Your top 5 records you got in 2005



  • 1. heinz lemmerman - afro beat
    2. plus - plus
    3. richard and the sun demons - ni en defensa propia
    4. manuel riga - train to funkyland
    5. keith papworth - stroll through brazil
    peace, stein. . .

  • Funk 45s
    Willie West - Fairchild

    Just so you know, the Fairchild alternate take on the Sehorns comp is way better than the single.

    A matter of opinion. It's definitely cool/different.

  • 2) Ndikho Xaba and the Natives - lp

    An incredible record, right? Especially the b-side.

    Can't really remember when this year started record wise, but I've gotten some raw...

    Pucho - Jungle Fire
    Rome Jeffries - Good Love 12
    Grandwizard Theodore -- Can I Get a Soul Clap 12
    Mulatu 45 on Addis Ababa label
    Don Carrington Trio

    I got Willie & West "At Their Best," which I've been playing a bunch. Also a copy of Benny Johnson "Visions of Paradise," which I had and sold and needed in my life again. I am now complete.

  • willie_fugalwillie_fugal 1,862 Posts
    youngEINSTEIN said:
    2. plus - plus

    damn that's hard to google!


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