waxidermy claims this board is "dead" "over" etc



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    I posted in that *other* thread, too, definitely no hate though -- aside from mentioning that Soul Strut's board does appear incorrectly on my work PC (on Firefox). As a record message board consumer and occasional contributor, having at least two strong boards is better than one.

    But, Raj, if you are losing money, cut your costs but don't pull the plug! I know several people who never even look at the message board but come to the site frequently for the mixes. Even if the site is at a low point, the brand is still strong!

  • crabmongerfunk said:
    I appreciate this place and hope it lives on.

    Me too.

    crabmongerfunk said:
    those hurling insults at raj and glorying in soulsturt's demise can eat a dick.

    I didn't see any one there doing that.

  • i was reffering to a certain post in this thraed, but i seem to recall someone called raj a child molestor or something to that effect.

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    Soul Struts Not Dead (if you want it to be)

  • crabmongerfunk said:
    i was reffering to a certain post in this thraed, but i seem to recall someone called raj a child molestor or something to that effect.

    Yeah, but then like six people jumped on him.

    That dude is some weird troll that posts some bullshit every 4 months and bounces.

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    I miss the days where people used to just get wild on here. There were some great characters mixed with people that had some deep knowledge.

    it was emotional record geekery with a bunch of white dudes trying to say they were less racist than the next record collecting white dude.


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    If there's one thing that is incredibly annoying about this forum, & I say this in the hopes that people cool it, is the amount of talk about how this used to be so much better blah blah blah. For as long as I've been lurking (roughly since '05) & a member here ('07) this rose-colored glasses view & systematic bitching has been a big turn off.

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    ost said:
    If there's one thing that is incredibly annoying about this forum, & I say this in the hopes that people cool it, is the amount of talk about how this used to be so much better blah blah blah. For as long as I've been lurking (roughly since '05) & a member here ('07) this rose-colored glasses view & systematic bitching has been a big turn off.

    I remember when people used to really complain about how annoying this board was.

  • the only pressing issue in my eyes is for RAJ to figure out a way to not lose money. id rather see simplifications as opposed to fundraising (it would be awesome if classified fees could be dropped, but i understand they are necessary). regardless, raj has a family to spend time with and shouldnt be creating more work for himself with this shit.

    sure, theres a lull in the threads, but thats a good thing in my eyes...i dont want to be checking in to the board four times a day.

    waxidermy is cool and there is some intricate private press adventure talk over there. ive definitely had fun and learned shit lurking over there. but i build with many more people from soulstrut in real life and through the site and still do. its all good in my eyes. hope it doesnt disappear anytime soon.

    i hope the strut just evolves and morphs into something that works for those who use it.
    peace to soulstrut fam and the beautiful bastard child that is waxidermy. you all are family too

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    I was telling the one Sonathan about this earlier - the thing that has rubbed me the wrong way about Raj's reign in recent years is his sense of self-significance. Like he was doing us a favor with that site, and the users weren't the ones fueling his ad revenue through writing and clon. He should be gracious that such a fascinating group of people ever happened to land upon his website about beats, even if they only stayed for a short period of time. Because truthfully it would've been TheBreaks.com with a better interface had the Diplos and the Bambouches and the Fauxes and the Jameses not ever shown up.

    Seriously? Do I really come across as Axl Rose?

  • I've never been a big contributor to the Strut but it was one of the great tools I had for learning about beats. As well as just funny talk and regional knowledge. I never really knew anyone on the board but reading their posts and seeing the interactions with each other showed so much personality and made everyone feel real and like you knew them.

    The high points for me was the '04 - '05 era. I remember threads like Le Toupt, "Post What You Think Strutters Look Like," the whole "I'm Josh" thing, the rise and fall of using "jawn," posts about photoshopping "The Mack" into anything, the incredible generosity of "Let A Heatrock Go" for Katrina. Just great stuff.

    Maybe there isn't quite as much participation but anything that could provide such entertainment, camaraderie, knowledge, and charity shouldn't go gentle into that good night.

  • i'm with OST. i mean, this is a web forum for christsakes. many great things hath taken place here, but if it dont turn you on, leave it alone and get on with your life outside the internet.

    good to see Guzzo dropping some posts!

  • Guzzo said:
    characters mixed with people

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    What we need are new members & involvement up in here. Maybe Michael Brix Bambrick can provide a recruiting video:

  • it was interesting to notice how long it took for the strut to get a thread up about this. been watching the waxidrome thread for a couple days and wondering when the slumbering strut would feel the fleabites. it was dope that it was the god kala on alert.

    raj, dont take the criticisms personally. you started this thing and always put in time to keep it humming along (ayo!). it has seemed in recent years that what was once a pretty dedicated interest for you (music, the record game, the site, etc) has taken a backseat to fam, kids, work, and playing your own instruments (pause)...which is 110% awesome re-prioritization. maybe the moderator recruitment and replacement could have been managed better? its not that deep regardless.

    im about to listen to a frank mix


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    White People Dont Give Up!

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    Hey Raj and others,

    I see Soulstrut, plain and simply, as an institution. This site was such a breath of fresh air, as finally, I found a community of people who share my passion for music. This site has gotten me through some incredibly tough times in my life, and I consider you guys family. I hope that as a family, we bond together to maintain this institution that we all, collectively, created. Dissing Soulstrut is like dissing me personally, as I have become that attached to this place. Instead of hurling insults at OUR site, let's do as we do with any loved one we considered to have lost her/his way. We must love and nurture this place to ensure that it remains the wonderful website, and more importantly, COMMUNITY that it is. I 3 Soulstrut!!!


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    Soulhawk said:


    Signed Self Important Sex Offender with Ugly Children.

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  • we're not done.

    peace, stein. . .

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    I'll save my long winded rant/appreciation/etc for later, but what's with people bitching about the re-design? I've seen this place go through at least 4 changes over the years and it kept rolling. I don't get why this is an issue.

  • People just love to complain.

    I might not be around as much but I still got a love for soulstrut. I've met some great people through the website, and learned about a lot of great records. I said it over there and I'll say it over here, soulstrut for life!

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    the irony being that weird records that suck would never have progressed from sperm to tadpole without soulstrut in the first place.

    waxidermy has a lot of knowledge but it's really rife with loads of "holier than thou"tudes
    I once was banned for saying FUCK
    i like how some lil dude is upset and whining about by guys using the term "son" on this board

    raj-scale it back and drop all the revisions that are costing so much to keep it going
    get rid of the adds that are causing virus'

    don't just let it go that easily unless you really are over it

    also-BAN NOZKUNT while yer at it

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    I still love this place and would hate to see the doors shut forever. Long live SoulStrut!

  • All these old bumped threads aren't really helping ...how does that quote go? Something like "Nostalgia is a symptom of a dying culture"

    Anyway. It would suck if Soulstrut went away. I like it. I have met a lot of people on here IRL and they have become friends. If it weren't for Soulstrut, I wouldn't have ever drank a Keystone Light (thanks Hi-C), helped soulmarcosa load a moving truck, or had Frank hand deliver Alligator Sausage to my house...only to mention a few.

    However the lack of activity has decreased the digital exposure to certain douchebags, which isnt a bad thing...but I digress

    don't go anywhere soulstrut.

    thnx bai.

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    I barely read any of the content on here anymore, but I still check in regularly......

    We all know how much this place has meant to us, so Raj, I'm gonna step in with some critique (if you don't mind).

    1) The ones engaging in all sorts of talk from politics to records to NBA to relationships are leading more "productive" lives now. Not spending literally half their day arguing with strangers on a message board. I mean, dammnit I'm 30 now.

    2) Board imploding on itself with its dysfunctional characters. All the name-calling, elitist bullshit obviously wore on people. "If you ain't down, then we gonna make you feel stupid" group mentality, which alienates people. Too many of the original posters taking themselves too seriously (ties in to being old and super-critical). Whatever happened to a sandwich or group hug or maybe lending a hand out to a newbie in the game??

    3) Scion Ads, big ass banners. I mean, a lotta people are into records because it's more "tangible". Meaning the texture and record cover, patina, whatever the fuck means shit to you. I'm assuming a good amount of people got turned off by this massive overhaul in terms of how the website "looked" and "felt". I remember when the board had this gray/orange color scheme to it, and I loved it. Easy on the eyes and real compact.

    And probably a combination of the shit. Don't know if it's an accurate comparison but Wax Poetics in my eyes did a similar thing where they tried to appeal to a bigger audience and consequently was losing much of its original demographic. Maybe just downsize it? How about take a cue from old WaxP and do a "Record of the month: David Axelrod - Songs of Innocence" have old headz give stories or 2cents about it on the front page, instead of the mixes (which I believe is very bland). Back to the roots. What initially gave the site its momentum...similar to "Ish" and all that shit.

    Like Einstein said, shit ain't done. And I hope it's not.


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    This madness made into a conversation for god's sake with me and another strutter at my house other day, with whom I met on here.

    Where did everybody go? Facebook, I guess.
    There are a few strutters on there that live on that webpage, trying to be celebrities and schitt.
    Come back home, seriously.

    I guess we all needed a break from here, but not permanent.
    I liked the lazy approach to starting a thread about this, it was predictable.
    Who cares.

    Waxi is cool but too white with no imagery. So be it.

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    "Nostalgia is a symptom of a dying culture"

    Bumping of old threads is majorly lame and just clogs the toilet. What the fuck are newbies supposed to make of the site?? How are they gonna join in on the conversation?! Hindsight is of course always 20/20.
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