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peeps with your graphic designs and arts stuff, please post your latest here, those threads are among my faves...i just started painting about 3 months ago, fun as fuck medium it is, here's some of my stuff its um, and abstract of trees, the cross pattern the roots and the organic shapes top and...ya. i have this tradition with one of my best friends, where for the last 8 or 9 years we have this tradition where we leave a gift on eachother's door step with a sort of joke gift/inside joke, and do not even ring eachother's door bell. we just leave it there for the other to absorb and with a card with an explanation of how the gift came about to be. this year i just learned about painting and we met up the day before this painting so i just painted the conversation we had. ok it made sense at the time and she loved it. this event had made my birthday and her birthday feel like new years day because of the anticipation. ^this is a visualization of my nieces in the future, they're about 1 years old right now, they are so goddamn cute. the vines of the flowers are the initials of their names. brown babies are adorable ^my first "abstract" i guess, its just about a metamorphosis i guess with what looks like a phoenix, cause this is the best fucking year of my life, i feel i've evolved so much and this reflects the change in my life...but really this painting is actually just trying to use all the paints that i poured on my i mentioned i just started painting, so what i did in this case was put 2 reds, 2 blues, and 2 yellows and crimson and white and black, and i'm stingy with the paints cause i had no cash, so i wanted to make sure i use every drop on my pallette and put every drop on the canvas, haha pathetic, but i like how it turned out. i'm rereading what i typed and it sounds hippy, i want to barf flowers, i painted this in my painting course. they wanted u to paint flowers. so i painted flowres. teacher said she liked the "greens", and she had some suggestions for lighting purposes....but she was really great. basically my class was a bunch of seniors passing time haha, seriously, when i'm that old, that's what i want to be doing, attending classes. i couldnt related to any of them culturally, but through the paintings they painted, it was beautiful to witness things that exist in people that dont know they are aware of till later in life. some of the paintings were just...fuck..its like u can put some paint and a brush on some bum's hands that u walk by on the street or something and they have some profound images to communicate. this is why painting is like the most beautiful disciplines u can doesnt require rhythm like music, its just inate to every motherfucker another case of "use all the paints on the pallete u cheap brown motherfucker!" this one was obvious ^metropolis on mars ^my teacher just told us how to use the palette knife, and the techniques with it, and this was our exercise in class to utilize what she taught us. this was about my 3rd painting ever and i loved the process of it so godamn much, and it just made me want to keep doing it. i'm a modest dude, but i'm really proud of this one. she suggested the part of incorporating a tinge of purple into the white areas...that's something i never would have guessed on my own..and it was GOLD. people, ALWAYS RESPECT YOUR TEACHERS. THANKS MISS, FOR YOUR TEACHINGS, will remember your insight forever.


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    here's some newer design bits: some t-shirts, a flyer and a CD design.... i've been dead slack recently. need to pull my inky finger out (oof!)

    more heat rocks get dropped here , at least until i get a grown-folk website together...

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    Hm, nice stuff both. AlieND, I like the bottom ones. Bold images.

    Here's some pictures I did this week for a cultfilm mag.

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    You guys are all super-talented... All of the above is great.

    Have some shite to recalibrate your system:

    This is a huge canvas that is part of an exhibition I'm in later this year.

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    awesome sheit peoples, feeling it

    love this!

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    thats deadly.

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    here's some recent shirts i made;

    ^brownies taking over

    ^my tribute to the illest villain of all time (i can't wait to see the new batman, they are doing him the right way, there is a god)

    ^did this for a friend, dont have a pic of the shirt, but here's the image used

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    my photos are about 10 years old and crappy, but these are some of the 5-7' wide
    oil paintings ive been doing (...but not much since 2000, but i plan on changing
    that asap)

  • plus im a sucker for pieces with vinyl references.....

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    My new desktop background. Very cool.

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    My new desktop background. Very cool.

    Thanks guys, i really appreciate that you like it. Im starting my own tees line and this graphic will be the first realese.

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    here is my old stuff:

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    I haven't done a painting in years but purchased this one last week. My wife really wanted it after our friend did his first art show.

    "Poppies Poppin" by Merrick Brown

  • Generique - that Dracula in the coffin illustration is so fresh.

    Here are some recent things...

    the making of...

  • ^very nice.

    really like that paste up photo one.

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    New logo for my radio show/blog, I was going for that late 70's disco look. Used pencil crayons, then photoshop to give it a more airbrush look.

    Image Hosted by

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    I know you have already posted this, but could you post another link to your show/blog? The search engine isn't very helpful.


  • pony,

    I know you have already posted this, but could you post another link to your show/blog? The search engine isn't very helpful.


    (read his location)

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    I'm really feeling this. I like the revolver. Would make a good screen print or even a shirt.

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    I know you have already posted this, but could you post another link to your show/blog? The search engine isn't very helpful.


    (read his location)

    haha! thanks!

    I need some coffee...

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  • eliseelise 3,252 Posts


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    New show now up...

    One Day Later Tracklist for June 11, 2007

    The Rapture - W.A.Y.U.H. (Scottie B Remix)
    Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix)
    Soul Grabber - Soul Grabber Pt. 3
    Earth People - Dance
    Breakbot - Happy Rabbit
    Breakbot - The Summer Party
    Chemical Brothers (Feat. Fatlip) -The Salmon Dance
    Rainbow Brothers - 818 323 01
    Sparkle - Handsome Man
    Pase Rock & DJ Eli - So Fucking Disco
    Kenna - Free Donuts and Shell Fish (Xxxchange Remix)
    Tracey & Sammy - It's All True Step Daddy (Donsonsmash)
    Harry Thumann - Sphinx
    Pretty Poison - Nightime
    Royal Cash - Radio Activity
    Twista & Pharrell vs Radio Activity
    Kasso - Key West (Jelllybean Edit)
    I:Cube - Scratch Robotniks
    Paolo Casa - Slap It
    Key-Matic - Breakin' In Space
    The Ragga Twins - Illegal Gunshot
    Sorcerer- Bamboo Brainwave
    Beatkonducta (Madlib) - Masala
    Cool C - Juice Crew Dis
    Mr.Flash - Radar Rider
    Dondolo - Le Jour Dapres
    Cool Kids - 88
    Alan Braxe & Fred Falke (Feat. Savage) - You'll Stay In My Heart

    End thread jack.

  • Mike,this shit is sooo fresh!

    also feeling several of yours in your post(as always, you NEVER dissapoint!)...

    I also liked many of the works that other Strutters posted..keep up the good work,fellas...some VERY talented artists up in this community! I have to admit the art/design threads are by far my favorite threads on here. More work please..MORE MORE MORE!!!

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    I haven't done much art lately, but a friend of mine did a few posters for a club some other aquainted of mine is running which I really dig.

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    this thread is dope...wish I had some talent like you mofos.

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    very classy!

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    Been doing some work for this group Yo' Majesty...

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    everyone posted thus far has come correct.




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    Not much over here... aside from tripping robos.




    and this:


    for this:

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