A really good (or great) 80's Jazz Record?



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    Damnit why have I had almost every record in this thread except for the one I actually want.

  • Adele Sebastian - Desert Fairy Princess

    Waxpoetics says it's from 1981 but Orgy in Rhythm offers a download of this and they say it's from the late 70's

    Either way it's great.

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    [splitting hairs]
    Doesn't count as it is a re-packaging of a Trident release from the 70s.
    Micheal Gregory Jackson "Gifts" also misses the boat ('79), but it is a good record.
    [/splitting hairs]

    This is a beautiful end-to-end listen from '81:

    Ethnic Heritage Ensemble "Three Gentlemen From Chicago"

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    wynton is great btw

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    I thought so does not sound like a 80s recording.... so what does the Trident cover look like?

  • Shamek Farrah & Folks - La Dee La La (Ra Records)

    Kamal & The Brothers - Brotherhood - or am I just imagining this one to be 80s, can't find my copy right now. There were several pressings, maybe that's it.

    Quintessence - Sonoma Rag - from 1980, so it makes the cut!

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    for such a great musician, he sure does have a huge, turdly and just plain boring discography. i really tried too. i've hear d almost all of them . this is the only one i kept:

    I remember J Mood being decent too. that Majesty of the Blues record is terrible. Jeff Tain Watts is incredible. Marsalis was supposed to do what for jazz? i'm still waiting.

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    wow. i just bought this but didn't have the time to listen to it. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. my stereo is broke. what kind of jazz is it?

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    Easily one the best jazz trumpeters/composers alive.

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    Randy Weston recorded all three of these brilliant sides in a three day period in 1989 -- I actually prefer many of Weston's late-80s through the present recordings to his more 'classic' sessions from Jazz's heyday. He has never stopped advancing.

    Portaits of Monk

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    Yes! That Monk CD is incredible.

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    I will break from Fatback on Marsalis on this: Wynton Marsalis has a GREAT jazz Christmas record, but that's about as far as I go with him. He just bugs me

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    The opening track ("Well, You Needn't") has become a staple of my Friday night soul jazz sets, so funky and lively, I was floored the first time I heard it.

  • Khan Jamal- Infinity (and some other titles)

    Nice to see Ethnic Heritage Ensemble. I don't have that one, but I saw them play here earlier this year and it was ridiculously good. Like life-alteringly good.

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    I should fall back a little. I do not think he sucks. I find him extremely unremarkable. It seems strange that, among all of those recordings, despite technical proficiency, he remains completely unremarkable as a composer and improviser. I like that he is outspoken and steadfast in his opinions. I find him to be very funny, knowledgeable and engaging in interviews (i.e., those Burns things) and I admire his success. But in the end, most of his recordings are pedestrian.

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    featuring khan jamal
    love this album

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    Remember 2nd Story had all those signed Marsalis records in their dollar bin for like 5 years? I bet they are still there.

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    I think Steeplechase is a great, yet underrated, label. Excellent sound quality. I'm also a big NHOP fanboy.

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    I would go check, but I can't find the enthusiasm to look for a Wynton LP even for research purposes. It's too much effort.

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    I think Steeplechase is a great, yet underrated, label. Excellent sound quality. I'm also a big NHOP fanboy.

    h, 21

    DC native Buck Hill had some good records on Steeplechase into the 80s.

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    i bought khan jamal lp once. it's called thinking of you. it was the only record i decided to buy at a record store with many 80s jazz lps. i never really listened to it though. but it was the best record in the whole box.

  • Oh, sorry. I didn't see that you specified 80s.

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    I really, really didn't want to give Marsalis any shine until I heard this:

    As much as it pains me to say it, he plays great trumpet on this. First time I heard it I couldn't believe it was him. Properly played like he means it.

    The cnut.

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    Still dumb after all these years.

  • Just becuz iM dum duznt meen I dont hav feelings!

  • Here are a few I've been listening to lately..

    Abdul Zahir Batin and the Notorious Ensemble "Live at the Jazz Cultural Theater" (couldn't find an image)
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