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    Bwah! It was a nutcase loner.  Where did he get a shooter from?

    Also, I bet his moisturiser game was mad wheak, son.

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    RIP... madness.

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    @Skel So, about dat hooliganism?

    Speaking of bashing fellow Euromangs, spent some of Saturday chatting to an Italian economist (Oxymoron, right?) and don't know what way to vote now.

    I expressed my hatred of Dave and dem but he implored that I see the bigger picture and despise not the sportsman, but his sport.  Out means we are looking at an immediate plummet of the £ v € and no Euromang parachute to bail us out of the stone ages like Greece have had.  His gist was, Meriman and Chinaman will barge anyone out of the queue if they look like that little dude.  Europe needs to come mob-handed.

    I don't like any of the options - But I suspect Britain will be on the back foot forever until our manufacturing, labour and cost of living can compete with the cheapest on Earth.  I can't see how that will work, IN or OUT.  Which is why the politicians lie to us, because they and their paymasters are not going to take the hit.

    The endgame is not going to be pretty but I hope to be brown bread before I see that.

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    The fact that the out campaign are peddling all that "make Britain great again" bullshit should be a red flag to any intelligent person. Those fucks think things can go back to the good ol days where we went around muscling nations to buy our shit. I'd love to Boris and dem try pulling some opium wars type bullshit on China in 2016. I doubt they've forgotten about that shit, and just cause we wrote the rules of how that shit gets played doesn't mean we can't get played. 
    If we vote Brexit and our economy takes a nose dive, seeing as we are one, if not the, financial capitals of the world, everyone else's economy is going to suffer as a result. Then we're going to roll up on them looking to trade. 

    The Brexit people seem to be promising the end to everything bad ever as soon as we vote leave. These are the same Tory fucks that have squeezed the lowest on the ladder for the last term and a half. The same fucks whose cuts to services have caused the crisis they're now putting at the EU's door. The same cunts who are making disabled people pay for the bailout of the banks are now the champions of the downtrodden? Championing the working classes whilst demonizing and blaming the outsider, if that shit weren't so real I would swear it was dreamt up by some wannabe fascist with an A-level in political studies. But I guess it works. 

    Voting out isn't going to lower migration. Voting out isn't going to bring manufacturing back to the UK when it can still be done for cheaper elsewhere. Voting out is probably going to result in the break up of the UK. Give the Scottish the choice between a Tory self inflicted recession and the ever green pastures of independence & they will undoubtedly want out. The Irish might even go back to being Irish. Leaving the English and the Welsh looking increasingly isolated. How's that making Britain great again?

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    Yeah I was thinking the first thing Scotland will do is vote themselves back in to the EU.

    I've already voted with my feet. Will become Spanish if that's the only choice left to me.

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    Will become Spanish if that's the only choice left to me.

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    "¿quién es ese tipo en el chaleco matador haciendo dubstep mueve ?"
    "Es la Duder. Loco."

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    Apparently I might be able to register for an Irish passport based on my parentage.

    Though whether I can learn Irish faster than German is debateable.

    No matter what happens today I have a lingering hope that this whole campaign has exposed what an utter shit Johnson is. After palling up to Farage n co for the last few months it's going to be very hard for him to switch back to being seen as the harmless big loveable unkempt posh chap. Shame on London for ever buying into this cunt's spiel.

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    it seems the northern/western european countries are busy fucking themselves over while southern european countries might finally get their shit together. 

    if italy gets their shit together i'm moving there. good food and good weather

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    I blame Lindsay Lohan.

    Shit, I hope any of you bought some other currencies leading up to this.

    For a brief moment I was thinking Scotland and London were gonna keep it remain.

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    Fuck this shit. Fuck Cameron for getting us in this position in the first place but, more importantly, fuck all the yokel little England morons who can't see beyond the end of their street.

    First interviews on BBC this morning and the leave campaigners are already saying how this vote doesn't mean the end of immigration or the immediate reinvestment of EU money into the NHS. THESE ARE THE LIES YOU CAMPAIGNED ON YOU UTTER CUNTS. 

    Next up,  racist Boris as PM. Have been uming and ahing a bit about whether to stay abroad or move back but now I genuinely don't know if I'd want to live there - London is only a part of the UK and can't live in the bubble forever. Though having said that I don't know whether I can actually stay abroad now..... 

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    Im just not sure what kind of Britian the leave voters are expecting it to be ?
    Like a timewarp back to the 50s ? Its simply not going to play our like that.

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    Too depressing for words.

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    Bye, minimum wage.  It was nice knowing you.


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    Woke up and checked the front page of the Guardian. Assumed I must still be asleep.

    Fucking stupid, selfish wankers.

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    Way to usher in a wave of far right politics across Europe.

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    More than 100 BILLION just wiped off the stock exchange.

    Going to Britain could become very cheap, and British tourists could become a rarity.
    So there's a silver lining.

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    At the end of the day I think the 'Vote Leave, take back control, make Britian great again' message was always going to pull harder on emotions than 'we're better as a part of the EU' the other side were peddling. Serveys have already shown that the majority of people in the UK are woefully ill informed or plain ignorant when it comes to the EU, so people were voting mainly on an emotional basis. 

    I watched a bit of that mass debate on the tele the other night. All the speakers were pretty poor, they all had some preprepared zingers that got cheers from their 'supporters' but ultimately fell flat. But the Leave camp kept hammering the same message 'take back control, make Britain great again'. The Leave camp would spew their lies and the Remain camp would heckle them, but not once were they actually held to account for what they were claiming and that seems to have been the same through most of the campaign. They have made all these grandious promises about what the country will be when we vote leave, but not once was the rhetoric backed up by anything substantial. 

    In some ways we've just witnessed a coup by Boris who saw his opportunity to take control of the Country. 6 months ago the guy was on record being pro EU and towing the party line. Now he's likely to be the next PM, voted in on a wave of immigrant fear, celebrated ignorance and peddling lies. What a great country we have become. 

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    I think Britain has to look at itself in the mirror and admit it's become a nasty, right wing shit-hole; two successive Tory election victories (with a manifesto of "tax the poorest") don't lie.

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    The people have spoken.
    Being part of Eurp for 40 years has been like being in an unsatisfactory relationship.
    In the end, it takes a mixture of bravery and recklessness to depart. I've done it twice.
    There is difficulty, yes, but also opportunity.
    Patallels with our stance on Blatter.
    Short terms falls in sterling and FTSE should spook no-one. There have been worse, and we all survived. And later, thrived. 
    Its how we roll.

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    I wish I shared your optimism. While Britain might survive this, I don't think the EU will, and the political parties who will make hay are going to be fascists.
    Britain will still be Britain (minus Scotland and N. Ireland), but it's new neighbors will not be the pleasant bunch who were willing to talk over differences and work together to solve problems.

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    Can we still call it Britain if it's just us and the Welsh? The Scots voted Remain by a majority, so them leaving the Union now seems only a matter of time. The Welsh, despite receiving 500 million annually in EU aid, voted leave. Let's see how well they do under a bolstered right wing government who traditionall hasn't given a fuck about them.

    The Leave result will bolster every xenophobic rightwing party across Europe and will likely lead to call to dismantle the EU entirely. Then we can go back to fearing and hating each other, perfect position to be in for a time when the far right is on the rise. Good times ahead for sure. 


    If leaving the EU is like leaving an unsatisfactory relationship let's hope it turns out to be a beneficial split and not one where 'they' take all our friends and we end up alone, slowly drinking ourselves to death, regretting how good we really did have.


    I'm glad I don't really care about collecting records anymore. I remember buying from the US when the pound was worth over 2 dollars, now it's slipping towards parity. 

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    Scotland just announced "strongly considering" another referendum for independence. I think I know which way that will go.
    Well done Britain.

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    The back peddling on the bullshit Leave promised didn't take long did it. 

    When all the other shit the Leave people have been peddling doesn't happen either what then? 

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    Spanish tv talking about how Britain will have to renegotiate all EU trade deals with ZERO leverage and asking did nobody talk about this?
    They seem sad and perplexed. Cutting your own nose off to spite your face doesn't have a direct translation, but I think this is the phrase they're grasping for.

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    OK, early morning shock over. Coffee drunk. Hangover subsiding.

    I guess I am proud that Britain held this referendum and I shouldn't judge the population for the result (even if I question the motives), but I worry about which direction politics in Britain will head now.
    If this is really an up-yours to the establishment, big business, TTIP etc, then great. If it can be the catalist for meaningful left-of-centre politics to offer a viable alternative, even better.

    It's up to you now Britain.

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    Leaving the EU was sold to 'the people' as an anti establishment & anti centralised power thing, a grass-roots taking back of the power. It didn't matter that it was a complete lie and we could end up having to give away similar powers and sovereignty just to regain those same trade deals we've opted out of. But at least we won't have the EU dictating the bendiness of our bananas any more, right!?

    Facts were seen as the enemy in this campaign along with a distrust of any expert warnings, coupled with a general 'fuck off back to London' attitude that greeted the Remain campaigners on the road. The Leave campaign have put practically everything caused by Tory austerity and the economic downturn at the door of the EU. Whilst selling Leave as a magic button to press to make the lives of working people better. Lets us just go on ignoring that more money has just been wiped off our economy in a few hours since Brexit than was ever given away to the EU. That uncertainty could continue for years. We can hope that the markets will recover, but there is still a distinct possibility that the UK will fall into recession once more. Whilst the EU will look to get it's own back on us for causing this destabilization and warn other nations to not follow suit & if Scotland breaks up the Union that will cause further uncertainty.. and so it rolls on.  

    'The people'* have just voted to open a box with no clue of its contents, simply because they were told there was magic inside. 

    *mostly the old, about 70/80% of those under 24 vote Remain. 

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