songs you still love to this day since you were a kid

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Can't front... one of the all-time feel-good songs. Remember hearing it on daily rotation on BBC Radio 1.


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    A bunch of ELO because my cousins in Baltimore who I worshiped listened to them.
    And this:

    For a piece he did for Oliver, James wrote about Baker Street and it made me tear up. It defines some aspects of growing up in Montreal to an absolute T.

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    bassie said:

    And this:

    Same here! It reminds me of sitting on a damp towel in the backseat of Mom's Cutlass while driving home from Mission Manor pool with my stomach rumbling for the peanut butter and jelly that was gonna be quickly made and eaten as soon as we got home.

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    When I was in fifth grade, I loved the song Still Not a Player by Big Pun featuring Joe. I sang along and everything, but didn't really know what it was about. Now that I do, I love it even more. Don't know why, just think it's a fun song.

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    Pretty much everything on Chicago's Greatest Hits (70's album) ... my Mom played that LP on the home system like 3 times a week for 8 years or so. Sure, we can all get down to "25 or 6 to 4" (actually I played my wlp 45 of that out @ the bar a few weeks ago ) but I'm talking about, I will drop everything I am doing in the middle of CVS to sing along with conviction to "Colour My World"

    ... as time goes on, I realize - just what you mean ... to meeee ...

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    Yellow Submarine. Sorry. I know.

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    Chillin in the living room with my dad, incense wafting.

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    this one and just about evey Blondie hit there was. I probably like Union City Blue even more now than back in the day

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    Blondie's catalog has held up really well. Even as a kid I was always a big fan of 'Atomic' and 'Heart Of Glass'

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    My parents had pretty poor taste in music, apart from classics like MJ, Stevie, Stones/Beatles, McCartney, Queen etc.

    Some stuff from when I was old enough to make selections for myself. (pre teenage years)

    Beat International - Dub Be Good To Me
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    strictly headphones only

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    bassie said:
    And this:

    This gets filed under, 'Songs I'd quite happily never hear again'.

  • that gerry rafferty tune posted is fantastic! i don;t think i have heard in about 25 years and this is the first time i really listened to it. that sax line is sort of annoying i guess (its the only part of the song i remember from my youth) but this is great song.

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    I wasn't quite ten years old when I was in the car with my father...WLS (back then THEE big Top 40 station in Chicago) was playing on the radio, and I distinctly remember passing the Museum of Science & Industry when Ram Jam's "Black Betty" came on the air...felt like total anarchy with the blazing guitars and the lyric repetition. Made sure to buy the 45 before the summer was out, and sometime that fall I remember getting their LP.

    See, I knew this was their first album, and I wanted to get in on the ground floor of a good thing, in case they became as big as Frampton or something and I could say I had their whole collection. WRONG! They put out one more album (which I also bought) and then faded into the sunset. But I enjoyed that first album immensely and still do; the second one hasn't stood the test too well.

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    Bob Marley - Jammin'

    ... Even my sister who was more into punk use to let me and my dad play this on the way to her soccer games.

    Oh, and Biggie's - Hypnotized ... That was the anthem I would sing to my little brother and I thought the mermaids in the video were great!!!

  • and this.

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    baker street is one for me too!

    and from a later period of my youth...

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