Post Punk with funky tinges (recommendation rel.)



  • this thread kicks ass i love swell maps EXPECIALLY 'international rescue' expecially that song 'new york'.

    and i wanna make babies with gun club, this band is so near and dear to me.

  • This is only tangentially related 'cos only a couple of my selections below are "Post Punk with funky tinges," but it does go to show that you can play this style of music even in clubs in the dirty south and get a good reaction.

    Anyway, here's what I played at last night's gig at Wetlands in Chapel Hill, which we've set up to be kind of an electro/postpunk/disco/hiphop/house/rock/electroclash/80s jumpoff. The crowd of about 50-60+ people danced pretty much continuously from 11pm-2:15am, not only for ALL of both my sets, but all the other DJs' as well. One of the other DJ's played something off Gang Of Four's first album and people danced straight through it, so it looks like this will be a pretty good regular night with a crowd willing to take chances.


    DJ MARCO SET 1 (11:15pm)
    Cerrone: Supernature - LP
    Jessica Williams: Queen of Fools (1979) - 12" reis.
    Puffy AmiYumi: That's The Way It Is (Kore Ga Watashi No Ikirumichi) - CD
    Play Paul: La La Land - 12"
    Fannypack: Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah) (Double J & Haze Ext. Mix) - 12"
    Blondie: Live It Up (Disco Mix) - 12"
    APB: Shoot You Down - LP
    Egyptian Lover: Egypt, Egypt - 12"

    DJ MARCO SET 1 (1:15am)
    The Cult: The Witch - 12"
    Bob Seger: Bo Diddley - LP
    Panjabi MC: Jogi - 12"
    Tigerstyle feat. Elephant Man & Bhupi Gill: Girl From Pakistan - 12"
    Gilla: Bend Me, Shape Me - LP
    Outhud: One Life To Leave - LP
    Elephant Man: Get On Up (Staying Alive riddim) - 12"
    Indeep: The Record Keeps Spinning - 12"
    Esther Williams: Last Night Changed It All - 12" reis.

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    And for what it's worth, A Certain Ratio were never second-tier at Factory; quite the opposite, in fact. They obviously never had the same impact or sales as Joy Division/New Order, but they were pretty central to the Factory ethos.

    well what i meant was in terms of sales / public recognition bands like ACR and Section 25 were second teir to the labels big names.

    doesnt mean they werent just as important... dude from section 25 and Bernard Sumner were the inhouse remix team for factory, and frankly i'd ratherl isten to ACR than joy division almost any day of the week.

    speaking of the concpet of "goddard directing hard days night" has anybody seen the movie goddard shot of Les Rita Moutsouki's The Non Comprehendo album in 1986??????? i need to see that shit... incidently that's a freaking amazing record.

    Marco i can't beleive you'd spin out puffi ami yumi and fannypack and still call orange juice twee pop

  • Kleenex (later called Lilliput for legal reasons) I recommend as well. They were the Swiss Slits altough they hated that moniker.

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