World Cup sh*t tawk



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    I got Mexico and Columbia in the office sweep. First game tonight. Looking fwd to it.

    PS I know next to nothing about football

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    cai said:
    I know next to nothing about football

    You'll fit right in.

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    Wound up watching the game at a bar where I had been told other film people I work with would be, turns out it was just a handful of people who seemed to still have the whole "sports is for stupid people" attitude that I thought had died off in the 90s. Plus the bar didn't have a proper tv, they were going off a stream over teh wi-fi from a laptop to a crooked projector. Of course the stream, even though it was the official one, still turned to shit during the 2nd half. Two years living in Porto Alegre and this shit town still finds new ways to disappoint.

    Heard there were some small protests here where people smashed anything that had FIFA stamped on it, but it ended just in time for everyone to go home and watch the game.

    I'm about to call a man about some tickets.

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    On their youtube channel Vice Tv had a live stream of a reporter roaming the streets surrounding the stadium presumably. I'm betting they were hoping for the mix of anarchist angst, fifa hatred and soccer hooligans, to be ignited by a Brazil loss into war on the streets. Sadly they didn't get their wish.

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    HarveyCanal said:
    Before anyone sh*t tawks me on USA USA USA. I'm Italia all day over Newbieland. I still wish well, but they'ze ain't MY team.

    Now to take care of Snakes Britain...
    You do know Britain have never had a squad in the WC right..?

    Who's your tip for Italian player of the tourney.. Mario Barwuah Balotelli? Cerci? Tyrion? Maybe Pirlo or Piola? I bet you like Azzo.

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    Was a good game yesterday...

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    looks like I might go watch Honduras kick France in the shins on sunday

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    That Van Percy header!


  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,783 Posts
    Holy fuck 3-1 Holland!

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    Stolen from someones FB comment:

    England's football team visited an orphanage in Brazil today.
    "It's heartbreaking to see their sad faces, so defeated, with no hope at all," said Joao, aged 6.

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    Yeah this Spain Holland game is bananas! I needed that Silva goal to stand for my fantasy team.

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    Such a shame the WC final they played wasn't like this.


    If I was Dutch I'd be losing my shit right now.

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    Ooh my god

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    You in Spain dude? Bet folks there weren't counting on this even in their worse case scenarios.

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    My god Holland should have 6! This is awesome.

    I moved to Barcelona a couple of months ago and wasn't prepared for the Catalan factor; locals aren't interested in the World Cup. They might be Barcelona fans, but they won't follow the national team. I also know plenty of "Spanish" Spaniards, and I will be laughing hard at them tomorrow when we play football!

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    Only a few games in and this tournament already seems better than the entire tournament in South Africa.

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    The World Cup, it is happening.

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    I do believe it fair to say, without any fear of contradiction, or indeed any sentiment that may be construed as contention, that shit just got real.

  • The Raise UpThe Raise Up Golden Years... wah wah wah 452 Posts
    I'm in Holland right now, my city is exploding as we speak. The fuck did I just see?

    Now just watch as we mess it all up in the second round against Mexico or something.

    For now though, :beerbang: :face_melt: :lush: :freeway:

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    my pants are atightening as I watch the replay of that goal

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  • Arjen Robben runs REAL fast it turns out.

    What a game. Good start to the tournament. Now watch us piss it away against Chile.

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    Well, having caught my breath back after that I'm gonna do Chile vs Ozzies. Has to be a Chile victory, right?

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    Spain vs Holland rarely disappoints in one form or another, but that was some game. Holland always start tournaments amazingly then implode in the knockout stages, whilst Spain have a reputation for starting slowly, but they didn't seem to be on it today at all. When the pundits were calling it for Spain at halftime I thought it didn't look as likely as it did 4 years ago. We've got used to seeing them just dominate teams & passing the game to death but the only one who turned up seemed to be Iniesta, whilst Xavi was barely in the game at all. Costa had his moments but too many of the balls played long to him went nowhere. He blatantly dived to win the penalty and was lucky to not get sent off, it definitely seemed like the booos were getting to him. Great start to the WC hope the rest of it can live up to it.
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