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Have I earned my right to ask this, here?

I'm wondering about the sound on Nas "The Don" that repeats four times after the "hoooo, hoooo, hoooo, hoooo" (sounds like a screeching tire or something?)

I feel like I've heard this elsewhere; maybe it's some old school sound effect?

Anyway, any help is appreciated.


  • Pretty sure it's Time Zone "The Wildstyle" (22secs in):

    I had the same question myself awhile back but I traced it back from the Beastie Boys (Paul Revere) to T La Rock (It's Yours) to this.

    Hope this helps...

  • whattup man!

    yeah that's exactly what it is. thanks so much.

  • Thanks believe always wondered myself where it originaly came from. Used on lots of dope cuts!

  • jamesjames chicago 1,863 Posts
    Jonny_Paycheck said:
    I finally heard that Peech Boys record a few years ago, but man, for the longest time I thought the voice at the very beginning of this was saying "bongo fever."

  • Anyone figure out the loop behind "New York is like an island, a big Rikers Island..." part of "The Don" yet?

  • james said:
    "bongo fever."

    Hah! Until this very day, I had no clue what the sample was and lived in blissful ignorance thinking it could be/should be "bongo fever."

    Thanks for setting me straight.

  • It always reminded me of this.

    @ 1,07 Min

  • ok, while I'm here, and while there's already a KMD video mentioned in the thread...has anyone figured out the jazz tune lifted for this Special Herbs instrumental?

    figured I'd ask, just in case anyone was holding.
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