A really good (or great) 80's Jazz Record?

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Name one. Not a one or two tracker...but an entire LP.


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    Nimbus LPs are filled with goodness

    •Dadisi Komolafe - Hassan's Walk
    •Creative Arts Ensemble - One Step Out
    •Adele Sebastian - Desert Fairy Princess

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    I guess I just thought of a couple too:

    Lounge Lizards - No Pain For Cakes

    Some of thsoe Henry Threadgil records were alright too.

    So what was the Kind Of Blue or Giant Steps of 1980's Jazz music?

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    Jerry Gonzalez Ya Yo Me Cure

    Angels of Atlanta

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    Unfair to the 80's era.

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    How so?

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    Who is the next Michael Jordan?

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    Marsalis sucks.

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    "Who is the next Michael Jordan?"

    Thats more of a prediction. This is more asking for a considered appraisal of past events.

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    Here's a good Australian one- comped recently too:

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    Marcus Miller "Suddenly" and "Tales" (although that was like early 90s.)

  • Nels Cline "Angelica"

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    Pharaoh Sanders Shukuru
    Eddie Palmerie Sueno
    Elias, Eliane Cross Currents
    Astor Piazzola numerous titles
    Airmen Of Note Crystal Gardens
    Blossom Dearie Chez Walberg
    Joe Pass Guitar Interludes
    Jim Pepper Comin and Goin
    Joe Pass Virtuoso #4
    Pharaoh Sanders Heart Is Melody
    Cal Tjader A Fuego Vivo

    To name a few.

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    Naptown Jazz Quintet

  • Carmen Lundy Good Morning Kiss on Black Hawk.

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    Anyone who completely discredits most jazz music that was happening in the 70s is no good in my book. And, I'm not really into his music.b

    On the other hand.

    How about this one though '82.

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    Equating Marsalis' playing w/ his critique of Jazz history is suspect.

  • one of the first cecil taylor records i bought and still my favorite

  • Naptown Jazz Quintet

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     I am after a Sunrise Ltd. hardcore and will pay. Holler.

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    His opinion on jazz history does not effect my opinion of his music. If he was all up in some freak out spiritual jazz shit that still wouldn't make me think he's any better than I do. I wouldn't necessarily say he sucks, he's a fine trumpet player, arranger, etc. - just not feelin' his music and all the hype he gets for it.

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    Anyone who completely discredits most jazz music that was happening in the 70s is no good in my book. And, I'm not really into his music.",my bad

  • in addition to the above (totally agree on Lounge Lizards, Jim Pepper, Cecil, Nimbus recommendations), you cannot go wrong with Soul Note / Black Saint - David Murray, John Carter, Oliver Lake, Odean Pope (also check out his Trio recordings on Moers Music), Frank Lowe, Jimmy Lyons, Ray Anderson...

    all of John Carter's LPs on Gramavision absolutely shred - other amazing LPs for that label include Anthony Davis' 'Episteme'... the Bob Moses LPs, etc.

    Enja is another quality label through the 80s - Kenny Barron - 'Scratch', John Stubblefield 'Bushman Song', Michelle Rosewoman...

    Lots of great recordings on HatArt - Horace Tapscott 'The Dark Tree' is unstoppable. His LPs for Nimbus are almost as great...

    lots of great odd / electric jazz / Harmolodic like Power Tools, Ronald Shannon Jackson & The Decoding Society (Mandance, Barbeque Dog), Blood Ulmer (Black Rock), Last Exit - 'Iron Path'

    tons of great Euro stuff, too! Patrick Gauthier - Bebe Godzilla, Abus Dangereux 'Le Quatrieme Mouvement', Rahmann (S/t), etc.

    many great ECMs too - Everyman Band, Art Ensemble of Chicago (Urban Bushman! Full Force!), Terje Rypdal 'Chaser'...

    if you like noisy avant fusion, Joachim Kuhn's "Let's Be Generous" is one of the great recordings of the genre (think Tony Williams' lifetime w/Larry Young!). The label that CD was on, CMP, also had a number of fine releases during the 80s.

    lots of great 80s jazz never saw the light of day outside of Japan - stuff by Mal Waldron, for example.

  • Great one out of Philly:

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    Is Wynton really a jazz musician?
    Isn't he more of a revivalist/preservationist?

    The quality of his compositions would be the best argument for calling him a jazz artist.

  • Michael Gregory Jackson, purple one with him on the cover

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    On the Enja label?

  • I can't remember but when i was in high school I sampled it like 4 times, it had mad loops.

    I got a beat with it i made somewhere.. I used to love that joint.

    It was "gifts"

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