?uestlove confronts Biz Markie on the Mardi Gras



  • LokoOneLokoOne 1,823 Posts
    sup sheepsta.....
    my bad lad... I meant the 12 (hey Im dyslexic I get my numbers wrong...hehehehe). $5 for the 7inch is nice (even if its scratched up) you can make it like a medallion and wear it when you dj and shit...hehehe

    what Im saying is even if Biz doesnt want to carry the shit around or pull it out for everyone (not even Questlove) he could at least have a picture of it to show...the i would accept what he has on his lappie is the real deal....

    Hey B***n when you coming back home bro.... ?

  • djtopcatdjtopcat Seattle WA The 206 312 Posts
    It's like Bigfoot, it doesn't exist. The fact that people didn't immediately recognize that the bells are panned in the mix and can be canceled out is disturbing enough. The CTI briefcases are definitely real promo items from the 70's though. Supreme has one. He needs to be on Crate Diggers if they're still doing those wtf is going on? 

  • JimsterJimster The Cruffiton liveth. 6,573 Posts
    There are 45 stereo pressings out there that permit the panning out of bells.  Only very specific pressings though.


  • YemskyYemsky 635 Posts
    Know your versions. 
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