3.00)
    Three Six Mafia: Stay Fly 12" ($6.00)
    The Blue Van: The Art of Rolling LP (free promo)
    Faith Evans: THE FIRST LADY 2LP ($20.00)
    Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: NATURALLY LP ($12.00)
    Greyboy feat. Sharon Jones: Got To Be A Love 12" ($6.00)
    Amerie: One Thing 12" ($6.00)

    I'm sure I could think of more (I didn't even list bhangra & bollywood joints) but those are off the top of my head.

  • parsecparsec 5,087 Posts
    Nice lists- damn thats alot for that Feminine Complex. I got that earlier in the year for like 20 0r 25 bucks.

  • ReynaldoReynaldo 6,054 Posts
    Ruby Andrews - Black Ruby
    George Guzman - Introducing
    Willie Colon - El Malo
    Jon Hendricks - Salud! Joao Gilberto
    Archie Whitewater - S/T

  • damn thats alot for that Feminine Complex. I got that earlier in the year for like 20 0r 25 bucks.

    Yeah but it was a longtime white whale for me, so I did rare impulse BUY IT NOW. I think it's more like a $60-$75 record but the one I got was in perfect shape, still in (opened) shrinkwrap. $20-$25 is damn good!

  • faux_rillzfaux_rillz 14,343 Posts
    1. Rawkus deadstock gold!

    2. Rawkus deadstock gold!

    3. Rawkus deadstock gold!

    4. Rawkus deadstock gold!

    5. Rawkus deadstock gold!

  • donny hathaway- live
    tony newman- soul thing 45
    bw souls- marvin's groove 45
    fatback band- people music
    art blakey and the jazz messengers- drum suite

  • SoulOnIceSoulOnIce 13,027 Posts
    Barbara Lynn - Here is Barabara Lynn - Atlantic LP
    Gene Clark - Early LA Sessions - Columbia LP
    Freddie Scott - Are You Lonely for Me Baby - Shout LP
    The Invicibles - Heart Full of Love - WB/Loma 45
    Everly Brothers - Gone, Gone, Gone - WB LP

    "finally got it" award: D.O.C. - Noone Can Do it Better - Ruthless LP

    Bargains of the year:

    Boobie Knight - Earth Creature - Dakar LP $10
    Cyril Neville - Gossip - Josie 45 $5

    and, if I ever de-warp it :

    Donald Austin - Crazy Legs - Eastbound LP $1.50

  • Wow, for some reason I'm having a hard time with this one...

    Baden Powell & Vinicius - Os Afro-Sambas
    Jerzy Milian - Orkiestra Rozrywkowa PRiTV
    Uniao Black - S/T
    Djalma Correa & Baiafro - MPBC
    Both 1969 Gal Costa LPs

    Honorable mention goes to Dadisi Komolafe - Hassan's Walk...

  • aleitaleit 1,915 Posts
    i tried and tried and just couldn't pick five.

    heavenly band - hello sunshine
    lee morgan - candy
    francisco mora - mora
    bong penera - s/t
    modulo 5 - s/t
    ebo taylor & the pelikans - s/t
    sorry bamba du mali - s/t
    gyedu-blay ambolley - simigwa
    Orchesra Bawobab - visage du senegal
    barbara mason - oh how it hurts
    royal jesters - chevere
    will & james ragar - s/t
    The Miller
    Orchestra No. 1 de Dakar
    Pierre Leduc et son Quator

    this was the narrowed down list. sorry for cheating.

    so much amazing music filled my head this year and kept shit alive. been one hell of a crazy time- hope this next one is much more relaxed.

  • ryanryan 334 Posts
    boris gardiner happening: every n*gga is a star/ghetto funk
    apple and the the 3 oranges: free and easy pts. 1&2
    eugene blacknell: gettin down
    larry mcgee revolution: the burg
    curtis green: gotta get down pts. 1&2

    the food: forever dream
    13th floor elevators: psychedelic sounds
    sapphire thinkers: from within
    marr'dell: mystery of love
    novi singers: rien ne va plus

  • The Four Mints- row my boat

    Man what a good tune, sweet soul perfection same producer as Timeless Legend involved in this..

    My top 5:

    Mother Earth "plantasia" (Homewood)
    Rising Sun feat. Carlos "miami bump" (SRI)
    Casco "cybernetic love" (HOM)
    Pineapples "come on closer" (Danse)
    Nohelani Cypriano Lp with "lihue" (Hanola)


  • girgir 329 Posts
    os mutantes - mutantes
    art blakey - and the jazz messangers
    eu - future funk
    ice - s/t
    universal robot band - dance and shake your tamborine (single)

  • Henryk Debich - Stringbeat
    Synthesis - ST
    Vanilla Fudge - ST
    Wim Stolwijk - Clair-Obscure

  • Here are some records that keep showing up on the turn table:

    Joy Malay ensemble - MAID INN D' USA (highest randomness of 2005)
    Brainticket - PSYCHONAUT (best mind-alterer of 2005)
    Jacques Loussier - TU SERAS TERRIBLEMENT GENTIL (best ost of 2005)
    Piero Umiliani - ANGELI BIANCHI ANGELI NERI (white whale found)
    Duke of Burlington - FLASH (most entertaining record of 2005)


    ******* ***** - ***** ***** (best secret squirel of 2005)

  • 2005 has been a great year for records, i picked up a load of stuff I was after. My top 5 pick ups would have to be

    5: Twins Of Spin 12"

    4: Another 14U2NV EP

    3: Von Love EP

    2: Sport G & Mastermind - Louder

    Number 1 pick up this year, without a doubt

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts

    Most Enjoyed:

    Terje Rypdal - Bleak House
    Annie Anxiety - Soul Possession
    Liliput - s/t
    Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians


    Juan de la Cruz - Maskara


    Most enjoyed:

    Hlj??msveit Ingimars Eydals - Vor ?? Vaglask??gi


    Tommy James & the Shondells - I'm Alive b/w Crystal Blue Persuasion

  • drewnicedrewnice 5,465 Posts
    Lyman Woodard - Saturday Night Special

    Mary Lou Williams - Mary Lou's Mass

    The Four Mints - S/T

    Del Jones - Positive Vibes

    Whatnauts - On The Rocks

    Whatnauts - Introducing...

    J.R. Bailey - Just Me 'N You

    Dorothy Ashby - The Rubaiyat Of...

    New Holidays - Maybe So Maybe No (45)

    (sorry, I couldn't decide)

  • KineticKinetic 3,739 Posts
    Airport Zurich - Blackout LP
    Les Baxter - Hell's belles LP
    The Underdogs - wasting our time LP
    Golden Horn Big Band - s/t LP
    Chosen few - funky buttercup 7"

    And a killer unknown Australian album that I'm keeping a lid on for the time being.

  • Options

    Chosen few - funky buttercup 7"

    On Konduko?


  • The Four Mints- row my boat

    Both sides ??? incredible! I always pick this up when I find it, 3 different label issues (I think) no wonder, ??? I always have a small stack, been giving this as a gift for years.

  • Options
    Glen Rickets JA soul 45
    Glen Miller "Where is the Love" on Stag - also a monster JA soul 45
    Mousse DOumbia 45
    Praises to Jah - The Roots
    Love and Understanding - Glen Miller


  • Funk 45s
    Willie West - Fairchild
    Cyril Neville - Gossip
    Lou Courtney - Hot Butter'n'all
    Joe & Everyday People - Sleepwalk
    Jesse Hill - Mardi Gras

    Other stuff
    Holy Mackerel LP
    Harumi LP
    Meters 1st LP

  • off the top of my head:

    Joe McPhee- Nation Time LP
    Joe McPhee- Pieces of Light LP
    Rashied Ali and Frank Lowe- Duo Exchange LP
    Eugene McDaniels- Outlaw LP
    Albert Ayler- Spiritual Unity LP

  • BelsonBelson 880 Posts
    Bette Renee & the Thrillettes - Such a much

    Metro-tones, Inc - Get together

    Sheila Wilkerson - Baby your a jive cat

    Dorothy Glass - New creature

    Esther Browne - This is the real thing

    And the nice price bonus ball was getting the Michael Orr and the Book of Life LP on Birthright for little more than a quarter.

    Extra psych experimental rock bonus ball goes to the self-titled Victims of Chance LP on Crestview.
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