recomend horror movies and soundtracks!

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YO.Halloween is coming and I swear I've seen every decent horror movie out there, but since some of you guys are movie buffs and know alot about shit I've never even heard of, I thought I would turn to you to recommend some ill shit. Something different. and creepy. but i'm not a big gore-head, so flicks with nothing but gore are not really gonna do it for me.and....I need to get my soulseek on with some good horror soundtracks. good creepy music. shit with kids singing is always creepy. so yeah help me out.and just so I can say I've contributed, there is a spanish horror flick called "Day of the beast" that is super awesome and totally hilarious. If you can find it, watch it. Its awesome.ok, go.


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  • Audition

  • Suspiria

    Hell yeah, that movie was awesome.

    I've actually been thinking about renting Audition.....

  • I need to get my soulseek on with some good horror soundtracks. good creepy music. shit with kids singing is always creepy.

    ...but seriously folks, good creepy soundtracks:

    Nightmare on Elm Street (great mix into Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince)
    2001: A Space Odyssey has some creepy choir stuff on it
    Escape From LA
    Halloween (ch-ch-ch-ch-ch......ah-ah-ah-ah-ah)

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  • Oh, and 28 Days Later has some cool stuff on it too...

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    Hey, SD

    This dude made nice horror b-movies, but they are not for lil dudes.


  • del toro's scariest evar.

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    there's a halloween doo wop album, try to track it down on soulseek

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    anything by Argento
    The Changeling
    The Shining
    Carnival of Souls
    Murnau's Nosferatu
    The Brood
    all the Aliens
    Cannibal Girls

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    Cannibal Girls

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    thats the stranger right? I need more soundtracks like that! fucking banging!

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    I gotta go ahead and big up GOBLIN in this thread too.

    Illest italian zombie prog rock group evar!

    And they got breaks! I just heard some shit used on the new redman single. weird.

    they did dawn of the dead, and a whole bunch of other ill italian horror flicks.

    We've talked about this genre before, but Id like to see it get some more discussion. Pisses me off that alot of the good stuff never even made it to wax.

  • I'm suprised no one's mentioned "The Thing" yet, classic.

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    I'm suprised no one's mentioned "The Thing" yet, classic.

    All Carpenter's early horror flicks are awesome up through In tHe Mouth of Madness

    Diz, I recommend George Romero's The Crazies and Martin (assuming you have seen the more well known Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead)

    If you haven't seen NOTLD or DOTD, GET TO THE VIDEO STORE NOW!

    Also, Carnival of Souls is creepy and available on a Criterion edition, as is The Blob, which is not creepy, but scary fun!

    Also, check out Tod Browning's FREAKS

    one of the great horror films

    as is this

    Eyes Without a Face--also just released last year in a Criterion DVD-AWESOME in it's creepiness, plus the headmistress from Suspiria is the lab assistant! She was hot and scary before she was old and scary!

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    Any Frank Henenlotter, particularly Basket Case or the supreme Brain Damage.

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    3rd track on side 2 of the Carrie OST "mother at the top of the stairs" =moodiest loops ever?

    drama stabs for dayz son

  • Hey, SD

    This dude made nice horror b-movies, but they are not for lil dudes.



    HELLS YEAH!!!!

    I really need that. Fuck I've been looking for the VHS with the crazy dope cover. That flick was forbidden for about 20 years or something if I remember right.
    I should really order that boxset

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    I'd like to add:

    Halloween III
    Planet of Vampires
    The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue/Let Living Corpses Die

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    Profondo rosso by the goblins

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    as for movies:

    the haunting (the original!)

    evil dead

    halloween 1,2

    night of the living dead

    the living dead at manchester morgue


    friday 13th 1

    nightmare on elm street 1,7



  • ^^^Argento for sure... And yep any of Goblin's music. They scored a lot of his films...

    One of the most frightening films I've ever seen was Dario Argentos "Terror at the Opera".

    Holy shit. Only the inappropriate music ruins it for me.

    Haute Tension[/b] aka High Tension directed by??Spanish fella Alexandre Aja

    France 2003. This is fucking a full on film... Has it all & the tension just builds & builds & beautifully photographed... almost 100% success.

    Highly reccomended.

    Great overview here... and yes the ending does kind of kill it, but 1000% better than any US film.

    The music reminded me of the effect that John Carpenter used in his classic & still effective film Halloween.

    Check here[/b] -

    and check here as well[/b]

    Oh yeah, you want a truly 'squirm in your seat' film. Try the Austrian film FUNNY GAMES[/b].

    I made the mistake of taking 2 friends to see it. Holy shit, did I get bashed after that choice.

    They shat themselves. the film is played so realistically & it has one of the hardest scenes to watch that goes for about 20 mins & you wish it would just hurry up & get on with it.

    But it would have lost its effect if it had. Amazing. An unsual film & not to everyones taste.

    Some might think it's boring, others may think its sadistic. Gave me the creeps.

    The mere premise of a film like the mid 70s flick, 'Black Christmas' is enough to scare the shit out of anyone... as too is the similarly themed 1979

    'When A Stranger Calls'. Which has one of the most memorable lines in cinema history that will give you goosebumps when it is said...

    I don't want to ruin don't read any reviews of them...

    Just find & watch un-impeeded by to much information.

    These are 2 films that scared the living shit out of me when I was a youngster.

    I watched them alone on video in the 80s. Bad move... I can tell you.

    Thats when I realised how thoroughly freaked out I could become by watching films. I was entertained by being so freaked out.

    Take the phone off the hook, turn the lights off & watch them with your girlfriend & they'll be clinging to you like nothing else.

    Both are now available on DVD (at Amazon) & I think I might have to get them to see if they still hold up.

    UK Covers

    For those of you who read the bottom type & like horror flicks, I shall reward you with this dope site.

    Loads more...

    This soundtrack is also worth picking up..

  • the stuff
    last house on the left
    dawn of the dead
    creepshow 1 & 2
    the shining
    the hills have eyes 1& 2
    the excorcist
    the living dead at manchester mourge
    Maximum Overdrive (cheese)
    IT (classic evil clown shit)
    Twighlight Zone The Movie
    They Live (kind of horror cheese)
    Rosemary's Baby

  • One of my fave vampire flicks...

    Another cool twist on the vamire theme, a UK miniseries...

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    This is the only movie that made me close my eyes during a specific scene, ever.
    And I wasn't a little dude at the time I saw it.

    Fugging radd!


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    this is a pretty good movie. The music however is seriously the best original soundtrack I have EVER heard. By a psychodelic-funk group called the Frogs:

    They just issued the soundtrack for the first time a few years ago.

    And do you remember that song that was released on the Big Daddy Mag CD?: Jimi Entley Sound 'charlies theme' (which was really DJ Andy Smith from Portishead), all he did was loop samples from the soundtrack, thats ALL he did. They made it sound like it was an undescovered acetate, bullshit hype. The record is great though.

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    Black Christmas is indeed a great 70s horror flick

    oh, and Diz, especially for you, the teen horror film that was 'sampled' by 'Heathers'

    This film is a highly satirical, intelligent examination of the power structures in society as told through an outsider dealing with cliques at a toney CA high school....filled with 'creative' methods of killing and maiming. For real! Highly recommended for your egghead friends who think horror films have no socially redeeming qualities.
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