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Yeah...Uni Records...even though Decca didn't have a lot of success in the rock/soul market for most of the sixties, they soon made up for it with this subsidiary label, ca. 1967-73. Although they recorded all different kinds of stuff, they really had the drop on psych bands and Chicago soul, for some reason. Those two genres probably accounted for 50% of the stable. Cool label.Roll call:- Neil Diamond- Bill Cosby (and/or the Bunions Bradford Band)- Rainy Daze- Desmond Dekker (reggae before it properly broke in the US)- Big Black (jazz/funk percussionist, not the later Chicago indie-rock band)- Lollipop Shoppe (hard psych-punk, not as poppish as their name)- Strawberry Alarm Clock- Garland Green- Hugh Masekela- the Hook- J. Henry Burnett (now known as T-Bone Burnett)Rep some faves, least faves, or even some Uni rekkids you were curious about. Even if it's from the eighties, when MCA revived Uni with Steve Earle and Wet Wet Wet...


  • Sister & Brothers - Jed Clampett
    Ultimate Force - I'm Not Playing
    Jackie Lee - The Chicken
    Green Berets - forget the titles but a couple good sweet soul sides

  • Green Berets - forget the titles but a couple good sweet soul sides

    I have one of them, "We Must Make Things Right," which is a pretty good group-soul 45.

  • And what's the consensus on Big Black? I've had the "Long Hair"/"Digging What You're Doing" single for some time, but then I found the Big Black & The Blues LP and was underwhelmed. The only good track on that album is "Long Black Sally," a goodtimey number with a great walking bass that sounds like something Redd Foxx and Scatman Crothers would have sung on Sanford & Son.

  • my favorite unis:

    green berets, "just an ugly rumor"
    that betty everett lp, killer from start to finish
    larry carlton, "son of a preacher man"/"moon people"
    darrow fletcher, "dolly baby"
    wasters, "don't stop"/"accept my love"
    dyna-might, "borracho"

    i know there are others i'm forgetting...

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    The Lovelites

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    I totally ride for Uni Records. Enough of my samples prove this, shhhh.......("I'll never tell...").


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    dyna-might, "borracho"
    Man, I only ever see another 45 of his on Uni that sux, never this one.

    Anyways, I like the label, some of the 45s don't wear too well though, maybe weak pressings?

    Some cool stuff:
    The Foundations - some great 45s
    Garland Green - "I Can't Believe You Quit Me" - this song rules!!
    & others already mentioned!!

  • Fever Tree

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    The Wasters

    "Don't Stop / Accept My Love"

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    Superfox by the Hound Dog Clowns is my fav Uni joint... produced by yr boy kim Fowley...

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    Marvin Holmes "Ooh ooh the dragon and other monsters" lp
    plus that 45, and the non-lp 45 with "thang" on it.

    i'm sure someone probably already mentioned Betty Everett "Take Me" along with other awesome singles but i'll second that shit anyways.

  • - Desmond Dekker

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    lost man ost- quincy jones

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    Most of the ones I know and enjoy have been mentioned, but I also like the spunky hip hop stylings found my 45 of Ice Cream Tee's "Can't Hold Back"

  • lost man ost- quincy jones
    Ah, haven't heard that but need to.

    I really dig the Lovelites LP, "Jungle Grass" by the Aquarians, Big Black's LP's, and most of Hugh Masekeka's output on that label. Sonically speaking, the vinyl on Uni always sounds great too.

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    Damn, you guys covered a lot, probably my favorite
    of those mentioned is the Lollipop Shoppe, which is
    on the short list of 60's albums for me.

    Some stuff I think not mentioned -

    Druids of Stonehenge LP. Great psych album.

    Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit & Greenhill LP.

    Alexander's Timeless Bloozband LP.

    Oh, the Mirettes Whirlpool LP!!

    The early ZZ Top outfit, American Blues Band.

    Mort Garson's Lucifer LP.

    I like some of the Big Black stuff, and that
    Mike Millis record sampled by Beck is pretty cool.

    John Fred's only BAD album is on UNI

    Did anybody mention Eric B & Rakim, "Follow the Leader?"

    Ural Thomas, "Can You Dig It/I'm A Whole New Thing"
    and "Pain Is The Name Of Your Game/Since You went Away"
    are really solid soul 45's.

    Stuff I'd like to hear/hear about includes Magic Sand,
    The Fields, the Mars Bonfire solo record, Orange Colored Sky.

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    Mirettes - Whirlpool


    Betty Everett - There'll Come A Time


    Sister Watch Yourself/Stand By Your Man (Uni 70)
    The Passionettes were out of Detroit and would later go on to record as the Fuzz and release an LP. This was their second 45 before the name change. Sister Watch Yourself showcases the group???s strong female lead singer that reminds me a bit of Marva Whitney with a funky backing. The flipside is a soulful rendition of Stand By Your Man.

    I Want To Take You Higher/Tightrope (Uni 70)
    I heard this single originally through a Funk 45 mix that Cosmo put together. It starts off to great effect with a cover of Sly Stone???s I Want To Take You Higher. Unlike most covers of the tune, Sylvanus is actually able to add a little edge to their version provided by a heavy rhythm section and strong female singing in the lead. The original Tightrope is just as good, starting off with a walking bass line before the drums and a cowbell accompany the female singer. As the song progresses it reaches a crescendo as the vocalist belts out the chorus over loud horns bursts. A very fine two-sider of a 45 to look for.

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    one of my favorite labels to discover things on.

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    The Garland Green LP on UNI is pretty good.

  • Ultimate Force - I'm Not Playing

    This is a great record ... UNI had some real heavy rap records in the late 80s/early 90s. Eric B. & Rakim's "Follow The Leader" being the best I think, including the "Microphone Fiend" 12" with the great 45 King remix on it.

    Jazzy Jay's EP on UNI is worth seeking out as well.

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    cosine on the lost man ost, lollipop shoppe, and druids of stonehenge. great stuff.

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    I don't think this has been mentioned yet:

    The original pressing is on UK Trend. Great album. I love the title track. Funny to think that 25-30 years later Paul Carrack would be a member of Mike & The Mechanics.

  • Love Unlimited

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    Love Unlimited

    i love that "Move Me No Mountain" track.

  • Man, that Rainy Daze LP was dissapointing. I listened to it once on the listening station at a store, and thought it was rad, but the copy was a little beat and priced high so I left it. Some time later I find a sealed copy for cheap, take it home, put it on, and find its a pretty bad album.

    I will ride for The Easybeats, that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet.

    How's the "Follow Me" OST? Love the cover.

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    That Aquarians LP is dope.

    Who rides for Poe?

  • And what's the consensus on Big Black? I've had the "Long Hair"/"Digging What You're Doing" single for some time, but then I found the Big Black & The Blues LP and was underwhelmed. The only good track on that album is "Long Black Sally," a goodtimey number with a great walking bass that sounds like something Redd Foxx and Scatman Crothers would have sung on Sanford & Son.

    You know I have this UNI single, too and I also needle dropped the LP you mentioned and didn't like it enough to own it. But then I have no idea where Big Black is coming from either so I am curious.

    Another one I can't figure but like is The Infinity (I don't think they are the same Infinity with Billy Butler on the Memphis label?). I have this one single on UNI and I really like it. The side I play often is "What's happening (in the darkness)". I forget what the flip is, but it's okay. Not as hot to me and it sounds more gospel on the flip. maybe that's why I wasn't feeling it as much.

    I also like any Lovelites on the UNI label. I'll still grip ~ How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad That I've Been Baaad ~ and pass it out to my friends like people give out condoms to promote safe sex just because...I care. haha.

    There are more I'm sure I'm missing and I haven't even mentioned the many LPs and a lot I haven't heard still. I do ride for hours with UNI: Hugh Masekela's, Betty Everett, The Wasters (Don't Stop/Accept My Love), "Borracho", and I wish I knew more about the rap records J.Paycheck mentioned. I do have Eric B. & Rakim's "Follow the Leader" and I have love for these people, too.

    I (heart) the Aquarians and the POE!

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    Will anyone ride with me for Mike Millius?

    Also, anybody got a clean OG of Lollipop Shoppe they want to sell/trade?

  • was stoked to dig this up a few months ago...minty(sorry SOI, Im keepin it)

  • Aww I wants, too!
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